Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday's Nothingness

It was tall ships and Trump when I opened the site before going my version(?).

Alexandria already dropped down below my window?

Alexandria shooting’s bloody trail leaves capital shaken

Member of Congress among 4 shot at baseball field; suspect is dead

Inside is a special section with full coverage:

Suspect in Alexandria shooting had posted anti-Trump rhetoric on social media, volunteered for Sanders

The controlled right is gloating while the Democrats and the left react just the way they said they would. Weird. Neither questions the narrative, and it is meant to draw sympathy for certain $cum. Good thing we can take a moment to chill up here to dissipate the anger. The thin blue line need not worry.

Victims in baseball field shooting all came to Washington to serve

Congressional baseball game is a century-old tradition

It's all white guys (blacks had a separate league, and they could be in California right now).

You can look into it more if you wish. I haven't investigated it yet, and don't want to investigate it further. I'm tired of the flip-flop reaction on the gun violence and this musical chairs phony-bulloney that passes for debate as the same agenda advances under allegedly different parties.  Beyond that, the thing has the feel of staged and scripted fiction, that seems to be the SOP going forward with the "news," and if it is real it always traces back to some sort of government-controlled Gladio false flag. I hate to say it, but the mind-f***s have really become ineffective at this point. Too many in too short a time over too long a time.

Let's not forget the ladies before moving on.

Faust, who pushed for diversity at Harvard, to step down 

The endowment has been run terribly, there are problems with supremacism around the very things she pushed, but the article is a salutation -- and the students just loved her.


Below the fold:

President Trump faces obstruction probe, report says

Nothing about impeachment yet. 

The Tall Ships may be majestic. But bringing them here can be a headache

Going to be a tall order to get me to care what else the bu$ine$$ brochure known as the Bo$ton Globe has to say. Sorry.


National Lead, top half, A2:

‘‘The health crisis in Flint has created a trust crisis for Michigan government, exposing a serious lack of confidence in leaders who accept responsibility and solve problems,’’

Oh, is that what they do? Really? Seems to me like they create the problems. Then rush in with solutions that makes things worse, all while aggrandizing their own prospects and connections. That's what it looks like. The corruption among the elite and ruling cla$$ is at apocalyptic levels, but it's considered in bad taste to remark upon it. That spoils the party. You are better off, pfffft, you know, pfffft, saying something about, pfffft, aaaaaaah!


Let me throw some names at you:

Anita Pallenberg

Tracy Smith

Bob Dylan

Mark Wahlberg

Eddie Izzard

John Kerry

Bob Kraft

Tom Brady

The celebrinatti.

He could have been were it not for the shootings.

"Last year, the interim police chief in Oakland, Calif., Ben Fairow, was abruptly removed after six days on the job by Mayor Libby Schaaf, who said she had lost confidence in Fairow’s ability to lead the department amid a widening sex scandal in which a number of officers allegedly had sex with a teenage prostitute....."  

Also see: West Coast Swing

I'm going to retract my FAANGS now.

Has the tower collapsed in a heap yet?


From front to back, there literally is nothing worth reading in Friday's Bo$ton Globe.

Apparently, Alexandria was real for several different reasons. One is the Democrats and Republicans have essentially switched talking points from the last time a member of Congress was shot by a disgruntled gunman. That's how they are going to get gun review boards up and running. The second thing is Scalise was investigating the elite child pedophile rings. He got Seth Riched, and you are pardoned if you have never heard of him. He was the DNC member that was the Wikileaks leaker. It wasn't Russia.