Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Abortions Lead to Adoptions in China

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"In China, dark side of adoption exposed; Parents speak out on coercion, theft of babies for profit" by Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times | September 27, 2009

TIANXI, China - The problem is rooted in China’s population controls, which limit most families to one child, two if they live in the countryside and the first is a girl. Each town has a family planning office, usually staffed by Communist Party cadres who have broad powers to order abortions and sterilizations.

I'm becoming more and more antiabortion all the time -- especially when you consider the agenda-pushing papers favorable stance toward the act.

And don't think that isn't the mind-set of your own fanatical population-control fundis, America. What's with NORPLANT, etc?

People who have additional babies can be fined up to six times their annual income - fines euphemistically called “social service expenditures.’’

I love it when the AmeriKan MSM pot hollers euphemism at the "enemy" kettle.