Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama's Predators Prey on Pakistan

Haven't we sent enough of them in there already?

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"Afghan troop request may be revised; Pentagon signals report is subject to Obama’s view" by Pauline Jelinek and Lara Jakes, Associated Press | September 24, 2009

WASHINGTON - .... A new counterterror strategy that White House officials have said could involve expanding missile attacks on Pakistan terrorist havens by unmanned US spy planes....

White House officials now are looking at sending in air strikes and special operations forces to Pakistan, where Al Qaeda leaders are believed to be hiding....

Gee, those were ONLY RUMORS a few days ago!

I'm RIGHT AGAIN, 'eh, readers?

Pakistan will not allow the United States to deploy a large-scale military troop buildup on its soil.

Can they stop us?

However, its military and intelligence services are believed to have assisted the United States with air strikes, even while Pakistan’s government has publicly condemned them.

While at the same time helping the Taliban?

A spokesman for the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, Nadeem Kiani, signaled yesterday that Islamabad is cool to the idea of letting the United States expand its CIA-led drone missions in Pakistan.

I'm tired of the fatal word games and lies!

Generally, the United States shares the intelligence it gets from the spy planes with Pakistani leaders, but has resisted selling drones to the nation for fear Islamabad could target its longtime enemy, India....

But it's okay to sell India loads of hardware, like "126 advanced fighter jets" and nuclear technology!