Sunday, September 27, 2009

Occupation Iraq: Jail Break Update

Maybe these will be the terrorists that attack us.

Oh, right, we are already there.

Next set of patsies!

Occupation Iraq: "Al-CIA-Duh" Jail Break

"Iraq detains 100 in jailbreak investigation" by Associated Press | September 26, 2009

BAGHDAD - More than 100 prison officials and guards have been detained after 16 prisoners, including five Al Qaeda-linked inmates awaiting execution, made a jailbreak in Saddam Hussein’s hometown, a police commander said yesterday.

The escape from the makeshift prison in Tikrit was the latest in a string of embarrassing security lapses in Iraq, raising questions about the country’s ability to ensure its own security ahead of a planned US withdrawal at the end of 2011.

Translation: we are not leaving and never were, Americans.

The entire staff of the jail, including the provincial prison director, have been detained for questioning as part of the investigation into the escape, said police Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed al-Fahal, the director of the anti-riot department for Salahuddin Province. Fahal said that six of the escaped convicts, including three of the Al Qaeda-linked inmates, had been arrested by late yesterday. Security forces continued the manhunt for the remaining fugitives, with the help of US aerial surveillance....

Fahal said that no one at the prison appeared to have actively aided in the escape, but stressed that “certainly there was great negligence by the guards.’’

You mean, an INSIDE JOB?


Still NO VIOLENCE REPORTED by the Globe since September 21st -- which means there hasn't been any in Iraq the whole time, right?