Saturday, April 10, 2010

Around AmeriKa: Breakfast in the Big Apple

Only if you want to lose your appetite, readers.

"NYC art dealer admits bilking clients" by Associated Press | March 19, 2010

NEW YORK — A New York City art dealer who catered to celebrities has admitted bilking nearly $100 million from his star-studded clientele through bogus art investment opportunities and sales of pieces he did not own.

Lawrence B. Salander, 60, pleaded guilty yesterday to grand larceny and scheming to defraud in a case that swept up tennis star John McEnroe and the estate of actor Robert De Niro’s father as victims. Salander has been promised a prison term that is at most six to 18 years....


Did I pick up a Boston Globe or a People Magazine?

So what is on the menu, New Yawk?

"NYPD takes cake, apologizes to couple" by Associated Press | March 20, 2010

NEW YORK — Cheesecake in hand, the police commissioner personally apologized yesterday for the 50 or so mistaken, door-pounding visits that police have made to the home of a bewildered elderly Brooklyn couple in the past eight years.

For breakfast?

And that is rattling I do not need to hear in the morning!

It seems a glitch in computer records had led them over and over to Walter and Rose Martin’s modest home in the Marine Park neighborhood, about 7 miles southeast of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Screw your excuses for tyranny!

So how much are taxpayer's going to be out because of the lawsuit?

The most recent intrusion came Tuesday, with officers pounding on the front and back doors, yelling “Police, open up!’’

These days I'm 50-50 on whether to fire back through the door or open it.

WTF has happened to America?

On Thursday, detectives from the NYPD’s Identity Theft Squad went to see the Martins again — this time to apologize. “And we wanted to be sure perps weren’t using that address for identity theft,’’ NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said yesterday.

They are just f***ing reaching!!!

The detectives told 82-year-old Rose and 83-year-old Walter that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly had ordered them to solve the problem. To bring home the sincerity of the NYPD’s contrition, Kelly showed up at the Martin’s house with a gift: New York cheesecake....

I'd throw it in his face!

Oh my God!!

They are OVER 80 YEARS OLD!!!

The snafu started when police used the address as part of what Browne called “random material’’ to test an automated computer system that tracks crime complaints and records of other internal police information.

Yup, meet the 21st-century tyranny you will be living under, America.

NEW YORK — Two women who claimed they were forced to undergo gynecological exams and thousands of other people who said they were strip-searched in New York City jails have settled a class-action lawsuit with the city for $33 million.

Yes, thank you to THUGGISH TYRANNY you have to PAY OUT, New York taxpayers!! What's the matter, government not wasting enough of your dough?

The suit was filed on behalf of people arrested on misdemeanor charges and strip-searched at Rikers Island and other jails. Charges included drugs and weapons cases, jumping turnstiles, failing to pay child support, shoplifting, and trespassing....

Oh, stripped for all those, huh?

Someone wanted a woody to beat, huh?

NEW YORK — About half the 4,313 security cameras installed along New York City’s subways aren’t seeing a thing — a blind spot in the crime and terrorism safety net for the nation’s largest city....

So when that cop abuses you -- no record.

I'm sure they will catch the "terrorists" on video, though.

While cameras are out of commission in the subway, the cash-strapped Metropolitan Transportation Authority has also been forced to cut police patrol shifts on major bridges and tunnels on the weekends....

Hey, when you shovel all the tax loot towards banks and wars while looting legislators line their own pockets what do you expect?

The New York Police Department says it doesn’t depend on the cameras.

Then WHY are they THERE? GET RID OF THEM!!


What is with the OUTRIGHT and OUTRAGEOUS LIES from those charged with protecting and serving?!!!

Instead, officers patrol the subways and set up random bag searches in stations around the city.

Yeah, never mind the invasion and inconvenience over a lie, New Yawker!

I will never visit that city again -- ever!

Overall, crime is down in the subways.

As the control grid goes up, huh?

Of course, that does not include the crime in the suites.

In 1990, there were about 50 crimes a day reported in the subway, and now there are about five, according to police. The NYPD is installing thousands of cameras around the city and is using private surveillance installed in major buildings as part of a massive security initiative....

Of course, they DO NOT DEPEND on CAMERAS so WHY WOULD THEY BE DOING THIS, huh, readers?

Yeah, New York's Finest when it comes to LYING!!!


But you do need them:

"A group of teenagers and young adults ran amok, squaring off against one another and harassing pedestrians....

And for that they got this:

In this image taken from video,  New York police detained people involved in a melee near Times Square.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg described the night’s events as “wilding.’’

In this image taken from video, New York police detained people involved in a melee near Times Square. Mayor Michael Bloomberg described the night’s events as “wilding.’’ (Associated Press/ APTN)


Yeah, I'm going to stay the hell out of that stinking cesspool that is AmeriKa's showcase!!

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Oh, I'll celebrate those signs of life in my own way, MSM.

You guys ruined my breakfast.