Thursday, January 6, 2011

Changing of the Guard in Congress

I'm not expecting much at all -- especially after the last two years of disappointments.

"The convening of the new Congress and the first day of divided government in Washington since President Obama’s inauguration two years ago was largely one of ceremony, posturing, and preliminary procedural skirmishes.  

That's AmeriKan politics!

But it set the stage for partisan and ideological clashes on the size and role of government and a wide array of other issues as the nation struggles to rebuild economic momentum, confront its rapidly growing debt, and manage complex national security threats. 

How much you wanna bet the wars, Wall Street, and Israel will still receive a huge hunk of tax loot?  I'll bet you the entire national debt, whadda ya say?


One silver lining:

"New Hampshire Republican Frank Guinta a Tea Party movement favorite who ousted an incumbent Democrat to win his seat. Guinta, 40, defeated Democrat Carol Shea-Porter in November’s election.


Why I didn't like Shea-Porter:  

2006: "Shea-Porter won with a grass-roots, fiery message centered on opposition to the Iraq war and the president's agenda."
2008: "Shea-Porter also promised to continue fighting for new contracts at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and to draw the U.S. Air Force Cyberspace Command computer project to vacant property there."
"Shea-Porter also supports building more F-22s"

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Betrayal never goes over well, no matter what the excuse; however, I must admit I smiled when I heard the radio report in the car.

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