Monday, May 16, 2011

Libyan Battlefield

But we are again winning, dear Americans, so don't worry:

"Amnesty International says Khadafy regime committed war crimes" May 07, 2011|By Simon Denyer, Washington Post

TRIPOLI, Libya — The Libyan army committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the besieged rebel-held city of Misurata by deliberately targeting and killing civilians, the human rights group Amnesty International alleged in a report issued yesterday. 

Oh, yeah, and Khadafy is a really bad guy.

Funny how they seem to go with every war -- and notice Gaza is never described as besieged.

Indiscriminate and widespread attacks against civilians — combined with the practice of using residential areas to “shield’’ tanks from NATO airstrikes, the systematic shooting of peaceful protesters, and the enforced disappearance of perceived opponents — suggest that war crimes were committed, the human rights group said.  

So when is AI going to start hollering about AmeriKa's allies doing the same thing?

I 'm quickly coming to realize that these alleged human rights groups quoted by the agenda-pushing paper are all part of the show.

“The scale of the relentless attacks that we have seen by al-Khadafy forces to intimidate the residents of Misurata for more than two months is truly horrifying,’’ said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s senior adviser. “It shows a total disregard for the lives of ordinary people and is in clear breach of international humanitarian law.’’

There was no immediate response from Moammar Khadafy’s government. But for weeks, the regime has repeatedly argued that it was not shelling Misurata or using heavy munitions on the city, despite daily eyewitness accounts to the contrary.

On Wednesday, a boat operated by the International Organization for Migration had to dodge incoming shells as it unloaded humanitarian aid and evacuated hundreds of foreign migrant workers and wounded civilians from the area.

The Red Star One had been waiting outside Misurata for four days for a gap in the shelling and for NATO to clear mines from the harbor laid by Khadafy’s forces.

Khadafy’s regime has threatened to attack any ship, including humanitarian vessels, that tried to enter Misurata port, and it said it is justified in doing so because rebels are also using the port to deliver arms, ammunition, and reinforcements. 

That's odd; when Israel uses that excuse it is no problem at all.

“We will not allow these ships to bring arms to the city and then evacuate some criminals,’’ Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim told a news conference in the early hours yesterday.

Day after day, forces loyal to Khadafy have attacked the city with inaccurate 122mm Grad rockets often fired from miles away, as well as with mortars and 155mm artillery shells. Those munitions, Amnesty International said, were designed for use against massed infantry or armor and under international humanitarian law should never be used in populated residential areas.

Doctors in Misurata say hundreds of civilians have been killed.

Interesting to place to cut the print version.

On April 14, for example, a dozen residents were killed and many more were injured when several salvos of rockets rained down on the Qasr Ahmad neighborhood. Many of the victims were struck while they were standing in line outside a bakery.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both also found evidence that mortars containing cluster submunitions were being used in residential areas, including in the city center. 

US and Israel use them all the time.  

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They just keep changing the name of target country.

The Libyan government denies using cluster munitions, and Kaim once suggested reporters ask NATO where the munitions were coming from. Another minister told a stunned group of foreign journalists that all the children killed in Misurata were victims of NATO airstrikes. 

That's the inherent problem with the western media: they have internalized their master's agenda.

Snipers have also been mobilized to kill civilians, Amnesty International said, citing the case of Ibrahim Ahmad al-Dernawi, 33, a father of three who was shot and killed in his parents’ house.

“He was holding his six-month-old son in his lap, and we were talking,” his father told the rights group. “I suddenly heard the sound of the glass breaking but the window did not shatter. Then I saw blood pouring from my son’s face. He died instantly.”


Look, I'm not saying Khadafy is a great guy; however, I am sick of the war crimes cudgel being used against official enemies to build cases for more war while the USraeli Empire's crimes are ignored or excused by the same mouthpieces.

Bolstering the case:

"Khadafy forces bomb fuel depot in rebel-held city under siege" May 08, 2011|By Michelle Faul, Associated Press

BENGHAZI, Libya — Moammar Khadafy’s forces rocketed the main fuel depot in Misurata yesterday, intensifying a two-month siege on the rebel-held city that has claimed many civilian lives and prompted warnings of a humanitarian crisis.   


Government forces sent Grad rockets slamming into the depot, which contains vital stores of fuel for cars, trucks, ships, and generators powering hospitals and other key sites in a city left darkened by electricity cuts, residents said....

The attack raised fears of shortages, though some of the fuel had already been moved to other sites in anticipation of such a strike....

Amnesty International says Khadafy’s forces may have committed war crimes in Misurata and have used weapons designed for the battlefield and not for residential areas, resulting in civilian casualties and “creating a situation of terror.’’  

And what do you think the NATO bombing has been doing?

The humanitarian situation is rapidly deteriorating because of regime attempts to tighten its siege and block access by sea, the organization says.  

I don't recall seeing the word "siege" so much in the AmeriKan media!

Libyan troops besieging the city of 300,000 by land recently stepped up shelling of Misurata’s port to close the city’s last lifeline....


Amazing how Khadafy is a monster yet Israel is not, huh?

"Cars sat abandoned in miles-long fuel lines, motorists traded angry screams with soldiers guarding gas stations, and many shops were closed in the Libyan capital of Tripoli yesterday, on what should have been a work day.

In ever-multiplying ways, residents in the Libyan capital are feeling the sting of shortages from uprising-related disruptions of supplies.

The shortages are a dramatic sign of how Libya’s nearly 3-month-old rebellion — and the resulting chaos — is affecting daily life in Moammar Khadafy’s stronghold and other western areas of Libya still under his rule.

International sanctions have begun to bite, many supply routes are unstable, and there are shortages of skilled people in some sectors to keep the city running smoothly.


Gee, at this rate the war will be over soon.

"Ship carrying 600 refugees sinks off Libya, UN reports; Witness accounts can’t confirm fate of the passengers" May 10, 2011|By Colleen Barry, Associated Press

MILAN — An overcrowded ship carrying up to 600 people trying to flee Libya sank just outside the port of Tripoli, the UN refugee agency said yesterday, citing witness accounts.

Aid officials were still trying to confirm the fate of passengers after the vessel broke apart Friday in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya, said Laura Boldrini, UNHCR spokeswoman.

Witnesses who left the Libyan capital on another boat shortly afterward reported seeing remnants of the sunken ship and the bodies of some passengers floating in the sea, she said.

Other witnesses saw passengers swimming to shore, but it was unclear how many survived, according to the International Organization for Migration....

At least three other boats that left Libya in late March have disappeared, with hundreds feared dead, Boldrini said....

Many of those fleeing Libya are foreign workers from sub-Saharan Africa, who in the first weeks of the war were mistaken for mercenaries funded by Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy and were attacked by Libyan rebels.

So the ISRAELI SUPPORTING Khadafy story was a LIE, or is this another cover-up piece of crap from the corporate media?

On the deadlocked front line in eastern Libya yesterday, rebels continued to battle Khadafy’s forces and welcomed the first supply ship in five days to reach the besieged western port city of Misurata.

Heavy fighting was reported south of Ajdabiya, a rebel-held town about 90 miles south of Benghazi, the rebel headquarters in the east.

Rebels also reported gaining ground outside Misurata, where they broke through one of the front lines and were consolidating their positions yesterday.  

Aren't you so glad we are ALWAYS WINNING the WARS, America?

And overnight, NATO warplanes struck at least four sites in Tripoli, setting off crackling explosions that thundered through the Libyan capital....

The rebels control most of eastern Libya, and Khadafy most of the west.  

Sounds like a stalemate to me.



"Chipping away at European unity, the EU proposed revamping its unique system of unfettered cross-border travel yesterday, bowing to the stresses generated by a flood of North African immigrants."

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Let's make some more of them, shall we?

"Besieged Libyan rebels hail NATO airstrikes; US delivers food, medicine to opposition" by Diaa Hadid and Michelle Faul, Associated Press / May 11, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya — In a one-two punch against Moammar Khadafy’s forces, NATO warplanes struck a command center in the capital, Tripoli, yesterday after pounding regime targets around the besieged port of Misurata. Rebels hoped the stepped-up attacks could help extend some of their biggest advances to date, including a major outward push from Misurata.

The opposition also said it made gains along a long-deadlocked front near the eastern town of Ajdabiya.

The rebels’ military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Bani, said opposition forces had pushed Khadafy’s troops out of rocket range on the west side of Misurata and dislodged them from the airport after two days of battles, raising the prospect that the siege could be broken.

Bani said rebels from Misurata and Zlitan, 35 miles west, had joined up to fight in close-range combat that rendered the regime forces’ long-range rockets useless. Speaking in the rebel headquarters city of Benghazi, Bani said Khadafy’s brigades were pushed about 10 miles back from Misurata’s airport.

“The picture is looking good for us,’’ he said.  

I'm waiting for the "but."

Still, Bani, the rebel spokesman, said the rebels needed the world to respond to their pleas for heavy weaponry before they can make a final push against Khadafy’s more heavily armed forces....  

Still, but, what's the difference?

In another boost to the opposition, the US State Department said the first load of non-lethal American military aid for the rebels landed yesterday at the port in their headquarters city, Benghazi.  

As if the bankrupt and tapped-out American taxpayers could afford such a thing.

Spokesman Mark Toner said the shipment consisted of more than 10,000 meals, with further shipments of medical supplies, boots, and protective gear to arrive shortly.  

Meanwhile, one in seven Americans goes hungry and vets are starving in our streets.

The delivery came ahead of planned meetings in Washington this week between US officials and the head of the opposition Transitional National Council.

I heard they came away empty-handed.

The Libyan conflict, dating to mid-February, had seemed stalemated for more than a week, with most of the fighting along the border with Tunisia in the far west. The latest airstrikes and overland advances may give the rebels new momentum in their struggle to topple Khadafy.

What do you mean MAY? 

The WHOLE SERIES of articles up to know has SAID EXACTLY THAT!

The rebels control most of eastern Libya, and Khadafy most of the west, including Tripoli. Exceptions in the west include pockets of embattled rebel-held towns along the border with Tunisia, and Misurata on the coast.

The NATO planes struck what the alliance called a command and control facility in downtown Tripoli early yesterday, according to Brigadier General Claudio Gabellini of Italy.

“All NATO targets are military targets,’’ said Gabellini, who serves on NATO’s planning staff at the headquarters in Naples.  

Yeah, it doesn't matter who or what they hit.

He denied that NATO was targeting Khadafy, saying: “We have no evidence about what Mr. Khadafy is doing right now, and to tell you the truth we’re not really interested.’’  

That would be a first.  

And I am no longer interested in this article.


Or the propaganda coming from my lying, war-promoting, agenda-pushing PoS papers:

"Libyan rebels complete conquest of Misurata; Airport falls as loyalists suffer stinging defeat" by C.J. Chivers, New York Times / May 12, 2011

MISURATA, Libya — Rebels in the contested western city of Misurata stormed the city’s airport yesterday, swarming over the grounds from the south and east and reclaiming it from the military of Moammar Khadafy.

Seizing the airport in Misurata, which has been under siege for nearly two months, represented one of the most significant rebel victories in the Libyan conflict and a stiff military and public-relations blow to the Khadafy government....

Although potentially reversible, the airport capture appeared to be a break in the siege. With the loyalists suffering a string of defeats in recent days and the rebels gaining weapons and confidence, Khadafy now appeared weaker than ever before, Misurata residents said. 

It's the SAME F***ING SCRIPT for EVERY F***ING WAR!!!  

They TRULY BELIEVE we are IDIOTS out here! 

And let's face it, s***-headed Americans that are ignorant are NOT READING the NEWSPAPERS! 

Therefore, this crap is DOUBLY INSULTING to THOSE THAT DO!!!!!!!!!

So WAR must going to be OVER SOON, huh? 

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WHY worry about May 20? We are WINNING!! 

With their advance the rebels had, at least for the moment, the potential to cut off government forces in the east from those in the west of Libya, threatening the logistics lines of Khadafy forces.

The rebel commander at the airport added that the rebels, who now have physical control of all of Misurata, Libya’s third-largest city, had given the citizens of the country a psychological milestone that could endanger Khadafy’s hold on the capital, Tripoli....  

Then again, it could not. 


That's what is PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Tripoli, 130 miles from Misurata, the rebels’ seizure of the airport prompted one government spokesman to put on a show of defiance that appeared to mask a growing sense of unease.

“This is nonsense,’’ said Moussa Ibrahim, the government spokesman. “We control the airport, and we also control the seaport.’’

Another official gave a more gloomy assessment, effectively acknowledging that morale among Khadafy loyalists is faltering because of the rebels’ success at Misurata, the Western aid to the rebels, and the intensifying tempo of NATO airstrikes against targets in Tripoli this week....

It also risked being premature.  


How you likin' the PSYOPS PROP posing as NEWS, Americans?!

At the city’s two eastern fronts, Khadafy soldiers were believed to remain in Grad rocket and artillery range of several neighborhoods and the city’s seaport, its sole route for medical evacuations and resupply.

The city’s roughly 500,000 residents remain isolated and in need of food and medical aid.

The commander also said the rebels were worried that the Khadafy military had regrouped and gathered reinforcements about 25 miles away and might counterattack at any time.

In other words, the first three quarters of this article was bullshit.


Oh, the link didn't carry over from the save in a desktop file.  What a shame.

"NATO missiles hit Khadafy’s compound; Attacks escalate in Tripoli as 2d phase kicks in" by Michael Birnbaum and Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post / May 13, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya — NATO missiles struck Moammar Khadafy’s compound early yesterday, government officials said, hours after the longtime leader appeared on state television to dispel rumors that he had died. 

Trying to assassinate him from on high again.

The attacks continued a major escalation of strikes on sites that NATO describes as “command-and-control targets’’ but that the Libyan government says are possible locations for Khadafy.

NATO attacks on Tripoli have spiked in the past two days since a spokesman said allies had entered the second phase of the campaign....   

Yeah, the second phase simply means MORE BOMBING!!


"Defiant after strikes, Khadafy taunts NATO; Speech is his first since bombing of his compounds" May 14, 2011|By Diaa Hadid and Sarah El-Deeb, Associated Press

TRIPOLI, Libya — Taunting NATO, Moammar Khadafy said yesterday in a defiant audio recording that he is alive despite a series of airstrikes by NATO.

The recording was broadcast after the Libyan government accused NATO of killing 11 Muslim clerics with an airstrike on a disputed eastern oil town....   

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Nice job of protecting civilians.

Hours after Khadafy ’s minute-long speech, four explosions — most likely a NATO strike — were heard in Tripoli.

Government spokesman Ibrahim Uthman said the strikes targeted the country’s Agriculture Ministry. But the same building was targeted days ago and, at the time, residents said it was a government intelligence building....   

Who are these "residents" the paper keeps quoting when they are not even allowed to see or get near them?  

And at the time implies not now, right?

One missile appeared to have targeted some sort of underground bunker at the compound.

Look at the VAGUE CRAPOLA being SHOVELED by the AmeriKan media! 

What a bunch of WAR CRIMINAL ENABLERS!!!!!!


Also see: Report: NATO Warships Shell Red Crescent Building in Misrata

Yeah, who bombed what over there? 

"Libyans bury 9 reported slain in NATO strike; Explanations clash on why victims were at bomb site" by Diaa Hadid and Don Melvin, Associated Press / May 15, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya — Mourners vowed revenge and fired assault rifles into the air in a Tripoli cemetery yesterday as they buried nine men they said were Muslim clerics and medics killed in a NATO airstrike in mostly rebel-held eastern Libya.

The Libyan government gave one account of why the men had traveled from the capital to the eastern front; a cleric at the funeral who said he witnessed the attack Friday in the oil town of Brega gave a different version. 

Oh, great, more media bulls*** to have to sift through.

And the government, apparently hoping to turn the funeral into an outpouring of support for Moammar Khadafy, announced the time and place on state TV and over text messages.

Yeah, you see, only enemies and monsters use such things. It's not like the US government would ever exploit something like 9/11 to invade Iraq or anything.

Only a few hundred men showed up, however, and few appeared to be family or friends of the dead. At least a dozen were soldiers.  

That's another thing the AmeriKan media are good for: they always tell you which protests are controlled and approved and which are frowned upon and opposed to the agenda (if they cover them at all, that is).

NATO has been intensifying airstrikes against Khadafy’s troops in several areas of Libya in a bid to weaken his brutal crackdown against a rebel uprising. Libya’s government has been eager to counter NATO’s message that its mission’s central aim is to protect civilians. 

Can you bomb a world into submission?

The sound of another apparent NATO airstrike was heard in Tripoli last night. Libyan state TV said it targeted a site at the Bab al-Aziziya military base that includes Khadafy’s residence. 

Another assassination attempt from on high. 

In Friday’s attack, a NATO official in Naples said warplanes targeted a military command and control site and that she was “aware of reports’’ of civilian deaths in the Brega attack, but “we cannot independently verify that.’’

Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the men killed early Friday were clerics who met in the port town of Brega, which has been fought over throughout the three-month conflict, to pray for peace.  

That will get you a bombing! Can't have any if that breaking out now!

Ibrahim said dozens of clerics hoped to head to the rebel-held eastern part of Libya to seek an end to the war....    

So many wars to end, so little time.

But a cleric who identified himself as a witness gave a different account and said only nine were killed.

Nine, eleven, eighteen, what's the difference unless you are discussing the number of Jews snuffed out in the Holocaust™?

He said they were a group of 16 men sent by the country’s Islamic affairs department to Brega to demonstrate that the port city was firmly in the hands of Khadafy’s forces as an act of defiance.

“We wanted to show that Brega wasn’t in rebel hands,’’ the cleric said. “We wanted to prove it by praying in the mosque on Friday. But we didn’t make it — my friends were killed in the strike,’’ he said at the funeral in Tripoli’s main Shat al-Hanshir cemetery.

The cleric said three strikes hit their guest house and formed a crater he estimated to be 16 feet deep and 50 feet wide. “It leveled the area,’’ he said. “We identified our friends from their clothing,’’ said the cleric, who showed little emotion as he spoke.  


He listed the names of seven fellow clerics he said were killed, including a leading cleric named Sheik Omar Ibrahim. The two other dead might have been medics responding to the first strike, he said.

Then that right there is a NATO war crime.

The witness gave his name, but the Associated Press is not publishing it out of concern for his safety if he were identified. He did not appear to be aware that his version of events differed from what government officials told reporters.

I'm at the point where I even doubt "witnesses" cited by my lying, war-promoting, agenda-pushing paper, dear readers. 

You know, it is ALWAYS ANONYMOUS SOURCES in the PAPER pushing the AGENDA but when it's real-life people in the form of bloggers like me protecting themselves there is something wrong with anonymity and you are somehow not credible. 


Government spokesmen were not immediately available later yesterday to explain the discrepancies.

Look at that bulldog media get after it, 'eh?!!

In a statement yesterday, NATO said the building struck in Brega had been “clearly identified as a command and control center.’’ It said it could not confirm civilian deaths.  

After 10 years in Afghanistan you can't believe a damn thing knee-jerk NATO says.

The NATO official in Naples, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak to journalists, described it as a bunker.  


Yup, the GUEST HOUSE was a "bunker!"

The Brussels-based alliance repeatedly has said all its targets in Libya are military and that it is not targeting Khadafy or other individuals 

And yet they are LOBBING MISSILES into the places he LIVES!!!  



Khadafy’s regime has appeared in some cases to gather civilians — or at least not stop them from gathering — at military sites that are potential NATO targets.

The Khadafy family compound in Tripoli, located on the sprawling Bab al-Aziziya military base, is consistently packed with civilians who camp out and often sing and dance around a fairground-style area 

Yeah, the WAR is a BIG CARNIVAL!  

All I can saw to that is IT SURE IS in the INSULTING AmeriKan press!!!!  I am SO SORRY you have to SEE THIS SLOP, world!!!

And you get the "human shields" implication, right?

Government officials have said on previous occasions that the Libyan civilians insist on sleeping in the compound to defend their leader.  

Then they are a LEGITIMATE TARGET, right? 

Of course, if AmeriKan rallied to protect their war criminal president it would be described as heroic!

But the Bab al-Aziziya compound is heavily fortified and guarded by layers of patrolling soldiers who could prevent them from entering.

In a defiant audio recording played on state TV Friday, Khadafy taunted NATO, saying he is alive despite a series of airstrikes and “in a place where you can’t get to and kill me.’’ 

That's just going to get you more bombing.

The rebels control most of eastern Libya, while Khadafy controls most of the west, including Tripoli.

Sort of like a stalemate despite the rebel's battlefield advances, etc.


"NATO bombs Libyan oil center as Britain urges an escalation" by Diaa Hadid, Associated Press / May 16, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya — NATO aircraft blasted an oil terminal in a key eastern city at nightfall yesterday, Libyan TV reported, the sort of broader attack Britain is urging the alliance to make on areas controlled by ruler Moammar Khadafy....   

And up goes the price of gas again.

The reported attack came as the Libyan conflict appeared largely stalemated, with each side claiming gains one day, only to be turned back the next.

(Blog editor sighs and is near tears. Dear readers, I've been fed a week of we are winning and now they say.... sob!)

Libyan rebels said yesterday they have taken full control of the western port city of Misurata, 125 miles from Tripoli, the only major city in western Libya with a significant rebel toehold. The rebel claim could not be confirmed.

In Misurata, rebel fighter Abdel Salam described the situation in the city as static.

“The situation is almost frozen, as the rebels are in full control over Misurata,’’ he said. “The rebels are not engaged in any major fighting fronts with Khadafy forces.’’

The two sides have been battling intensively over Misurata, symbolic because of its location near the capital. Khadafy’s forces shelled the city heavily and at some points took up positions inside Misurata neighborhoods to fire at civilians and fighters and avoid NATO airstrikes. Rebels and residents say Khadafy forces remain at the edges of the town.  

I was told above they were driven away (frown).

More than 1,000 people have died in Misurata in the fighting and shelling. 

And in total it must be in the tens of thousands if not more.  Does the media know or care?

Libya = Afghanistan = Iraq = Pakistan =  (next country to be attacked by NATO)  

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That wouldn't surprise me in the least!

Salam denied earlier reports suggesting that rebels were advancing toward the western city of Zlitan, which would be the next step on the road to Tripoli. “The rebels agreed that it is better not to move forward or open new fronts,’’ he said.

Is that military deception, or.... ??

He added, “It will be a big risk to advance. Anything could happen and cost us heavy causalities. This is not the right decision to take right now.’’  

Yeah, but NATO needs to wrap this up or their already enraged and war-sickened citizens will realize they have been lied to again (actually already do), and are in another endless police patrol/regime change?

The head of Britain’s armed forces, General David Richards, appeared to relate to the stalemate and frustration in the West over the slow pace of warfare in Libya, with Khadafy still in power, able to taunt NATO for failing to unseat him.   

Which is strange because the implication at the beginning of all this was (like Iraq) this should be pretty quick and relatively easy.

In remarks published in The Sunday Telegraph in London, Richards urged NATO to widen the range of targets the alliance’s planes are allowed to hit in the effort to stymie the Khadafy regime’s attacks on protesters. Richards declared that “more intense military action’’ was needed or the conflict could end in stalemate....  

Then it IS ENDING SOON, 'eh?  

WORLD kind of FED UP with WAR, huh?


Yeah, that's not the kind of thing the war-promoting paper will provide.

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Journalists being held in Libya get visitor

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Libya, Iran, what's the difference?  They are both on the list.   

Btw, it has come to my attention that Libya was owed money due to the mortgage securities, wasn't in favor of globalist control of the economy,  and was moving away from the dollar (same as Iraq just before Bush ordered invasion).   

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Any surprise banks are again behind everything? 

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Ah, WWIII is nearly if not already here.