Monday, April 8, 2013

Red Sox Stink

Well, something does:

"Near Fenway Park, a foul wind blows at construction site" by Johanna Kaiser  |  Globe Correspondent, April 05, 2013

The Red Sox may be looking up this year, but the area around Fenway Park sure stinks.

A foul smell is permeating the air near the park, more akin to rotten eggs than Fenway franks. Along Boylston Street in the West Fens, residents, employees, and passersby are complaining about the sulfurous odor emanating from a construction site at 1325 Boylston St....

Larry Green, director of construction for the developer Samuels & Associates, said the smell emanates from excavation work on a lot between Boylston and Van Ness. Green said that as crews excavate, they hit pockets of organic material that contain sulfur that release the odor.

The smell can last a few hours after a pocket is hit, Green said, but they are working to mitigate the smell by spraying an odor-eliminating material.

He also said they are also carefully monitoring levels of materials that cause the odors.

While smelly, they do not pose any health risk at these levels, Green said....



"The 2013 Sox have blasted from the starter’s gate with four wins in six games in New York and Toronto."

It's a long season. Don't get carried away the first week of April. 

So how did they do today?