Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Globe Special: Kill All the Perverts

Let God sort 'em out like he's going to sort out the souls of innocent Syrians Obomber is going to murder.

"Safeguards failed, so evil got another chance; There were many chances to stop John Burbine, accused of abusing 13 children — decades after he devastated a couple and their 3 little boys" by Jenifer B. McKim |  Globe Staff, September 07, 2013

The punishment was a letdown for Gail and Kevin, but they say the disappointment was tempered by assurances from Middlesex prosecutors that he, John Burbine, no longer posed a threat. The couple was told he had to undergo counseling and avoid being around children, or risk landing in a prison cell. In retrospect, it appears they misunderstood the terms of Burbine’s sentence — those restrictions applied only until the probation period expired.

After the case was resolved, Gail and Kevin went about trying to reconstruct a normal family life. It wasn’t easy.... 

I'm going to be doing the same by getting away from the Globe.



The Wakefield Wanker
May Day: Wake Up Call

"Child care centers will be checked for sex offenders" by Travis Andersen |  Globe Staff, March 27, 2013

The state’s top child-care regulator is pledging increased oversight of providers after an audit revealed that four registered sex offenders were living in the same places where day care was being offered....

Thomas L. Weber, acting commissioner of the state Department of Early Education and Care, which licenses and oversees child-care providers, was responding to a report released Wednesday by state Auditor Suzanne Bump’s office, which found that 119 sex offenders had addresses that matched the locations of 75 licensed child-care providers....

The audit also found that the early education and care department failed to ensure that some child-care providers were conducting the required background checks on their employees....

Names were misspelled in a database....

Problems with an electronic database submission system....

Weber’s agency now requires that an inspector review all personnel records against its electronic database to ensure that background checks are up to date, the early education department said in its formal response. His predecessor, Sherri Killins, resigned this month after revelations that she was enrolled in a superintendent training program in the town of Ware.


And yet the state is cutting day care even as taxes are increased.