Saturday, April 4, 2015

Boston Globe Lemon Juice

Thus the invisible ink was revealed today.

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"Militants lured Kenyans to their deaths with promises of life" by Jeffrey Gettleman, New York Times  April 04, 2015

GARISSA, Kenya — New details emerged Friday about how a handful of fighters from Al Shabab, with just a few light weapons, managed to kill 148 students in Kenya’s worst terrorist attack since the 1998 bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi.

Survivors said many students had fallen for the militants’ trick, voluntarily walking outside and obeying commands to lie down in neat rows, only to be shot in the back of the head.

This is screaming staged and scripted fiction, folks.

One of the militants appeared to be a trained sniper, some witnesses said, picking off several Kenyan soldiers and critically hampering the rescue effort, giving the gunmen hours more to keep killing.

Another drill gone "live," huh?

The militants seemed especially cruel and gleeful, ordering some students to call their parents on their cellphones and tell them the attack was payback for Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia.

Students who hid during the attack said they had heard their classmates whimpering as the militants taunted them. Then a single gunshot. Then silence.

The attack on Thursday exposed just how powerless this industrialized, westernized country is in the face of a ruthless terrorist organization. Many fear that Kenya cannot stop Al Shabab, which is clearly trying to fan a religious war.

They will just have to invite AmeriKa in then, huh?

On Friday, a dozen local young Muslims marched down Garissa’s main road to show solidarity with the victims, the vast majority of whom were Christian and hailed from other parts of Kenya....

They are not falling for the false flag fraud.


RelatedKenyan police say 173 people died in extremist attacks in 2014

The "terrorists" almost matched that in a day!

Seeing as I'm souring on all this:

"Disabled Somalis abused, group says" Associated Press  March 13, 2015

Yes, the "terrorists" are so bad they not only mistreatment women, but cripples as well!

NAIROBI — Decades of conflict and discrimination have left people with disabilities in Somalia vulnerable to forced marriage, violence, and rape among other abuses, an international human rights group said Thursday.

Amnesty International called on the Somali Federal Government to ensure the rights of people with disabilities are protected in law and in practice.

People with disabilities face greater abuse in Somalia because they are often seen as a burden or as easier targets to attackers, said Gemma Davies, Amnesty International’s Somalia Researcher.

Researchers in February spoke to dozens of people with physical disabilities who spoke of the abuses inflicted on them including rape and beatings, the rights group said in statement.

Amnesty researchers spoke to a woman identified only as Hannan, who has been disabled since she was a baby and forcefully married off when she was 13 years old.

‘‘My family decided to give me to this man. I refused and ran away. My family sent strong men after me. They caught me, tied my arms and legs, and threw me in a room with the man. He beat me since the beginning,’’ she said, adding that she was told not to complain.


At least we are getting them:

"Somalia governor says drone strike killed militant leader" Bloomberg News  March 14, 2015

MOGADISHU, Somalia — A drone strike in Somalia killed an Al Shabab commander accused of coordinating the Westgate shopping mall attack more than a year ago in neighboring Kenya, Lower Shabelle regional Governor Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur said.

Westgate was another staged and scripted fiction, right down to the fake blood separating from the guy who was allegedly shot in the chest as he was running away. Kind of an iconic moment in all this.

The attack targeted militants traveling in a vehicle near the southern town of Bardhere, killing Adan Garar and two other members of the Islamist militant group, Nur said by phone.

“A drone attack with surgical precision has killed three Al Shabab members in Abaq Xaluul village,” he said.

Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters that the United States carried out a counterterrorism strike against a “high value target.”

US officials are assessing the results of the strike and have no details to release yet, he said. Warren said the strike did not involve US personnel on the ground.

Since last year, drone strikes in Somalia, some carried out by the United States, have killed senior officials of the Al Qaeda-linked group, including former leader Ahmed Abdi Godane and intelligence chief Abdishakur Tahliil.

The attacks are further weakening Al Shabab after military gains that drove rebels out of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, the port of Kismayo, and other bases in the country.

So much for being further weakened, blah-blah.


I wonder how many people that drone strike disabled.


"US woman accused of trying to join, martyr self for Islamic State" by Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press  April 04, 2015

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia woman was arrested Friday on charges that she tried to join and martyr herself for the Islamic State, a day after two women in New York were charged with plotting to wage jihad by building a bomb and using it for a Boston Marathon-type attack.

Boy, the level of agenda-pushing BS propaganda spewing forth from my propaganda paper is truly overwhelming these days.

Keonna Thomas, 30, was preparing to travel overseas to fight with the terrorist group and hoped to make it to Syria, authorities said. Instead, she was arrested at her home, which has three small US flags adorning the porch.

So now even the flag-wavers will be suspect to this increasingly totalitarian government!

Authorities said she communicated with an Islamic State fighter in Syria who asked if she wanted to be part of a martyrdom operation. She told the fighter that the opportunity ‘‘would be amazing,’’ according to the documents.


Last month, Thomas bought a ticket to fly to Barcelona on March 29. Prosecutors said a raid of her home on March 27 prevented that trip and any effort to join the Islamic State.

In court, Thomas wore a burqa as she acknowledged she understood the charge against her.

Really into her role, huh?

Thomas appeared to show little emotion as she was led out of the house in handcuffs, neighbor Ronni Patterson said. Patterson said Thomas appeared to live with her mother and grandmother. ‘‘She came and went. She didn’t bother no one,’’ the neighbor said.

The women in the New York case are accused of plotting to wage violent jihad by building a homemade bomb and using it for an attack like the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. They were held without bail after a court appearance Thursday. The lawyer for one of them said his client will plead not guilty.

Thomas is charged with attempting to provide material aid to terrorists, one of the same charges filed in 2010 against another Pennsylvania woman, Colleen LaRose, known as Jihad Jane, and two codefendants in a terrorist plot that prosecutors say also involved online messages and recruitment for overseas terror suspects.

Just making friends?

Authorities have said foreign terrorists seek US women because their Western looks and American passports make it easier for them to travel overseas.

Or not.

Thomas’s posts in support of the Islamic State started in August 2013, when she reposted a Twitter photograph of a boy holding weapons, authorities said. She called herself Fatayat Al Khilafah and YoungLioness and tweeted posts such as ‘‘When you’re a mujahid, your death becomes a wedding,’’ according to the FBI affidavit filed in the case. A mujahid is one who engages in jihad.

She began trying to raise money online and told a Somalia-based jihadi fighter from Minnesota that she soon hoped to have enough money to travel, authorities said.


"Abdullahi Yusuf is now in a Minneapolis halfway house, part of a closely watched experiment to spare him a long prison term and give him a role dissuading others attracted to terrorism. With no clear pattern among recruits, law enforcement has scrambled to identify people attracted to the terror group in time to intervene. Abdi Nur’s Twitter feed reveals his most recent post came on March 8. “All Warfare,” he wrote, “Is Based on Deception.”

OMG! Talk about an in-your-face insults! 

So the NSA data collection is nothing but dog sh**?

Btw, there is also a SILLI cell in New Jersey (but he wanted to go to Palestine, and at one time worked for Army contractor DynCorp??)!

She applied for a passport in February and on March 26 bought her ticket to fly to Barcelona three days later.

Jihad Jane got a 10-year term in January for agreeing to kill Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who drew a cartoon that offended Muslims, while a Colorado woman, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, is serving eight years.


Sorry I've so soured on them.

Saturday's IIs:

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Didn't make print, and if I find any others.... 


Terror cases show US women seeking militant roles

The female fanatics of Islam had foul mouths during the "sting operation using an undercover officer?" 

Five charged in Kenyan college massacre

Federal fracking rules are an important step forward

F*** this.

UPDATE: Two New York women snared in FBI terror “sting”  

No target, no bomb, no plan, and the FBI agent/informant/case handler lied?