Monday, May 4, 2015

Back to Normal Narratives

"Nepali earthquake victims begin to reclaim lives; Many in Kathmandu return to homes, work amid ruins" by Gardiner Harris New York Times  May 02, 2015

KATHMANDU, Nepal — A week after the most severe earthquake in more than 80 years, Kathmandu returned to a semblance of normalcy Saturday as a growing number of its residents packed up tents, checked out of hospitals, and got ready for the workweek.

(Blog editor shakes his head at the repetition of this script regarding all disasters)

Many shops that survived the quake were open; electricity was largely restored; and with truck traffic moving, hotel restaurants were once again serving fresh fruit. Lines disappeared from gas stations.

The weather even returned to normal after rains and chilly temperatures that made life especially miserable for survivors gave way to the season’s usual warmth and brilliant sunshine.

While Kathmandu has managed a remarkable turnaround over the past week, a full recovery in impoverished Nepal is expected to take billions of dollars and years of work, especially in the hard-hit hinterlands.....

"Even so, but...." why spoil a good narrative regarding Bikesh Karki and his family?


RelatedDesperation for Aid Grows in Nepal

NBC must have got it wrong.

3,700 Migrants Rescued at Sea

Same story surfaced in the Globe (buried in a brief, of course):

"Ships from Italy and France rescued more than 1,400 migrants on Saturday after smugglers’ boats ran into trouble in the Mediterranean Sea near Libya. Italian officials said 1,200 migrants were being taken to Italian ports after several different rescue operations by its coast guard and navy, including helping some 200 people aboard dinghies a day earlier south of Sicily (AP)."

The reedited rewrites are getting to be normal:

As crowds gather in Baltimore, more festivities than frustrations

Anger, joy mix at Baltimore rally

Actually, ALL LIVES MATTER. I'm finding the inference that white lives do not a bit insulting and racist (heard that somewhere), and I don't mean to spoil the celebrations but....

"Prosecutors must still secure convictions in Gray’s death, and analysts say that could be difficult. Brutality cases against police officers are notoriously difficult to win, and much about the case, including the evidence against the officers and their defense, remains unknown."

And you only have only a split-second to decide, followed by ‘‘the meticulous funeral procession of a martyr to black civil rights’’ to:

‘‘Monticello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only US president’s home on that list of cultural treasurers. The newly rebuilt slave quarters project was launched two years ago with a $10 million gift from Washington philanthropist David Rubenstein. On Friday night, Rubenstein announced a second $10 million gift to continue the work of restoring slave sites along the plantation’s Mulberry Row and refreshing some of the iconic rooms in Jefferson’s home. ‘‘I thought it should be made more realistic about what it was like then,’’ Rubenstein said, adding that Jefferson was a model American leader but also a slaveholder. ‘‘We should learn the good and the bad of American history.’’ 

Just not Israel's. 

Yeah, I love it when a Jew downs America for slavery!

"Demonstrators rallying for change in solidarity with activists in Baltimore joined hands and formed a peace circle in the middle of a busy street Saturday afternoon, briefly blocking the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Morton Street in Mattapan for a moment of silence. Demonstrators wanted to “show love” to people. Many in the crowd lamented news media coverage of events in Baltimore, saying the spotlight focused more on the violence, rather than residents’ outrage and demands for justice. Some expressed their anger at police in Boston."

The Staines is still there amid the honking horns, and don't get angry. The agenda-pushing propaganda pre$$ always does that.

"Over the last year, so much of the debate about policing in America has focused on those who abuse their authority. They are the vast minority but they get the most attention, and that’s to be expected. But there is another side to all of this. Pat Rogers was one of the most widely known Boston cops in America because he had been a featured character on the reality TV show “Boston’s Finest.” But for all that notice, he had to feel awfully alone, sitting on his couch, when he raised his gun." 

I'm sorry about that, but I'm not liking the narrative.

Also seeNYPD Officer Shot in Queens

Another psyop? or hoax?

Is sure looking like it! 

Expect more heroes to be "killed" this summer as the changes continue (gimme a break).

The narrative continued today and I was met with the above-the-fold, front-page photo feature that leads into this morning. What do you think it is?

Working our way back up:

"Speaking at a news conference late Saturday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the shooting — which came without warning or an exchange of words — served as a reminder of the dangers faced by the police, the second time this year that plainclothes anti-crime officers had been shot and wounded in the city. The shooting Saturday appeared to have no connection to the protests over police actions in minority communities that have gripped cities from Ferguson, Mo., to Baltimore."

Then why bring it up?

I wanted to stop in Boston first, but I guess I will rethink that because there has to be some new narrative coming from down Baltimore way:

"Baltimore youths lead call for change; Curfew ends; Guard troops recalled" by Jan Ransom Globe Staff  May 04, 2015

BALTIMORE — All eyes are on Baltimore, and hopes rise that the attention will bring a real shot at redemption for a city burdened by high unemployment, a troubled education system, poverty, crime, and drugs. 

Unfortunately, those problems will take decades to fix -- just as they took decades to be created.

The strategy is to advocate for change while the nation is still watching, said Michaela Brown, a 22-year old Morgan State University student and one of the leaders of Baltimore United for Change.

And when the ma$$ media goes away?

Among the issues: the need for basic supplies in public schools, food stores to serve poor neighborhoods, and, as always, job opportunities and affordable housing.

While city residents praised Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s decision to charge six Baltimore police officers in the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, Brown said the youth-led groups plan to continue to urge legislators to amend Maryland’s Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights, which gives officers added protections when being investigated for misconduct.

WHAT?!!! Police have EXTRA RIGHTS? That doesn't sound constitutional or American!

Gray’s death while in police custody led to more than a week of mostly peaceful protests, a night of rioting, and hundreds of related arrests. After the city’s top prosecutor announced the charges against the six officers on Friday, the protests, once somber, turned into celebration.

On Sunday, the mayor announced that a 10 p.m. curfew in effect since Tuesday would be lifted, and the governor said National Guard troops deployed to the city would be recalled.

Just another exercise before Jade Helm and complete martial law, right?

The developments left many looking forward to what is next.

They are “excited, excited for justice, excited for change.”

Who is they?

National personalities including the Rev. Al Sharpton and National Urban League president Marc Morial joined Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at New Shiloh Baptist Church last week — where Gray’s funeral was held days earlier — to discuss police brutality and ways to move the city forward....

Oh, FBI Al (look, a regular Whitey Bulger there with his own TV pulpit, er, show!) is coming down to give the agenda a huge shove, meaning federalized law enforcement and a national police force. You thought the cops were brutal now. I fear for the future. I think the training in Israel wasn't and isn't a good idea.

That's about the time I bail on the controlled opposition, and it's easy to tell. The agenda-pushing protests along the lines of illegal immigrants, gays, global warmers, and any agenda-supporting a U.S.-initiated coup are generally received positively and given plenty of coverage. Those such as the antiwar crowds and the Occupy kids (you can scroll that file to see it) are either insulted or ignored.

As I recall, there wasn't much of a fuss when security forces cleaned out the camps of overprivileged white kids, drug addicts, thieves, homeless barnacles, and the rabble that made up those stinky tent cities on the Common.


Speaking of American heroes:

"Compromising democracy and human rights for stability and security is short-sighted." 

Benjamin Franklin? 

No, no, president of Tunisia's Islamic party buying into the whole terrorist narrative that quite frankly, Franklin warned about despite what the twisted context in which he was now misquoted (says who?). We've lost the Republic, and you can quote me.

I decided abort the trip west because of the car crash, and as we turn east:

"4,000 migrants rescued, 10 found dead in sea off Libya" by Frances D’Emilio Associated Press   May 04, 2015

Interesting that the print headline left off the 10 dead. More watery souls to haunt Obama throughout eternity. That's the way I see it. Honestly, I was in fact surprised to see this today (although they were tipping their hand to a return).

ROME — More than 4,000 migrants were rescued by European naval and merchant vessels on the Mediterranean Sea over the weekend, and 10 bodies were recovered as officials continued efforts to stop a slew of boats attempting to make the crossing from Libya.

Italy’s Coast Guard and Navy, as well as commercial vessels, joined forces to rescue migrants in at least 16 boats Sunday, saving hundreds of them off Libya’s coast.

Smugglers took advantage of calm seas to send packed vessels across the Mediterranean starting Saturday.

The Italian Coast Guard said the 10 bodies were found in three separate rescue operations off Libya. The Coast Guard was being aided by a tug and a merchant ship in at least some of the rescue efforts. In one of those rescues, a cargo ship found three migrants dead and 105 survivors on a dinghy in the waters north of Tripoli, Libya.

In yet another dramatic rescue, migrants aboard a motorized rubber dinghy that was deflating were spotted by an Italian Navy helicopter.

Boats in distress were being spotted so quickly Sunday, that in one case, a Navy vessel had just finished one rescue of 90 migrants when it immediately went to the aid of another boat. One rescue involved 311 people, including 16 children, saved from a fishing boat in the smugglers’ fleet.

Sunday’s dramatic developments came a day after 3,690 migrants were saved from smugglers’ boats. Most of those migrants were still being taken to southern Italian ports amid fresh rescues.


At least things are normal in Nepal:

"Damaged Nepal airport closes to largest flights" by Binaj Gurubacharya Associated Press  May 04, 2015

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Runway damage forced Nepalese authorities to close the country’s main airport Sunday to large aircraft delivering aid to millions of people after the massive earthquake, but United Nations officials said the overall logistics situation was improving.

Oh, that's good.

The death toll climbed to 7,276, including six foreigners and 45 Nepalese found over the weekend on a popular trekking route, said government administrator Gautam Rimal.

Not good news.

Nepal’s Tourist Police reported that a total of 57 foreigners have been killed in the April 25 quake, and 109 are still missing, including 12 Russians and nine Americans. The names of the foreigners have not been released.

The airport’s main runway was temporarily closed to big planes because of damage. It was built to handle only medium-size jetliners, not the large military and cargo planes that have been flying in aid supplies, food, medicines, and rescue and humanitarian workers, said Birendra Shrestha, the manager of Tribhuwan International Airport, on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Even the help hurt!

There have been reports of cracks on the runway and other problems at the only airport capable of handling jetliners. It was unclear when repairs might be completed.

Looks like the closure will be longer than temporary.

‘‘You’ve got one runway, and you’ve got limited handling facilities, and you’ve got the ongoing commercial flights,’’ said Jamie McGoldrick, the UN coordinator for Nepal. ‘‘You put on top of that massive relief items coming in, the search-and-rescue teams that have clogged up this airport. . . . Once they put better systems in place, I think that will get better.’’

McGoldrick said that, in general, the bottlenecks in aid delivery were slowly disappearing, and the Nepalese government eased customs and other bureaucratic hurdles on humanitarian aid after complaints from the UN.

‘‘The government has taken note of some of the concerns that we’ve expressed to them,’’ he said.

Kai Tabacek, a spokesman for the British charity Oxfam, said the main problem was that Kathmandu airport was too small to deal with huge volume of traffic.

“Of course, there have been some delays,” he said, “but these have more to do with the challenge of moving large volumes of goods than customs.’’

Airport congestion was only the latest complication in the global effort to aid people following the April 25 quake, the impoverished country’s biggest and most destructive in eight decades.

Wow, that is COMPLETELY AT ODDS with what my Sunday Globe reported via the New York Times. I am stunned.

Nepal’s geography of high mountains and difficult road networks ‘‘is always going to be a challenge,’’ McGoldrick said. Airlifting goods by helicopter ‘‘right now is quite limited,’’ he said.

People in Nepal — both in remote villages and the capital, Kathmandu — have complained about not seeing any rescue workers or international aid and about a lack of temporary shelters, with many sleeping out in the open because of fears of aftershocks bringing down their damaged homes.


UN humanitarian officials said that they were increasingly worried about the spread of disease. They said more helicopters were needed to reach isolated mountain villages that were hard to access even before the quake.

The true extent of the damage from the earthquake is still unknown as reports keep filtering in from remote areas, some of which remain entirely cut off. The UN says the quake affected 8.1 million people — more than a quarter of Nepal’s 28 million people.

Laxi Dhakal, a Home Ministry official, said hopes of finding survivors had faded dramatically.

‘‘Unless they were caught in an air pocket, there is not much possibility,’’ he said.

Among the latest fatalities to be counted were the 51 people, including six foreigners, whose remains were found in the Langtang Valley in Rasuwa district, nearly 35 miles north of Kathmandu. Most of the victims were Nepalese guides, hotel owners, workers, and porters.

The area, with a dozen inns near the trekking trail, was buried by a landslide after the earthquake.

The one if Afghanistan was, yes, quickly forgotten.

Nepal has been shaken by more than 70 aftershocks after the quake, and its people remain on edge.

With a sense of normalcy, of course.

One brief aftershock Saturday afternoon shook the only paved road in the village of Pauwathok. Residents screamed and began to run, then stopped when the tremor eased.

The small village is in the district of Sindupalchok, where more deaths have been recorded than anywhere else in Nepal — 2,560, compared with 1,622 in Kathmandu. The UN said up to 90 percent of the houses in Sindupalchok have been destroyed.

Experts have warned that many of Kathmandu’s buildings may have been ‘‘softened up’’ by the magnitude-7.8 quake, and that a big aftershock, striking closer to the densely packed capital than the earthquake did, could be devastating.


I was going to chop bits and pieces of those, but forgot and decided to leave you the full narrative.

After that, I'm cutting the history that is hard to believe. You know it when you SITE it, be it a female suicider (waves of 'em, some as young as 8 years old), killings in Cameroon, the retaliatory air strikes, the invasion of Niger, the loss of a military base as an alliance is formed and "Nigeria’s electoral commission will postpone Feb. 14 presidential and legislative elections for six weeks to give the new multinational force time to secure northeastern areas." 

Looks like the Goodluck is running out. Not even praying will help him now. Boko Haram has crossed the border and expanded its assault on Chad, but has been beaten back, thus requiring another threat SITING (maybe you should see this before buying into the Jewish war propaganda that is called a new$paper over here). The US military is standing by on the border with Cameroon, to assist if needed. Avoid bus stations, churches, and markets. A new offensive has been launched and South African mercenaries are a big part of it (mostly immigrants). As for the regular abuse of human rights, the military has no clue and ISIS has gained an ally in Nigeria, as terror threat in Africa grows worse!! 

Thankfully, the suicide bombings and executions have stopped as the Boko ghosts shield themselves with children in a ‘‘phenomenon of criminal dimension,” and the election campaign has finally gotten underway (then extended) after the delay. A former general who once ruled with an iron hand has won, we are told, and the people are rejoicing (as is the U. S.) Then the hard reality set in. A drug dealer (and transgender TV program inspiration) was elected senator, and you would have to be an idiot not to see the agenda before you.

This post is starting to look like Saturday's, and maybe that's a good thing. 

"Egypt, a key coalition member that has been named as a likely participant in any ground offensive in Yemen, acknowledged for the first time that it has deployed troops in the Gulf region and the Red Sea as part of the coalition. With helicopter gunships hovering, at least 20 troops from a Saudi-led Arab coalition, including Yemeni expatriates, came ashore Sunday in the southern port city of Aden on what military officials called a reconnaissance mission."

Yeah, they asked Pakistan for help, they said no, and soon after the charges were filed against the CIA  and release of a terrorist won in court," were hit by a "terror attack" from the CIA base in Baluchistan (why it doesn't make the papers much) despite the help in the war against the Taliban even if they are pushing the foreign fighters into Afghanistan and helping the Taliban. Given all the mixed messages, one can only pray the Pakistanis do not have nuclear weapons. I mean, we are talking about people who shoot studentsteachers, professorswomen, and even members of their own families! Best thing you could do is get on to a bus to India.

So the ground invasion of Yemen has begun, and it is time to tie things together:

Iranian general says Saudi Arabia will soon be toppled

That's what a lot of the blogs are saying, too. This move by Saudi Arabia -- at U.S. behest or not -- will hasten the end of that paper tiger.

"Secretary of State John F. Kerry, speaking to Israel’s Channel 10 television, sought to ease Israeli worries about an emerging nuclear deal with Iran in an interview aired Sunday, dismissing some concerns as brought on by hysteria

Whose could he mean?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a visit by Senator Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican, said."

I've seen and heard enough. 

Let's face it, we are IN WORLD WAR III right now and honestly, this endeavor has outlived its usefulness. Leadership isn't turning around the boat, the left-right paradigm of politics has been rendered moot by corporate/Zioni$t control, and much of what this blog has been devoted to preventing has come to pass while the killing never stopped and the war machine not only ground on but accelerated. In fact, I've gone so far afield from when I first started. I've lost focus and am covering complete crap simply because the Globe gives it to me (serves a purpose in and of itself as an example of what garbage the regional flag$hip serves up on a daily basis). It's important to listen to the mouthpieces of ma$$ media because they do clue you in as to the direction the PtB are pushing the agenda; however, that's all it is good for. Continuous commentary repeating the same things day after day? Tired, so damn tired of it.

The new look will no doubt make me less likely to read it, although the new-look bu$ine$$ section really isn't that bad. Think I will go to and start on that section now if I don't get stuck in a glut of garbage propaganda (the courage of a fool) and page-one lead promotion -- (Logan officials also acknowledge that their massive amount of greenhouse gas carbon emissions have actually increased since 2012, but the full agenda is all good around it). I'm not the only one sick of it. Just wait until the insurance bill arrives! 

Of course, it has occurred to me that some don't agree and that's fine. I feel the same insult and doubt, thank you. One reason I'm so adamant about the issue. Was the last of the ma$$ media lies in which I had faith. Climategate and the cold in Copenhagen shattered that one, sorry. Lest I be taken the wrong way, we are all left to do our own research, right? The only litmus test I have to give, readers, is don't take my word for anything. Think for yourself. That's what I've done.

Starting to get hungry now, so it is time to clean up this mess.

Btw, the big fight turned out to be a dud (ha-ha-ha-ha!). 

I will be returning to the regular batch of muddled misinformation tomorrow. Or maybe not.


Turns out the reception for the fight was not that good, but the fraud of it all is the face of the future. I just heard the bell ring and will continue walking the beat in a new post. Sorry.

UPDATE: 50 injured as extremists launch gun, bomb attacks on school in Nigeria