Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Globe $till in My Genes

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"Genetic testing is not flawless, study finds" by Marilynn Marchione AP Chief Medical Writer  May 27, 2015

The first report from a big public-private project to improve genetic testing reveals it is not as rock solid as many people believe, with flaws that result in some people wrongly advised to worry about a disease risk and others wrongly told they can relax....

I mean, seriously, what's next, cholesterol is good for you?

To solve these mysteries and give patients better information, the U.S. government several years ago helped form and fund ClinVar, a database for researchers around the world to pool gene findings, coded to keep patients’ identities confidential. More than 300 labs contribute to it, including universities such as Harvard and Emory and some private companies such as Ambry Genetics and GeneDX. 

Looks to me like another effort at data collection and spying, but of course, this government loves you and cares about your health above everything else. Just ignore the war lies and Wall Street looting.

On Wednesday, the group made its first report at a conference in Washington. The study also was published online by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Okay, going forth here I am giving you what was in print and what I found added on the web:

An independent expert, Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, California, commended the study leaders and the database project for ‘‘cleaning up the mess’’ from labs that have not shared data in the past.

‘‘We need millions of people sequenced, sharing all the data,’’ to make things better, he said.

I'm sorry, doc. This idea that the U.S. government somehow means us good with all the lying, the caving to corporations, the cooping of government and leadership, the ceaseless $elf-$erving, and on and on and on. They have had their time to do all this, and instead they decided to deceive us all, wage wars across the planet, and loot the nation before they destroy it. But now I am to believe in them as they fix the very problems they have caused and profited. 

Yup, gotta sequence all of you so we can't start the treatment, operations, what have you -- and add that to the government database profile along with all your electronic communications, yup. All for your own safety and protection, of course -- from the people you need protection from the most, those selling you it. What a racket!

With more sharing, the mystery gene variant problem ‘‘ will largely go away, but that’s going to take a few years at least.’’

So far, the project has tracked more than 172,000 variants in nearly 23,000 genes, a small portion of the millions known to exist but some of the more common ones that have been identified.

More than 118,000 of these variants have an effect on the risk for a disease — and 11 percent have been analyzed by more than one lab so results can be compared. In 17 percent of those cases, labs interpreted the findings differently, as either raising the risk of a disease, having no effect on it or having an unknown effect.

At least 415 gene variants now have different interpretations that could sway a medical decision, such as whether to have healthy breasts or ovaries removed to lower the risk of cancer, or to get a medical device such as an implanted defibrillator to cut the risk of sudden cardiac death. 

First off, what is your diet? That's what causes most cancers now.

‘‘The magnitude of this problem is bigger than most people thought,’’ said Michael Watson, executive director of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, one of the study’s authors and a partner in the data pooling project.

And it can harm patients. Rehm described a woman who had genetic testing and wrongly was told she did not have elevated risks for breast cancer. She later developed the disease but could have had preventive surgery had the right gene analyses been done. 

I was wondering about that, but of course there is a source of feminine empowerment who is being applauded for lopping of her tits (combined with the Caitlyn Jenner obsession of theirs, one can see an agenda-pushing effort to unisex and uniform us all into weird perverts confused about our own sexual identities while selling some sort of diversity program by a group of Zionist supremacists and wealthy elitists. Strange days indeed!)


No offense, ladies, but the sickening mutilation based on uncertain evidence at best is heartbreaking. How many times must you be lied to before....

Related: In the future, treatments tailored to patients.... precision medicine, an advancing field that combines DNA analysis and diagnostic testing to target therapies to individuals and groups of patients."

Maybe we should order some more tests first.


"The government is launching a very different kind of cancer study that will assign patients drugs based on what genes drive their tumors rather than the type of cancer. The National Cancer Institute’s NCI-MATCH trial will be a massive experiment in precision medicine at more than 2,400 sites. Starting in July, about 3,000 patients will have their tumor genes sequenced to see what mutations or pathways fuel the disease. All the labs will use tests from Thermo Fisher Scientific of Waltham to check for 143 cancer genes and more than 4,000 mutations. The whole process should take less than two weeks. Gene testing and the drugs will be free to patients. The study will be headed by Dr. Keith Flaherty at Massachusetts General Hospital."

Sorry I missed it(!).

Maybe you would like to take a Gawk at this.