Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lurid Lord Trial

Sorry my attention to it has been short but its ended again:

"Jury selection begins in trial of Amy Lord’s accused killer; Experts say insanity defense for slaying could be tough sell" by Maria Cramer Globe Staff  May 18, 2015

“The problem with the insanity defense is that you’re asking a jury to say ‘this horrible thing happened and its nobody’s fault,’ ” said Edward Schwartz, a jury consultant with DecisionQuest, a trial consulting firm in Waltham. “That it’s an accident of nature that this poor man was sick in this way and was put loose on the public. . . . It’s so emotionally disquieting for jurors not to be able to assign blame anywhere.”

30-year-old Edwin Alemany, a Mattapan father of a young girl, has a long history of mental illness going back to his teenage years, when he began suffering from hallucinations and severe depression, according to his family.

He had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and was prescribed an array of medications, but at age 18 he was released from Department of Youth Services custody and assumed responsibility for his own care. He has mostly refused to seek treatment or take antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs, his family has said....


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"At trial, prosecutor describes final hours of Amy Lord’s life" by Evan Allen Globe Staff  May 20, 2015

Edwin J. Alemany’s spree began after 4 a.m. on July 23, 2013, prosecutors say, when he attacked a young mother walking to work on Old Colony Avenue and answered her pleas for mercy with a promise to kill her.

She escaped, but Alemany was not finished. He prowled the streets of Boston for a 20-hour period that Suffolk Assistant District Attorney John Pappas on Wednesday called “a real-life horror story,” picking victims seemingly at random and blitz attacking them. Two women escaped. Amy Lord was not so lucky.

I think that's why I shied away from it.

“Amy Elizabeth Lord, who will forever be 24 years old,” Pappas said during his opening statement in Alemany’s murder trial in Suffolk Superior Court. “Assaulted. Beaten. Abducted. Robbed. Strangled. Repeatedly stabbed and murdered.


Pappas said Alemany spent the hours after killing Lord spending the money he allegedly stole from her. He allegedly bought “lots and lots” of lottery tickets and a cellphone, and paid off his girlfriend’s and brother’s cellphone accounts.

Wow, nice guy!

Having burned Lord’s car, he allegedly called a livery service and took a Lincoln Town Car to a liquor store to buy Corona beer, then ate a pu-pu platter and drank “Suffering Bastard” cocktails at the Tahiti restaurant with his brother and friend....



Also see:

"Testimony in the first-degree murder trial of Edwin J. Alemany in the kidnapping and killing of 24-year-old Amy Lord of South Boston was postponed Wednesday for a day because Alemany’s lawyers said he was too ill to participate in his defense."

"Amy Lord murder suspect attempted suicide, lawyer says" by Maria Cramer and Evan Allen Globe Staff  June 01, 2015

Edwin Alemany, who allegedly killed a young woman in South Boston and attacked two others in a 20-hour period, tried to kill himself inside his cell at the Suffolk County jail this weekend, his lawyer said.

Poor guy.

The incident occurred as Alemany, who is accused of fatally stabbing and strangling 24-year-old Amy E. Lord in 2013, defends himself against first-degree murder charges in Suffolk Superior Court. His lawyer, Jeffrey Denner, confirmed during a break in testimony Monday that his client tried to kill himself.

Lord, who was kidnapped as she came out of her South Boston apartment, was stabbed and strangled during the attack, according to a medical examiner who testified Monday. Lord was stabbed dozens of times, including in the neck, torso, and groin. The examiner said it was unclear whether Lord died of the strangulation or the stab wounds.

Since his arrest in 2013, Alemany has tried to harm himself several times, including just before his first appearance in South Boston Municipal Court, when he was arraigned on charges related to the attacks.

His most recent effort was interrupted by correction officers at the Nashua Street jail, who found him trying to hang himself, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the incident.

There were no visible signs of injury on Alemany when he arrived in Suffolk Superior Court Monday. At one point, he was seen rubbing his neck. A beaded necklace he had worn during the previous days of testimony was gone.

Alemany’s suicide attempts came up during a hearing following testimony on Monday. The jury was released early so Judge Frank Gaziano could listen to a plea from Denner to keep jurors from hearing statements made by Alemany after he was arrested and earlier this year when he called his former girlfriend.

In a May 2015 call to Elizabeth Stephenson, the mother of Alemany’s 6-year-old daughter, Alemany reportedly said he was involved in some of the crimes he was accused of but not others. In his statements to police, he said he had gaps in his memory about some of the events around July 23, 2013, the day of Lord’s killing.

Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist who often appears on Fox News as a contributor on the subject, testified for Alemany. He argued that Alemany’s has an amalgam of mental conditions, including identity disorder, alcoholism that goes back to his early teens, as well as severe depression with underlying psychotic tendencies.

“He can’t make rational decisions to give any statements in this case,” Ablow said.

But Martin Kelly, a forensic psychiatrist who was asked by prosecutors to evaluate Alemany, said that while Alemany has a personality disorder, his condition does not prevent him from comprehending his actions and their consequences.

“It is very clear that he grasps what’s going on,” Kelly said.

Kelly said Alemany’s statements to police were “self-interested.” For example, he claimed there were gaps in his memory, but could remember incidents around the murder that did not implicate him.

When he was talking to Stephenson, he told her he had to watch what he was saying, said Kelly, who listened to the taped conversation and read the transcript.

Gaziano said he would rule Tuesday on whether the statements can be presented to the jury.


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Am I supposed to be feeling sorry for him that he was in CIA custody, or is the clever turn of words all some mind-manipulating psyop?

Alemany’s sanity in dispute during closing arguments

Jury rejects insanity defense in Amy Lord murder trial

Yeah, but the latest twist is that the judge vacated the sentence.

NDU: Edwin Alemany sentenced to life in prison for killing Amy Lord

One wonders why the cops didn't blow him away, but maybe it's because he had a good lawyer.