Saturday, August 15, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Family Movie Matinee

One sometimes has to attend to things one does not want when part of a family:

New seating system shakes up cinema

Did you miss the trailer?

Where do they make this stuff anyway? 

Better off staying at home and watching a rental from the Red Box:

"Netflix gives parents up to a year of paid leave" by Tom Murphy Associated Press  August 05, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS — Netflix stirred envy in sleep-deprived parents nationwide by saying it will give its employees up to a year of paid leave following the birth or adoption of a child. But outside of hypercompetitive Silicon Valley, don’t hold your breath for your boss to match it.

However, more companies are thinking about offering at least some paid time off, which is mandated in almost all other countries but not in the United States....

Improving benefits is a relatively inexpensive way for employers to boost morale and retain workers, said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist for, a website that has compiled more than 8 million employee reviews of companies.

‘‘We are going to see other employers follow suit,’’ Chamberlain said. ‘‘It’s like a gift from the employer that can help build engagement and help employees feel better about where they are working.’’

Do you mind?! I'm trying to watch the movie.

You wanna talk? Take it outside.