Saturday, August 1, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: A Fight Walsh Can't Wynn

"Walsh fight with Wynn escalates" by Sean P. Murphy and Shirley Leung Globe Staff  July 31, 2015

The acrimonious relationship between Mayor Martin J. Walsh and casino mogul Steve Wynn took a turn for the worse Friday, when what the mayor described as a peace offering from Wynn by day’s end touched off a new round of squabbling.

The latest dispute between the City of Boston and the Las Vegas billionaire broke out after Walsh announced that Wynn had called him this week to offer “hundreds of millions” of dollars to persuade him to end the city’s legal battle over the Wynn’s planned $1.7 billion casino in Everett.

But later in the day, Wynn said he had never made such an offer during their brief telephone conversation on Wednesday.

The “he said, he said” episode is likely to add mistrust in a relationship of two men that is already marked with suspicion. Walsh has led an aggressive legal effort to derail Wynn’s casino, contending his license was awarded as a result of a “corrupt process,” and that the proposal would unduly burden Boston residents....


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Massachusetts thinks it's docking here.

UPDATE: Judge chides Boston on lawsuit over Everett casino

You see who is winning.