Saturday, August 1, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: New Hampshire No Sanctuary For Santorum

"Rick Santorum joins fray in N.H." by Akilah Johnson Globe Staff  July 25, 2015

CONCORD, N.H. — Former US senator Rick Santorum, a Republican running for president, tried to position himself as someone outside of political establishment on Friday, taking swipes at both political parties on immigration and national security.

“We need someone who understands the threats that are facing the American country and has the courage to tell the American people the truth,” Santorum, one of 21 White House hopefuls — 16 Republicans and five Democrats — told a crowd of about 50 people inside a storefront campus of New England College.

Santorum’s visit marked one of the socially conservative Pennsylvanian’s rare trips to the Granite State, where GOP primary voters tend to focus more on fiscal issues. In his remarks Friday, Santorum concentrated on foreign policy and other domestic issues.

Cyber attacks by Russia and China are threatening America’s digital information, he said.

Yeah, well, may not be them.

Diplomatic relations with Cuba have aligned the country with a nation that, along with Venezuela, has “systematically turned almost every single Central and South American country against the United States,” Santorum said.

But the biggest threat to the United States, according to Santroum, is Iran, a country he said practices a “radical” form of Islam that is preparing to play out its version of an Armageddon story. He called President George W. Bush “a good man,” but said his “War on Terror” was a “misnomer,” as Iraq was not our biggest threat.

“And this is the country we’re giving an on-ramp for nuclear weapons,” he said, referring to the Iranian nuclear agreement, which is also supported by five other world powers. The deal prevents Iran from building a nuclear weapon for 15 years, by limiting uranium enrichment and allowing for international inspections of suspected processing sites, in exchange for the lifting of harsh economic sanctions.

“This is the worst, most dangerous agreement that any president has ever entered into,” he said. “We have a media that is just silent, and the Republican Party — and US Senate — that has been feckless at best. Anybody who doesn’t stand up to this president, you now own Iran. You are partners with everything Iran does heretofore.”

Another suck-up to Israel.

The 57-year-old won the Iowa caucuses in his unsuccessful run for president in 2012. A religious conservative, Santorum spent much more time in Iowa than New Hampshire, more than double, during the last presidential election cycle.

But at Friday afternoon’s town hall meeting, which was sponsored by the Merrimack County Republican Committee, Santorum acknowledged the importance of the New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, saying he plans to do “a whole series of town halls meetings in the next few days.”

This is only Santorum’s third trip to the state since his 2012 bid for president. At the end of this two-day swing through New Hampshire, Santorum will have spent four days there, compared with 31 days in Iowa this year.

Santorum spoke for more than an hour on Friday, taking nearly a dozen questions on everything from immigration to contraception to entitlement programs. On immigration, Santorum said politicians have gotten away from doing what’s in the best interest of the country, focusing instead on their political futures and personal riches.

Democrats, he said, “believe if these folks come, they will disproportionately vote for them. Republicans, in large part, are no better. They’re not looking for votes, they’re looking for cheap labor.”

Well, he got that right although it didn't raise nearly the fuss Trump has.


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