Monday, April 3, 2017

No Fooling

This will now be the seventh straight day I have bought and noted a Globe and then left it unread. 

As always, starting with the front page lead:

Mass. had highest rate of opioid-related ER visits

That's because we are all a bunch of junkies, and that theme is picked up by their above the fold feature:

Immigration fears lead to sped-up weddings — and prenups

I'm about as close to a divorce with the Globe as one can get right now. In fact, I feel like I'm making alimony payments.

A milestone in the war over the true state of cod

Yesterday it was the husband and wife sleep wars, and its a war paper through and through. 

I suppose I'm neutral in that I rarely eat fish.

Below the fold:

Welcome to Opening Day. And Happy New Year 

I have to pretend to care for social reasons.

In Trump era, tech visas get a hard look

That's want is ticking off the pooh-bahs of corporate AmeriKa, and its nothing new. That's the problem with the Globe; I'm typing the same things over and over while things get collectively worse with a big shove from them (yeah, you don't want that job, American).


Growing array of pro-Trump groups could target GOP lawmakers

Who chooses the photographs over there? 

As much as I dislike the imagery and illusion surrounding the sh** swirl in my paper, I can only view this as a good thing. Screw the establishment (note that the war agenda and Israel's interests proceed unabated).

Oregon residents cash in on higher bottle, can refunds

Oh, that's how you get rich!

Traffic disruptions loom as crews raze fallen overpass

That story starting to fade.

‘Bathroom bill’ compromise angers governor’s allies

I'll hold it.

Chicago police arrest boy, 14, in sex assault shown live

At least its a distraction from all the homicides and drug crime. 

And nine months later:

April the giraffe due for April birth

I used to feel joy when seeing those stories in my Globe, but that was long ago.


Rescuers race to find survivors of Colombia flood as toll passes 230

Nothing controversial about covering natural disasters.

Netanyahu warns enemies at missile defense ceremony

Got it.

Egypt’s president to test chemistry with Trump

I'm sure his country will get their aid and weapons. They aren't on the list.

9 Afghan civilians reported killed in attack on Taliban arsenal

How nice of the war pre$$ to notice.

Professor detained in China returns to Australia

What do I care?

Pope visits Italian region rebuilt after deadly 2012 quakes

Maybe he should be flying to Colombia instead.


Serbia’s powerful leader claims landslide presidential win

Russian stooge!

20 are hacked and beaten to death at Pakistan shrine



New tunnel opens in troubled Indian Kashmir to ease travel

I didn't expect to see the word Kashmir in my paper so I'm speechless.


Electricity-based therapy fights brain tumors, study finds

Maybe that's what I need to stop buying a Globe.

Mitch McConnell confident on budget bill, Gorsuch confirmation

What, was he speaking on those Sunday shows I haven't watched for years?


Massachusetts should embrace the promise of early college

US military should get out of the Middle East

A New World Order globalist is now the antiwar voice of the Globe. Great!


Can the cities survive Trump? 

Can they survive their own city councils and mayors?

California vs. Trump, Round 1

Trump won. They asked for federal disaster relief for flooding and he gave it to them.


Above the fold:

Local mosques open their doors to promote understanding of faith

A swing and a miss from Tito Jackson

As another spring arrives, another season for the Swan Boats nears

Below the fold:

Playground is dedicated to Marathon bomb survivor who died in 2016 crash

30 years after a slaying, a family searches for answers

You won't find any in there.


Framingham: To be, or not to be, a city?

Lost for 45 years, a high school ring returns

(Cue music)

They even included the briefs and blotter today.


Family posts fliers in effort to find missing Southborough man 

Day 4.

Two manholes explode in downtown Boston

Gas leaks, but don't worry.

Two-year-old rescued from car on flooded street in Chelsea


In Maine, a trade disadvantage over . . . lobsters? 

I thought warming seas were supposed to lead to their extinction?

Not in print:

Young boy shot in Roxbury expected to recover

State senator dies after battling brain tumor


Gary Doak, 71, rugged defenseman who epitomized spirit of Bruins


6-figure price tags on new drugs fuel cost debate

That's all there is is debate. $hows you the raw power of the pharmaceutical lobby. 

And speaking of drugs, did you know marijuana helps treat opioid addiction? Nevertheless, after dragging its feet on medical marijuana, the recently self-enriched state government has decided to delay recreational use. If you can see through all the smoke you can see their true colors and lack of concern for the problem. It's all lip service.

Advertisers want their Google ads off offensive content 

This blog ad-free!

Some see risks rising for undocumented who pay their taxes

They pay more taxes than you think, employers in Massachusetts and nationwide routinely hire undocumented immigrants, and there is a federal online system, called e-Verify, where employers can check workers’ documentation. But use of it is voluntary, and many employers don’t bother.

So the government collects taxes on all the illegals they don't know are here, huh?

And you wonder why I don't want to talk about it anymore?