Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Occupation Iraq: The Lie of Leaving

Hey, what is ONE MORE FRONT-PAGE LIE anyway, right, Globe?

US troops back on patrol in Iraq

Nearly a month after American troops officially withdrew from urban areas in Iraq, they are quietly going back in again, patrolling the streets of towns and cities where, despite improvements in security, violence remains an everyday occurrence.

See my
Iraq labels for what other crap the Globe has been shoveling this week.

Here is today's offensive turd:

"Iraq exit poses daunting logistics; Security concerns swell a massive task" by Bryan Bender, Globe Staff | July 28, 2009

WASHINGTON - There are worries, too, that arms will fall into the wrong hands, or that the complex withdrawal will drain resources needed for the buildup of the war effort in Afghanistan.

Top officials say a big focus of the planning is ensuring adequate protection from a possible spike in attacks with improvised explosive devices - or IEDs - as troops pull out of relatively secure, fortified bases.

Wow. That's tortured logic.

Army Major General Kenneth S. Dowd, the director of logistics for the US Central Command, said last week by telephone from Kuwait, where he was huddling with the logistics chiefs of each branch of the military. “If that keys up again we may have to slow down.’’

Translation: We are NEVER LEAVING, America!

YOUR KIDS will be SERVING in the SANDS of Iraq FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

A recent internal Army report laid out the sheer enormity of the task: 31 million items must be moved, including 100,000 pieces of “rolling stock,’’ 120,000 containers, 34,000 tons of ammunition, and 618 aircraft. The job will require an estimated 240,000 truckloads, which translates to 8,000 convoys. Much of that material will contribute to 119 shiploads. Nearly 300,000 American personnel, military and civilian, will withdraw, and 350 bases large and small across the country will be shuttered or handed over to Iraqi forces.


You know, you guys WENT IN QUICK ENOUGH, so WHY CAN'T YOU GET OUT at the SAME SPEED, huh? Yeah, I know, shaddup already.

At the Pentagon, top officials are working overtime to manage the process.

“When you get down in the boiler room and look at moving mountains of equipment that is accumulated over six years of war in Iraq and either bringing it home, or donating it to the Iraqi security forces, or taking it to Afghanistan, it is a huge logistical challenge,’’ Ashton B. Carter, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics, said in a recent interview.

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Carter, who recently traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan to see the logistics effort firsthand, added: “We need to do all this as we complete the mission and make sure there is still stability in Iraq.’’

And since it is AMERIKAN, BRITISH, and ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE raising hell inside that country, we ain't leaving! Didn't you EVER FIND IT ODD that the VIOLENCE EBBED and FLOWED according to what the OCCUPIERS WANTED?

Bush wanted an escalation and the violence went up, and then after his escalation the violence went down -- or so the bullshit, agenda-pushing MSM story goes -- so they can claim he "won" Iraq before leaving?

The MSM LIED FROM the START about Iraq and they NEVER STOPPED, Amurkn!!

US military officials are identifying what types of equipment, such as Humvees, could be donated or sold to the Iraqi Security Forces, Dowd said. But there is the question of what to do with the rest.

Aren't you glad your tax dollars went for that rather than paying off your mortgage, 'murkn?

The most sensitive items, such as intelligence gear, will be flown out of the country. A major challenge remains identifying the safest and most effective ground routes for the bulk of the supplies, most likely through neighboring Jordan and Kuwait, where a large share of the equipment will be loaded onto ships for ultimate transport to the United States or Afghanistan.


Iran and Pakistan, take warning!

Meanwhile, in addition to the primary travel routes, military planners are also identifying backup routes in case of disruptions, officials said....

I wonder how often our supply lines are under attack, seeing as the MSM only mentions them occasionaly in a deeply-buried sentence.

Hey, it's the Boston Globe. I'd be surprised if they didn't obfuscate, omit, lie, and distort.

Unlike the first war in Iraq, when hostilities ended with a cease-fire, there are still armed groups attacking US and Iraqi troops so there is a higher risk in losing track of weapons, said retired General Jack Keane, a former Army vice chief of staff who is now a partner at SCP Partners, an investment company.

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Good way to keep wars going, huh?

“There is an obligation to know what we have, where it is, and where it winds up,’’ Keane said.

That's one of the pro-surge pukes right there.

There are also environmental concerns about abandoning hundreds of bases and camps that have been established since 2003.

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The World's Biggest Polluter

Dowd said environmental experts have begun assessments of the first group of bases that will be abandoned or handed over to the Iraqis to ensure they are cleaned up.

They don't even do that here in America; why would they care about the Iraqis?

And I'm not even mentioning the Depleted Uranium the U.S. has littered the place with -- after KILLING nearly 2 million !

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All this is drawing increasing scrutiny from government auditors and congressional oversight committees. A team from the Government Accountability Office was in Iraq reviewing the situation last week, while the House Of Representatives recently passed legislation requiring the Pentagon to provide periodic reports on the progress of the effort.

One pressing concern is that the withdrawal from Iraq could at least temporarily deprive the war effort in Afghanistan - and possibly other military missions - of critical resources, such as cargo planes, ships, logistics personnel, and security teams.

Then we better just saty both places, huh?

I'm smelling a draft, how about you?

“The redeployment of forces and equipment is an enormous undertaking which will affect Iraq and the countries in the region, and which will also affect the ability of the US to conduct war in Afghanistan and be ready to respond to other threats,’’ Representative Ike Skelton, a Missouri Democrat and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said in a statement last week after receiving a classified Pentagon briefing on the redeployment.

An enormous undertaking, huh?

Sort of like INVADING the PLACE on LIES, right, Ike?

And WHAT OTHER THREATS (Iran?) where you thinking off, a**hole!?

Skelton said he also worries about too much equipment being left behind.

Well then MAYBE we should NEVER HAVE GONE, huh?

You guys will have to REMEMBER THAT the NEXT TIME ISRAEL wants you to fight a war for it!

He cited the Vietnam experience as a cautionary tale. “When I visited Vietnam years later,’’ he said, “I remember seeing rows and rows of US equipment that we left behind. We must do a better job managing the redeployment from Iraq.’’

Ummm, WHERE WERE YOU SIX YEARS ago, a**hole?

Voting FOR the damn thing, right, Ike?!

You sure as hell weren't listening to people like me!