Thursday, February 4, 2010


Why not? They used it on Haiti.

Now the agenda-pushing paper is calling for one here in New England!

"With spotlight on quakes, region looks at risks; Building fixes and education are key, seismologists say" by Jenifer B. McKim, Globe Staff | February 2, 2010

WESTON - The earthquake that devastated Haiti Jan. 12 has provided John E. Ebel, the Boston College professor and seismologist, the spotlight to tell anyone who will listen that such an event - although rare - could also hit this part of the United States. He’s part of a growing group of researchers, emergency management specialists, and structural engineers readying for such a local catastrophe and debating how much realistically can be done to reduce risks....

Are you AFRAID YET, readers? That is the POINT, isn't it?

No one is suggesting there is cause for panic....

Then WhyTF is this the BUSINESS LEAD on a Monday?!!!

But that doesn’t mean a damaging earthquake couldn’t happen today. Before last month, a major quake had not hit Haiti since 1897.

“It is something we take seriously,’’ said Peter Judge, spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, which stages earthquake-related training every few years. “The worst-case scenario is an earthquake in wintertime.’’


The challenge is to persuade private owners to launch expensive retrofitting projects to prepare for a calamity that may not occur for centuries, if at all....

Yeah, I KNEW there wa$ and AGENDA-PU$HING ANGLE in there $omewhere!!!!!

For now, Ebel is just glad to have people talking about the subject.

Yeah, THANKS, agenda-pushing s*** sheet!!!!!!!!!

He works with state and federal officials to talk about risks and what can be done. He says a statewide program to educate school children - who often remember such lessons all their lives - could be a wise investment.


Yeah, let's BRAINWASH and SCARE the KIDS with something that MAY NEVER HAPPEN?

Or is ANOTHER HAARP coming, government?! God damn you!!!!!!!!

As part of such an education, they would learn that homeowners should secure water heaters, bolt houses to their foundations, review insurance policies, and make a family plan to reunite after an emergency. During an earthquake, they would be told, stay away from windows and bookcases, and remain inside until the shaking stops - under a heavy table or desk, if possible....

Yup. And I'll have to get ready for the "terrorists," and do over the house because of global warming. F*** you, American media.


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????? Why isn't the GLOBE telling us these things, readers?

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