Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Globe Not So Special

Because I have to be selective in what I decide to report and post I give you the stories and issues I can not cover in detail. 

Perhaps you may be interested, dear reader, and thus I offer you today's crop in my new format:

Page one

Judges struggled to limit O’Brien
The state’s top judges are now facing tough questions about whether they fulfilled their responsibilities to monitor the Probation Department and rein in Commissioner John J. O’Brien, after independent counsel Paul F. Ware Jr.’s devastating finding of corrupt hiring practices within the department.


US grand jury targets probation
 Federal prosecutors are asking a US grand jury to weigh charges, including fraud, extortion, and conspiracy, in the widening patronage scandal that has staggered the state Probation Department.

Hiring recommendations part of the job, DeLeo says
House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo defended recommending his godson and others for jobs in the state Probation Department, even as he pledged yesterday to rid the troubled agency of fraud, abuse, and patronage. 

Also see Boston Globe Probation Office Visit

State Government On Probation

Slow Saturday Special: Boston Globe Probation Violation

Gotta meet with them once a month, right?

Desperately seeking Marisol, by all means, old and new
The search for a a 3-year-old, 20-pound copper-colored mutt from Medford has become one of the most elaborate and high-tech ever mounted for a missing dog.  

It's a sign on a street post out here. 

Lost dog on page one? No wonder the Globe is losing readership. 

The bus crash will remain a mystery, and I pray the other stories are not about sex.  


Senate rejects Obama plan to end tax cuts for top earners (By David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times)  

That is a replacement for the AP piece I crossed out and did not read. Democrats could have agreed to all this years ago and it wouldn't be a phony Wurlitzer of an issue to distract us all with "politics" when both serve the interests of the wealthy and themselves. 

And NOW COMES WORD that the newly-elected Repuglican leadership is going to DENY RON PAUL the chairmanship of a banking subcommittee? 

Once again the CHANGE Americans wanted is denied!

Also see: All sides strive for a deal on tax cuts

Duke University turns its attention to community health care effort (By Darryl Fears, Washington Post)

Yeah, the elite while save us all. I would rather have had a good, decent, single-payer plan than a health tax or crappy corporate premiums. 

The Nation Today Mother admits to child abuse charges

Look, the AmeriKan media buried 9/11 again. 

And the big idea for the day: The truth about suicide bombers

Turns out they are a bunch of losers -- just like the lying, obfuscating, omitting, war-promoting, newspapers.