Friday, January 23, 2015

Globe Missed Navy Boat to Asian Port

I can't find it anywhere, can you?

"Seventh guilty plea in Navy bribery scheme" Bloomberg News  January 16, 2015

A Singapore-based naval contractor at the center of a US Navy bribery scheme has pleaded guilty to charges he provided officers with cash, gifts, and prostitutes in exchange for classified information about where ships were scheduled to dock.

Leonard Glenn Francis, chief executive officer of Glenn Defense Marine in Asia, is the seventh person to admit wrongdoing in the case that already led to guilty pleas of four US Navy officials and two of his employees. One commander still faces bribery charges. Glenn Defense Marine had contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for servicing US ships at ports in Southeast Asia.

Looks like someone else was also being serviced.

The corruption scandal ranks among the worst for the US armed forces in 25 years.

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Well, jou know. There are scandals and then there are $candals when it comes to the propaganda pre$$.


A Malaysian citizen, Francis was arrested in September 2013 in San Diego. He is accused of paying two commanders to steer US vessels to ports that were most lucrative for his company. A Navy criminal investigator who Francis allegedly bribed for information about a probe of Glenn Defense Marine pleaded guilty in 2013.

Glenn Defense Marine worked with the US Navy for 25 years, providing goods and services for American ships in at least a dozen countries in Asia, according to court filings. Among three regional contracts the company was awarded in 2011 was one worth as much as $125 million over five years to provide tugboats, fuel, trash removal and other services for the Navy in Southeast Asia.

US Navy Commander Jose Luis Sanchez, 42, pleaded guilty on Jan. 6 to accepting bribes from Francis. Sanchez was deputy logistics officer for the commander of the US Navy Seventh Fleet in Yokosuka, Japan, and later director of operations for Fleet Logistics Command in Singapore.

Earlier Thursday, US Navy Captain Daniel Dusek pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery, becoming the highest-ranking officer to admit a role in the scheme....