Friday, November 13, 2015

And the Band Played On

If there is no one to hear it does it make a sound?

Playing Taps

Army captain receives the Medal of Honor for foiling suicide bomber

Support the troops even if the lying government that sent them there tosses them on the scrap heap when they have been all used up (I guess the Globe is still censoring military funerals)!

Editorial: Ask the right questions about marijuana

I don't have any. The answer is no.

HUD proposes smoking ban in public housing  

A real killer, subsidized by the government for decades until the health costs started busting budgets, while the medicine was denied. I'm tired of Johnny-come-lately government.

And once again the top story in all the world: 

Baker sees fantasy sports as game of skill, legal in Mass.

It's big business, and it is not like they are a Wall Street bank.

Plugged Politics on Immigration

I don't want to play politics anymore and I couldn't care less about the campaign coverage. Sorry if you are still unhappy. It's over. I'm aborting it now.

New York Times Blows Its Nose

All clear, see?

Want to Talk About the Weather? 

I said no, and judging but the number of hits neither did you. That's why I won't be reading this. Tell it to the turtle.

I can't see the forest for the trees today, reader (i.e. haven't read a word of the Globe, and don't want to but did).


DraftKings files suit to prevent N.Y. shutdown

They have a dream team, too!