Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Globe No Longer Funny

Yes, the Joke is On Me:

Junk food may not be fueling obesity

Yeah, you can eat it every day and no problem.

I had intended to breakfast at McDonald’s this morning (the turnaround due to a higher average check, not more customers. Not a sign of a recovery like you have been told, folks); however, something else caught my eye:

Salmon breakthrough was driven by chance

Front and right corner today and I haven't even gone out yet. 

MGM in battle to halt proposal for Conn. casino The firm has hired former US attorney general Eric Holder to crush a plan to open a casino just across the state line.  

I was wondering what noble and honorable task he was going to take up after leaving the JU$TUS Department.

Republican groups plot to bring down Donald Trump Republican leaders are worried about long-lasting damage to the party’s image that Trump may cause.

I'm no fan of the guy, but who cares about voters, primaries, elections, the base, or whatever they want?  Just write-in Mitt, right? At least he ain't Bush (just a handsome front for the family is all). 

What might be more concerning to the Donald is the anger he is generating in Muslims, a key voting constituency here in AmeriKa and of the Zionist-owned Repuglican Party. I hope your security detail is trustworthy, Don. An assassination is the last thing I want to see regarding any president or candidate, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility given the current shove the war agenda is getting from Paris (meeting planned before the attacks, mind you, and what is with the smile from Hollande? He knows it's a crisis drill hoax!?). Would really put Americans in a fighting mood!

Thanksgiving now pits traditionalists vs. foodies Call it the War over Thanksgiving. Politics and religion are no longer the only stressors when gathering around the table.

What other narrative would you expect from a war-promoting paper and its reporters who have self-internalized those values?

Thankfully for me, there will be no gathering of family and friends  this year so I will be able to avoid the nostalgic remembrances of days past (that is what I remember most from former family gatherings: the bloodbath fights and people filled with rage at each other. Good times). I'll be going over today to get my pre-stuffed bird, Stovetop stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, canned corn, and a few other corporate fixings for my dream holiday tomorrow where I'll be here in my skivvies blogging all day with football on the TV.

Lauren Baker practices patience as she defines her role Baker is in search of her next chapter, but one has been thrust upon her: Being first lady of Massachusetts.

Did she ask why her husband is being such an a**hole (where are all the women and children?) accepting all of Obummer's war refugees with CIA terror assets sprinkled among them? 

And think about the irony of such an argument. The same mass-murders of women and children and those that created the refugees on the altar of fear regarding the terrorists now turn around and argue that anyone who fails to accept the mess of their making is somehow some overreactive irrational and are being inhumane and shameful  (how much that class costing taxpayers whose services are being cut?) if you oppose them and question their competence and efficiency in identifying the terrorists after years and years of citizens running off to Syria, and if they come back..... aaaaaaah!!) 

What a brilliant strategy. Frame the debate, get what you want in either and both cases, and be able to demonize all who oppose. 

I'm not looking forward to previewing the rest of the today's paper at this point, and the joke may now be on you. I may not be back to post anything today. I had intended to catch-up after missing yesterday due to events I could not control, but that is looking less and less appealing moving forward early this morning. I'll have to get back to you.

Turned out my feeling there was pretty darn accurate when I got down to the World section.

Turkey downs Russian fighter near Syrian border The tensions immediately took on Cold War overtones when Russia rejected Turkey’s claim that the plane had strayed into its airspace.

Well, my eyes bulged out of my head when I saw that, realizing it is an ACT of WAR on NATO's part. 

You combine that with the Crimea of a provocation the last few days (yup, war-promoting, mouthpiece media and pre$$ hasn't a clue who the saboteurs are, nope) and I can see there is no more time to catch up. Armageddon is here now. It has to be because the AmeriKan economy is coming apart at the seams (ignore the lies) and this government needs a distraction (as a back-up they now have controlled-opposition kids stirring up race divides on campus where there were none, which also may provide a pretense).

In bid to end strife, Kerry meets with Israelis, Palestinians

Now THAT is a JOKE, as is he!!

Errors cited in US airstrike on Doctors Without Borders hospital

That is ALSO a JOKE, and the story has now evolved that they missed what they were shooting for!! So after owning up to the war crime,with Obummer apologizing and all, it turns out it was just a mistake. Yup.

Attacks organizer planned more bombings, officials say

Yeah, they were gonna do the bu$ine$$ district but thought it would be better to put the fear of the left to good use and attack the progressive bank of Paris, you know, the ones who might want to end the war against ISIS, before getting killed (if they caught 'em couldn't they have gleaned more intelligence? Or does authority not want these guys talking?). Those damn terrorists, always missing the mark!

Belgium’s divisions hamper efforts to stem terrorist threat

All the more reason to keep the E.U. together after it was about to fall apart due to banker-imposed austerity. Strange how the "terrorists" helped that cause, too, huh? Cui bono? 

And why should they worry? Terrorists keep missing the target, probably because they are strung out on drugs.

Islamic militants kill 7 in Egypt hotel attack

That IS funny because it happened just as tens of thousands of troops and police officers were deployed.

Another Lavon Affair?

At least 12 dead in Tunis bus explosion

Of course, the climate conference is going ahead as planned!

Weather tied to 600,000 deaths over 2 decades


First of all, they have now way of knowing that. It's all speculation and what-ifs. It's pure propaganda. 

Look at it this way: they are so sure and can quantify that nebulous number, but they can't quantify the actual number of war dead over all that time, right? Numbers that run into the millions?

Now where is that salt shaker so I can grab a grain?

Maybe I should skip going to get a Globe today and just turn this computer off now. For the planet's sake.

UPDATE: Connecticut tribes seek local approvals of casino sites