Monday, November 9, 2015

Spain's Payne in the Ass

Are Serbs?

"Spanish police nab 2 Serbs suspected in major jewel heist" AP  November 06, 2015

MADRID — Police in Spain’s Canary Islands said Thursday they arrested two Serbian men who allegedly are jewel thieves belonging to the notorious international gang known as the Pink Panthers.

The Civil Guard said they have issued arrest warrants for other suspected gang members after gathering evidence from an apartment where the detained men were staying.

Police say the men took part in an armed robbery in September at a jewelry store on the island of Fuerteventura. Three masked men burst into the store with guns and immobilized staff before swiftly rifling the display cases, taking $1.1 million in jewels and watches in a heist that lasted just a few minutes. The men were placed under surveillance and arrested several days later. The jewelry was recovered.

The men used rented speedboats to travel between the islands and avoid detection. They planned to fly out of the Canary Islands with the loot by hiding it in false-bottomed suitcases or wearing it, police said.

Interpol suspects the Pink Panther group, a loose network of around 800 criminals, is behind some 300 robberies in 35 countries since 1999. It is named after the 1963 movie starring Peter Sellers.


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Yeah, somehow some Jewish guy bis always collecting the insurance payout for the theft!


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