Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday's Foresight

See: Iraqis Had Parisian Premonition 

I'm so damn naive! I had no idea the limited hangout would be scrubbed from the narrative.

I did see the above-the-fold call to arms by France's Bush and was greater by France requests EU assistance in wake of Paris attacks as I skipped on in to the Globe's website.

France wants global coalition for assault on Islamic State

Then why did you, the U.S., Israel, NATO, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the other Middle East sheikdoms, and Turkey help create and facilitate the entire movement, whatever you want to call them? 

Oh, right, to get rid of Assad and give yourselves carte blanche to attack anywhere in the eastern hemisphere. 

Now I see why the immigration agenda was getting a political shove before Paris:

"Baker’s stance on refugees draws ire of immigration groups" by Maria Sacchetti and Tracy Jan Globe Staff  November 16, 2015

Governor Charlie Baker’s remarks — a departure from September when he signaled support for the refugees — earned swift rebuke from immigrant advocates. Lawyers said under the Refugee Act of 1980, governors cannot legally block refugees.

Around the country, the governors’ objections Monday varied from the relatively careful concern voiced by Baker to Governor Bobby Jindal’s issuance of an executive order to prevent Syrian refugees from resettling in Louisiana.

The thought of CIA terror assets being allowed into this country is offensive.

Most of the governors opposing resettlement are Republicans, but New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, also said the nation should stop accepting Syrian refugees altogether until officials can ensure a strong process for vetting them.

Yeah, turn it into a divisive partisan issue when I'm accepting the underlying narrative knowing this is all a false flag fraud. 

All I care about is the safety of the American people, and time and again the government and its mouthpiece media have failed. Have failed.

The resettlement of Syrians became a flashpoint after a series of attacks in Paris that killed about 130 people Friday, and a double suicide attack on Thursday that killed 43 people in Beirut.

The choice of terminology is so WWII and Jew. 

Related: Bombings in Beirut kill at least 43

Never saw another word about it in my Globe, which is an indication of sorts as to who was behind it.

On Monday, President Obama reiterated his commitment to resettling at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year — a relatively small number compared with European nations such as Germany, which has accepted tens of thousands.

Where was the concern for palestinians during his term? He didn't open the floodgates for them!

“The United States has to step up and do its part,” Obama said in a speech at the Group of 20 Summit in Turkey....

Well, they are ALL YOUR WAR REFUGEES, so why don't they all stay with you!?

'course, things not going so well for him over there: 

"Obama defends strategy on Islamic State at a sometimes tense news conference at the end of an international summit meeting. Obama sounded weary and defensive as he repeatedly rejected criticism of his yearlong strategy in Syria and Iraq. Pressed several times to explain his resistance to a broader war against the Islamic State, Obama twice chided reporters for asking the same question in slightly different ways. Each time, he appeared to take pains to navigate a narrow path — Obama’s aides have been making that case on his behalf since the attacks on Friday. But Monday’s exchange with reporters was the first time the president directly confronted the criticism that his policies failed to stop the carnage in the city and it seemed to weigh on him

The poor president and that tough pre$$!!

Republicans quickly pounced on the remarks as defeatist. Obama said the United States did not receive any concrete indications in advance of the Paris attacks that could have provided early warning to prevent them. “There were no specific mentions of this particular attack that would give us a sense of something that we could provide French authorities, for example, or act on ourselves,” he said. He said there have been concerns about the danger of Islamic State attacks in the West for more than a year. But he added that “some of it is extraordinarily vague and unspecific, and there’s no clear timetable.” 

Not at all what I was told yesterday, liar!

Obama announced a new agreement between the United States and France to share more intelligence information, saying that new arrangement would “allow our personnel to pass threat information, including on ISIL, to our French partners even more quickly and more often.” 

Didn't prevent the latest attack, and yet I'm told yesterday it's the key to victory!

And today?

"Doubts arise about intelligence efforts in Paris attacks. Radicals hatched plot under noses of Belgian police, but the missed opportunities, intelligence officials and experts say, pale when the Paris attacks indicate that few real steps have been taken to keep the neighborhood under surveillance and break up its small but lethal extremist underground."

You would have to be stupid to think greater tyranny, 'er, intelligence, would solve the "problem." 

He said the United States was seeking to persuade other allies to engage more deeply in the fight against the Islamic State, and he said the US effort to find more partners on the ground in Syria and Iraq was accelerating

Meaning motte terrorist mercenaries paid for by the CIA will be flooding into the area.

But he said large numbers of US troops on the ground would repeat what he sees as the mistake of the Iraq invasion of 2003 and would not help solve the terrorism problem. “That would be a mistake, not because our military could not march into Mosul or Raqqa or Ramadi and temporarily clear out ISIL, but because we would see a repetition of what we’ve seen before,” Obama said." 

Did he not think through the ramifications of this latest fabricated fraud and false flag? Just jumped on the war bandwagon again because of his meds (at least his wife is enjoying herself)?

Which side of his mouth was he talking out of?

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Trump would step up mosque surveillance

Just lost me for good because he shows a fundamental misunderstanding of who is ultimately responsible for the 9/11 event -- or maybe he is exhibiting an astounding recognition of such a thing. You don't say certain things in the realms of power even if everyone at the top knows it's the truth. 

After Paris attacks, Republicans toss American values in favor of fear

Then any event inside this country is on your head!

Against Paris attacks, one Muslim’s American way

He just got picked up by the DHS.

Under federal law, the president, after consulting with Congress, sets the number of refugees admitted every year and the government works with the United Nations and nonprofits to resettle refugees around the United States.

Relatednonprofits which provide new ways for corporations and individuals to influence  

As if the New World Order agenda didn't have enough levers already.

“Neither Massachusetts nor any other state can fence Syrian refugees out of the state,” said Laurence Tribe, a Harvard constitutional law scholar. “We are a union and must sink or swim together.”

RelatedIsraeli leader rejects calls to accept Syrian refugees

Different tribe.

Also see: Future clouded for migrants freed by Israel

Is that what they are calling deportations now, being freed -- and not for long.

A White House official said Monday that the United States accepts refugees only after subjecting them to an extensive, rigorous security screening process — more stringent than any other category of traveler to the country — to safeguard Americans from terrorists.


Mindful of the particular conditions of the Syria crisis, Syrian refugees go through yet additional forms of security screening, the classified details of which have been briefed to Congress, a State Department official said.

Yeah, I feel so much safer that some false flag fraud and crisis drill isn't going to be perpetrated on us.

Baker’s remarks Monday came minutes before he addressed a Thanksgiving luncheon for immigrants and refugees, including Syrians. Some expressed surprise at his stance, just weeks after he signaled support for the idea of having some migrants relocate to the state.

“I certainly think the US ought to be part of the solution and believe most states would want to be helpful if they could be,” Baker told reporters then.

But on Monday Baker said that for now he did not want Massachusetts to accept refugees from Syria until he was certain that proper security checks were in place.

“I think at this point in time we would have to be very cautious about accepting folks without knowing a lot more about what the federal government’s plan looks like and how it would actually be implemented and executed,” he said.

“My view on this is the safety and security of the people of the Commonwealth of Mass. is my highest priority,” he said. “So I would set the bar very high.’’

Mayor Martin J. Walsh — who was interviewed with Baker at the State House on Monday — agreed that he wanted to know more about the federal government’s plan for reviewing incoming refugees.

“We would have to see the vetting process and what’s happening with the vetting process,” Walsh said.

But later in the day, Walsh seemed to backtrack. “As a city and as a country it is not our custom to turn our backs on people who are in need and who are innocent,” he said in a statement.

Tell it to Palestinians.

Several Massachusetts elected officials, all Democrats, urged the GOP governors to welcome refugees, even as they stressed that the newcomers should be subject to the strictest security checks.

“We should not close our hearts or our doors to the women, children and families that are fleeing the Middle East to escape war and the daily terror, violence and chaos it brings,” said Senator Edward Markey, who has called on the United States to accept at least 65,000 Syrian refugees. 

You opening yours and letting them stay with you, Ed? 

Didn't think so!

Representative William Keating declined to say whether Massachusetts should refuse to accept Syrian refugees. But he called for tougher security in Europe and urged more sharing of information.

"Keating also said the United States and Europe need to create “a seamless blanket” to track and disrupt the movement of terrorists. “We’re in it for the long haul,” Keating said, but rejected the idea of inserting US ground troops into Syria at this time. However, he said that the current allied bombing campaign against Islamic State targets is likely to have only limited benefits. “Bombing alone won’t be effective. Bombing clears the area. Bombing doesn’t hold the area,” Keating said. “Could we clear and hold an area? Sure, but for how long? . . . Didn’t we learn anything in Iraq?’’

Or the combined Russian-Iranian-Syrian effort that cleaned 'em out in about two weeks? 

Btw, Obama ALREADY HAS INSERTED GROUND TROOPS and the limited benefits he refers to are the loss of life and property as the destruction of Syria continues!

“It would be unfortunate if refugees are scapegoated rather than protected,” said Jana Mason, a spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Washington....

Well, take it up with the propaganda spinmeisters presenting the narrative.


Yeah, that's them.

Oh, btw, there are Syrian refugees already here if you read what I left out.

editorial Paris attacks: Baker, others wrong to reject Syrian refugees

Then he must be right. 

I hope you have room for them at your houses, Globe.

Stocks rally, despite Paris attacks

Not what they were saying yesterday!

Well, the show must go on:

"Search continues for weapons stolen from Worcester armory"by Jan Ransom Globe Staff  November 16, 2015

Federal, state and local authorities are looking for the person who broke into the US Army Reserve Center in Worcester over the weekend and stole 16 firearms including handguns and assault rifles, officials said Monday.

So they KNOW it is ONLY ONE PERSON? 

This is starting to stink like script to justify a future false flag!

The missing weapons include 10 9mm handguns and six M-4 assault rifles, Army Reserve spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Tad Fichtel said in a statement.

“The US Army Reserve takes this incident seriously and is fully cooperating with the FBI, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, and other federal and local law enforcement agencies during the investigation,” said Fichtel.

The break-in at the Lincoln W. Stoddard United States Army Reserve Center occurred late Saturday, Fichtel said, and almost a day after terrorist attacks in Paris left 130 dead.

The FBI has said there is no indication the crime was linked to any specific threat.

How could they know at this early stage, or is it just blanket bullish** they put out at first?

“There is no indication that these missing weapons are connected to any kind of terrorism threat whatsoever at this time,” an FBI spokeswoman said.

Worcester City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. said the break-in occurred between 6 p.m. Saturday and 1 a.m. Sunday. City police and the Worcester Fire Department were called to the building on North Lake Avenue at 8:39 a.m. Sunday after an employee reported seeing smoke and signs of a break-in, the city manager said.

So the armory did in fact have "employees" on the premise?

Augustus said that while “there is no indication that the crime is linked to any specific threat, according to the FBI,’’ additional city police officers are being assigned to “several key locations throughout the community, until further notice.’’


Surveillance footage captured at the reserve center and obtained from CBS Boston showed a man standing near a black sedan in the parking lot around the time of the theft, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported.


Governor Charlie Baker said the theft at the federal army facility was troubling.

“I’m especially concerned about it, separate and apart from anything that has to do with terrorism,” Baker said Monday, speaking after a hearing on substance abuse legislation. “I’m concerned about the fact that some really high caliber weapons were stolen from a military facility in the first place.”


Mayor Martin J. Walsh of Boston said additional police patrols have been assigned around the city.

He said the timing of the episode is unnerving.

Yup! Now let those immigrants in (the feds call you? Is that why you backtracked?)

Mayor Joseph Petty of Worcester said he has “full faith and confidence” that the investigating agencies will find those responsible for the theft.

I don't, and if they do it is a piece of public relations propaganda and likely fiction so they can say "See, we getting the job done and the AmeriKan $urveillance $tate is working!"

The weapons have been entered into the National Crime Information Center, an online database that is searchable by law enforcement agencies, according to the FBI.

Former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis, who now runs a security management consulting company and is not involved in the armory investigation, said the stolen handguns are similar to the firearms police officers carry. But the stolen rifles are the type “used in the war zone” and are “much more powerful and much more problematic.”

His reward for helping with the Marathon show and piggyback bombing by Craft security. 

Cui bono?

Many times, Davis said unsophisticated criminals looking to make money by selling the firearms commit such crimes. Any investigation, he said, would likely include looking at “people who know where the weapons are and how they’re stored.”

“It is likely that whoever did this knew those guns were there,” Davis said....

He is saying it is likely an INSIDE JOB!


Last I saw they caught 'em!

A Cambridge police officer kept watch outside of Harvard’s Memorial Hall on Monday.
A Cambridge police officer kept watch outside of Harvard’s Memorial Hall on Monday (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)...

Entry to Harvard Yard was restricted for several hours Monday after the university received an e-mail bomb threat against several buildings in the area. Another e-mail threat was received earlier against Cambridge “city schools,” but nothing was found, said Warnick. He did not say which schools were checked out. Police also investigated a threat at Fitchburg State University and a threat found on a wall Sunday at Cape Cod Community College that were not deemed credible." 

They are all looking like school drill psyops to condition the kids!!

Now I don't want to make you hot, but you do remember that Jade Helm was extended to the 15th of NovemberWhat timing those attacks in Paris!

"Georgia college closed after woman shot nearby" Associated Press  November 17, 2015

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — An Atlanta-area college was temporarily closed Monday after a woman was found fatally shot in an apartment nearby, and police were looking for her husband.

Georgia Gwinnett College sent alerts saying the campus had been closed after a lockdown. Lawrenceville police Captain Jeff Smith said police sought the man they suspect of shooting his wife, who was found dead around 9:40 a.m.

Stanley Preczewski, president of Georgia Gwinnett College, said in a statement that officials were able to enter and clear occupied buildings on campus, and authorities were still looking for the man.

Smith said police considered the man ‘‘armed and dangerous.’’

In Maryland, Washington College in Chestertown shut down Monday because of a warning about a student armed with a gun.

You sure is wasn't a stapler?

Police said they were treating the student as a missing person, and there was no indication that he has done anything wrong, but the lockdown continued Monday afternoon as the police looked for him.

Wake up and smell the psyops, kids!!!!

‘‘College closed. Shelter in place,’’ was posted on the website of the small liberal arts college on the Eastern Shore....

Can't you see it?


Be careful if you head for the hills, too.

The only forecast or prediction I can offer you this morning is I have no idea where the hell is this blog going.


Saw all this coming:

Terrorism raid targets suspected Paris attacks mastermind

Threats against Air France flights from US prove to be unfounded

They were on a British jet.

Call to bar Syrian refugees from Mass. draws limited backing 

So what agenda-pushing jerks want terrorists here?

"2d suspect sought in Paris attacks" by Aurelien Breeden and Katrin Bennhold New York Times  November 18, 2015

Believe it or not, he's Iranian.

In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament that the Paris attacks had strengthened the case for intervening against the Islamic State in Syria, a move that Parliament rejected in 2013.

"Paris-style attack less likely in US, law enforcement officials say" by Adam Goldman Washington Post  November 18, 2015

A former senior FBI official who until recently was deeply involved in terrorism operations, said, ‘‘Safer here than there? Yes. We are separated by an ocean. Without a doubt, we are safer here than over there.’’ Since Sept. 11, 2001, the US government has spent more than $1 trillion fighting the war on terrorism, making its border crossings more secure, detecting plots, and expanding the no-fly list from about a dozen people to roughly 47,000.

Border crossings more secure? 

Crap like that, written the way it is, tells you this was all an agenda-pushing piece of propaganda, be it a staged and scripted fiction or false flag event.

That doesn’t mean the United States isn’t vulnerable. Even the FBI has struggled at times to keep pace with a metastasizing terrorism threat.


FBI officials believe that scenario is less likely to happen in the United States. They say a more probable attack would involve individuals inspired by Islamic State propaganda to act on their own — people FBI Director James B. Comey has described as ‘‘unmoored,’’ ‘‘unpredictable,’’ and ‘‘wingnuts.’’ That second scenario has already happened. Among the many Americans the FBI has charged, some are accused of plotting — without direction from the Islamic State — to kill US military personnel and detonate bombs in New York City. The FBI said two men in Boston — including Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, 26 — and a third man in Rhode Island had discussed killing police officers. When Rahim decided to act early, the FBI was monitoring his phone. One of the FBI’s armed mobile surveillance teams confronted the knife-wielding Rahim and killed him. ‘‘Luckily, we were covering that phone,’’ Comey has said.

Yeah. Maybe someday I will exhume the case of Mr. Rahim -- although I doubt it at this point. I've had it with FBI instigator frame-ups of pathetic patsy plotters and am no longer fooled by the public relations propaganda. Sorry.

Call issued to close nation’s borders to Syrian refugees

Unless those calling for them coming here are going to put them up at their house, forget it.

Over 1,200 European jihadis have returned in past 2 years

Yeah, let's bring the terrorists over here.

Most Americans disapprove of Islamic values

Of course, they don't really know what those are given the Zionist prism through which information is filtered through over here via the institutions of ejewkhazion and ma$$ media.

Foreign policy stumps Ben Carson, advisers say

The deadly assaults in Paris have reframed the presidential race, and Ben Carson's campaign is being advised by a CIA war criminal, pardoned by H.W. Bush after lying to Congress during the Iran-contra affair!

Marco Rubio plans advertising blitz in N.H. 

Louisiana Gov. Jindal ends bid for GOP nomination in 2016

SEIU endorses Clinton, in blow to Sanders campaign

I don't see myself reading those -- or this, for that matter. Going to freeze them out, so to speak.

Obama pledges more aid to allies in Southeast Asia 

Is that why there is a destroyer docked in Shanghai, you disgusting excuse for a human being?

Has $250 million to toss around for war while the Congress can't even fund a highway bill.

US, Chinese admirals meet in Shanghai good-will visit

More NYT crap, and if I didn't know better the mixed messages really make you think all they want to do is phony up threats and fears so they can keep the money coming for the war profiteers.

Kerry calls Syrian cease-fire, transition key to fight against ISIS

As always, it is about regime change. The NYT packaged it up all nicely, but the stink remains.

Besides, there are more $eriou$ matters to deal with -- like food and drink

In fact, after this update I've resolved that the Boston Globe is not worth the purchase today.

The Sheen is off, so to speak

Who say that coming, huh?

Looking behind now:

Paris Attacks Intensify Debate Over HowMany Syrian Refugees to Allow Into the U.S. 

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