Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winging It

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Decided to go with chicken today:

"Wings Network ordered to pay $36m in alleged fraud" by Jack Newsham Globe Correspondent  November 13, 2015

The companies accused of orchestrating the $23.5 million Wings Network Ponzi scheme have been ordered to pay $36 million in penalties and repayments to their victims.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday that a federal court ordered four Portuguese companies that did business under the Wings Network name to pay fines and restitution to thousands of mostly Latino investors. It had offices in Framingham and claimed to make money from marketing “visionary mobile products,” but it used payments from new investors to pay past investors, the government said.

The companies didn’t defend themselves, however, and court documents mailed to them were returned as undeliverable. The SEC alleged the companies were used to hold and transfer the money the Ponzi scheme took from investors. The SEC is still prosecuting the people behind the case, having initially filed suit against 15 people it accused of varying levels of involvement with the scheme.

It's what they used to call a fly-by-night operation.

Wings Network is at least one of three alleged Ponzi schemes active in the Boston area that authorities allege targeted Portugese- and Spanish-speaking communities.

The firms ordered to make the payments were Tropikgadget FZE, Tropikgadget Unipessoal LDA, Compasswinner LDA, and Happy SGPS SA.


Looks like another Telexfree, doesn't it?

They mail the check to you?

"Postal Service tallies $5.1B loss in 2015 budget year" Associated Press  November 13, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Postal Service on Friday reported a $5.1 billion loss for the just-completed 2015 fiscal cycle — but that’s a slight improvement over last year.

The loss reflects continued erosion in the delivery of first-class mail and expensive mandates for upfront funding of its retiree health care obligations.

There was good and bad news in the Postal Service’s year-end results. Revenues were up, and it made an operating profit of $1.2 billion, reflecting continued growth in its package delivery business. 

Yes, the unreasonable demands of Congre$$ regarding their pension and health programs -- by far more onerous than any other government agency or private business -- ensure that the best thing this government ever did will be destroyed and in the end, privati$ed.

But a special rate surcharge is set to expire next year, which promises to cut revenues by $2 billion annually, and volume of mail delivery should continue to shrink. Expenses continue to rise despite slower mail delivery.

The service is still seeking relief from the mandate to ‘‘prefund’’ retiree health benefits. Legislation in 2006 required the Postal Service to fund 75 years’ worth of retiree health benefits, something that neither the government nor private companies are required to do. The service continues to press for legislation that would provide relief from its funding requirement.

They usually don't point that out. Must have been the Saturday.

The Postal Service registered revenues of $68.9 billion in 2015, a $1.1 billion increase over 2014.


Therefore I'm going to wing it. I have no idea how it will compare to the printed paper or later(?) web version.

Doesn't look like 1,000 people to me. Looks like barely over 100 for the controlled opposition, agenda-pushing, loved by the pre$$ protest. The fact that the Jewish War Pre$$ took up their torch tells you all you need to know about the agenda-pushing quality of such things.

How ironic that Jeb Bush is condemning such a thing seeing as it is his brother's administration that kicked the whole thing off with the inside job assault on 9/11.

Thanks to Facebook, Google, and the rest, so there is "no need for Donald Trump or anyone else to start registering Muslims," and it is ‘‘it’s absolutely unnecessary for the U.S. government to build these lists.’’ 

Why did Nazi Germany just come to mind?

I'm tired of the narrative and false debate traps constantly laid by the framers in the Jewi$h War Pre$$, sorry.  

SeeFearful Friday

"The Post-ABC poll finds a majority of Americans believing the country is at war with ‘‘radical Islam’’ and want the United States to join a military response to the Paris attacks, including increasing airstrikes and sending ground troops, but the poll also finds evidence of public hesitation about a major military commitment, with only one-third of all respondents supporting deployment of large numbers of ground forces

Nothing I like more than a distorted and spun push poll. 

The Post-ABC poll finds middling confidence in the US government’s ability to prevent an attack; 45 percent have at least a ‘‘good amount’’ of confidence, while 55 percent report only a ‘‘fair amount’’ or no confidence at all. Fully 83 percent of registered voters say they believe a terrorist attack in the United States resulting in large casualties is likely in the near future

Just waiting for the scripted and staged false flag now.

Concerns about government competence are also clear on the issue of refugees fleeing Syria. A 54 percent majority say the United States should not take refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East, even if they are screened for security. Rather than rally around the commander-in-chief, the public’s ratings of President Obama on dealing with terrorism have fallen to a record low 40 percent, with a still smaller 35 percent approving of his handling of the Islamic State." 

The independents and moderates have abandoned the mass-murdering war criminal and delusional psychopath.

Then they have us walking on alert eggshells at home while turning around and saying we are overreacting and being unreasonable.

So have you got your team picked out yet?

GOP presses for answers on Clinton’s access to classified material

Those emails have gone right down the propaganda pre$$ memory hole, huh? 

Rights activists killed in Colombia at rate of about 3 per month

But they are the U.S. government's strongest ally in the region (such as it is).

7 believed dead after helicopter crash in New Zealand

Must have been the smoke from the fires.

Obama appeals to Supreme Court to spare millions from deportation

There aren't enough jobs for American citizens, and he wants to turn 5 million of them over to illegals. 

Bill would halt gun sales to those on terror list; Democrats renew push for legislation after Paris attacks 


Paris is cover for more gun control now? 

Maybe if the French citizens had been armed they could have killed the terrorists before the police executions (good way to get intel) and limited the carnage.

Princeton students protesting Woodrow Wilson’s legacy end sit-in

He was a racist, and this politically-correct scrubbing of history meant to stamp out free speech is disgusting.

Btw, Wilson is the guy who brought you the Federal Reserve looters.

US falls to 28th in world ranking on gender equality

We are now behind Rwanda. Good thing only black lives matter.

Former Israeli spy goes free after 30 years in prison

The whole tone of the article from the Jewi$h pre$$ is "poor, treasonous traitor being treated so unfairly."

US, Russian airstrikes target ISIS oil business 


The oil is smuggled mostly abroad, mainly through Turkey, meaning the U.S. has condoned it all this time!

I know I shouldn't be complaining, but....

Turkey prices hurt Thanksgiving donations 

Still have plenty of pumpkin pies though!

The US market didn’t seem to be affected by a string of unsettling international events, including last Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris. Instead, investors saw signs the US economy remains strong. The Dow turned positive for the year by a fraction of a point. ‘‘Throughout the week we got more and more news that the Federal Reserve was assessing the economy favorably,’’ said Erik Davidson, chief investment officer at Wells Fargo Private Bank. Davidson said investors have slowly gotten used to the idea that the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates. That prospect worried them greatly a few months ago, but now, stocks are rising because investors are taking heart that the Fed believes the economy is on solid footing. Meanwhile, new economic stimulus in Europe could strengthen the global economy. 

It's almost as if the attack in Paris never occurred at all!

Just checked the Globe on last time and it's still the same thing

Have a good weekend, readers.