Thursday, November 19, 2015

Saying Farewell to the French False Flag Coverage

And farewell for much longer if you have made it this far.

New ISIS Magazine Offers Chilling Clues to Terror Group's Growth »

Can the straw man and phantom propaganda be any more obvious?

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: We Are at War With ISIS 

i.e. at war with themselves.

Dead or Alive? Fate of Key ISIS Terrorist Still Unknown 

Again? After you got him for the how manyeth time?

Journalist Bystander Recalls Helping Paris Wounded 

Just happened to be there, huh, the brave pre$$?

After 44 years, Carly Simon is finally solving one of rock and roll's most enduring mysteries. Who Is the Song Really About? »"

Who cares?

That is what began my day here at the PPM.

"Speaking of Israeli orchestrated attacks, let us turn our attention to the recent massacres in Paris and share this interesting tidbit which was mirrored in the 9/11 attacks. What is also mirrored in ALL of the attacks over recent years is that, once again, there was a military exercise taking place on the same day.

If you go to the Crass Media, you find that there are so many slithering lies of duplicitous darkness running across the pages that you can't read them. There is not enough time in the day and there is certainly not enough gullibility (on my part) to wade in the septic swamp of these pustulous prevarications (I'm starting to sound like Spiro Agnew).

It is obvious that those who control these terror attacks, when they actually happen and... who manipulate the information when they don't happen; like Sandy Hook and The Boston Marathon, have certain results in mind and we are seeing the reality of that in all of the bombastic strutting and fretting going on as a full press in the media. It really astonishes me that they think people are that stupid and what astonishes me even more is that... they are. There is some kind of headspace where people just can't believe that all these world leaders would lie to them or that life could possibly go on as it does and for all of the people behind the vast charade of appearances to be as corrupt as they actually are AND they are.


He always makes me feel better.

War in Paris

Venomous Zionist Jews Gives False Witness in Paris Hoax Promote Syrian Intervention

One of the Paris Terrorists Was “WHITE, Clean-Shaven”

MEDIA DUPED: Minister Admits Syrian Passport ‘Likely Planted’ at Scene of Paris Attacks

Happening Now: Authorities Are Using ‘Paris Attacks’ To Fast-Track New Mass Surveillance Laws

The Paris Attacks - À quoi bon?

THE MYSTERIOUS TERRORISTS IN THE PARIS ATTACK - *Salah Abdeslam or a Mossad double?*

Brussels borough 

There is a lot of research and perspective there, and I've come to the realization that you are better off reading that than anything more here. The whole agenda of manipulation and machination is far deeper than I can comprehend and it is beyond me at this point.   

Barbara Lee Interestingly Declines to Address U.S. Arms to Saudi Arabia 

I saw about 5 minutes of that last night after 10 p.m. when there was not a thing to watch. I used to bow before that gate every morning, but that's going on 10 years now, before I began blogging. 

False Flag Attacks in France 
Last Week is History
Iraqis Had Parisian Premonition
Tuesday's Foresight

You need not be a prophet to know that it is still the propaganda pre$$ lead. It's red meat rhetoric, even here (Obama, what have you done?), but once the mournings have passed it will be time to put your money where your mouth is and form an alliance because while the US air war inflicts damage on militants (to the tune of  $5 billion since August 2014, an average of $11.1 million each day -- for a stalemate -- and they don't do body counts, blah, blah, but.... wretch!), the impact of French strikes appears limited. It's not like I don't care anymore; however, there is only so much war-promoting slop a person can take. All we can hope is that the vets and their children will be taken care of.


Police: ISIS-Linked Attack Foiled in Spain »

Safety Check