Friday, November 20, 2015

Dang Pricks

"Halifax man charged with murder after body found in home" by Peter Schworm Globe Staff  November 18, 2015

PLYMOUTH — After he repeatedly stabbed a woman he had hired for sex, Soi Ket Dang checked her pulse, authorities said. It was faint, but still present.

But Dang, 32, just sat beside the badly wounded woman on his kitchen floor until she died. He then wrapped her body in a tablecloth and stuffed it a closet, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

“He sits in front of her dying body for approximately 40 minutes” said Amanda Fowle, assistant district attorney in Plymouth County, at Dang’s arraignment on murder charges. When questioned by police, Dang admitted to the fatal stabbing, Fowle said, and told investigators her body was “heavier than he expected it to be.”

Dang, a slight man with long black hair, was ordered held without bail. He showed little emotion as prosecutors outlined the grisly allegations against him, and appeared somewhat dazed.

His lawyer did not argue for bail, and the records in the case were impounded. Dang is due back in court Dec. 1.

Authorities said Dang stabbed Marissa Randall, 19, in a dispute over how much money he should pay. Dang had met the victim about a week ago through the dating app MeetMe, and they agreed to meet again Monday.

After picking her up in Revere, Dang took her to his home in Halifax. He had agreed to pay her around $350, but grew upset during their encounter that he wasn’t getting her full attention.

Dang told police Randall was chatting on Facebook and Skype, and that he believed he should pay less because he had agreed to be recorded at one point.

The argument turned physical, and Randall pushed him, Dang told police. He then grabbed her from behind in a bear hug, and as the struggle moved into the kitchen, picked up a knife and stabbed her several times.

Holding her by the neck, he then stabbed her several more times because “she wouldn’t stop screaming,” prosecutors said.

After wrapping up her body, Dang washed up and drove to Castle Island, where he took a nap, authorities said.

Police discovered Randall’s body Tuesday when a 16-year-old girl from Duxbury was reported missing.

Police tracked her cellphone to Dang’s house, and she was taken to the police station, where she reported that Dang had told her he had a body in the house.

When police returned to his home, Dang agreed to let them in, and officers saw blood stains and what appeared to be a body in a closet. When they asked Dang if it was a dead body, he said yes....