Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Joke is On You

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I guess that is why I haven't read a word and am unlikely to now, and speaking of hot air the Midwest deep freeze has arrived here with a vengeance. The cold outside is painful this morning. I hope they are prepared for a winter that is more than a month away. 

At least Chipotle rebounded and the Patriots won.

"In 1963, Jack Ruby shot and mortally wounded Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy, in a scene captured on live television."

That was yesterday, ha-ha, and now the police just kill them.

"In 1963, the body of President Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery; his widow, Jacqueline, lit an ‘‘eternal flame’’ at the gravesite.

In 1986, the Iran-Contra affair erupted as President Reagan and Attorney General Edwin Meese revealed that profits from secret arms sales to Iran had been diverted to Nicaraguan rebels.

In 2002, President George W. Bush signed legislation creating the Department of Homeland Security.

Last year...." 

I then looked to the Nation and see there are no protests for whitey, thus exposing that divisive and controlled agenda (thus all the pre$$). It's becoming clear it is about erasing history and destroying free speech, nothing more. Only the politically correct view may be uttered, and does anyone see the irony of wiping away the history they claim is behind their oppression? I know I'm right about that

At least there is always baby$itting:

"Evaluation ordered for Hamilton kidnapping suspect; Woman accused in case to have psychiatric test" by Peter Schworm and John R. Ellement Globe Staff  November 23, 2015

NEWBURYPORT — At Abigail Hanna’s arraignment her family looked on, concern etched on their faces, as she pleaded not guilty.

A Newburyport District Court clinician, Tammy Howe, said Hanna had a history of suicide attempts and memory lapses, said she did not appear to understand the allegations against her or even where she was. Hanna was suffering from auditory and visual hallucinations, expressed thoughts of suicide, and “has no rational ability to participate in her defense,” Howe said.

And she was taking care of kids? No one noticed?

Hanna’s lawyer, Susan McNeil, said her client was experiencing “serious and potentially life-threatening issues.”

“These issues have clearly impacted her overall mental health,” she said in a statement.

Prosecutors did not provide details about the allegations or provide potential motives. But in an affidavit filed in support of a search warrant for Hanna’s home, investigators provided new information about the abduction and how they came to arrest the young woman.

The toddler’s parents realized the girl was missing around 6:30 a.m. and called police a short time later after seeing the back door was partially open.

When police arrived, the couple mentioned that Hanna had once baby-sat for them before they fired her.

Police called Hanna, who said she was baby-sitting in Boxford. When the officer said he would meet her there, she said she was hesitant to give out the address. She later said her cellphone battery was running out and said she was actually baby-sitting in Topsfield or Ipswich.

When the call disconnected, police went to her home in Topsfield and arrived just as Hanna returned. Hanna told police she thought they were there to “kick her out of the house” and initially denied knowing the toddler’s family. When pressed, she said she baby-sat for them once and knew they kept their doors unlocked.

She is acting like someone who knew they did something wrong, right? She lied to the cops.

In a later interview, Hanna was “acting erratic” and told investigators she had anxiety issues, police said.

“She would cry and then immediately stop,” police wrote.

The implications of what she had done finally became clear to her.

When asked why she was dirty, police said, Hanna answered that she had been trying to catch a stray cat in the woods earlier that morning. Police asked her to unlock her cellphone, but she said she didn’t remember the password.

Later that day, Hanna left the home with her mother and her boyfriend and attempted to take several bags with her, police said. A tenant who lives with the Hanna family told police Hanna has a history of stealing things. Hanna had a miscarriage a month earlier, the woman said.

Poor girl, and now she has been victimized yet again.

The toddler’s disappearance sparked an intensive search, and State Police sent out a picture of the blonde child, smiling as she played in mud near a sprinkler. The child was found just as police were about to issue an Amber Alert, and Hanna was arrested the next day....

All's well that ends well.


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She won't be getting any Christmas gifts this year.

I already covered the world earlier this morning, and the “it’s a very strange atmosphere. It’s something that I’ve never experienced before. We feel as if we’re taken hostage by the security situation because we’ve had to change our habits, because everything’s closed. I can’t go do my shopping. I need to be careful when I leave the house. At the same time I feel like the security measures are adding to this climate of fear. On a psychological level, we’re going to have to start getting used to the idea of living with the army.”  

At least Mali made me laugh before they checked out of coverage.

I doubt the Argentinians are finding things funny, and in closing things out it's not going to be very pretty (if you can see what I'm talking about).

"US banks earned $40.4 billion in profits for the third quarter, a 5.1 percent increase from a year earlier, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Tuesday. Lower noninterest expenses were the main reason for the higher earnings in the three-month period that ended Sept. 30, the FDIC said in its quarterly report on industry performance. Reductions in costs tied to litigation outweighed weaknesses in operating revenue at large banks, the agency said. Loan portfolios grew and the quality of banks’ assets improved, FDIC chairman Martin Gruenberg (left) said in a statement. At the same time, “there are signs of growing interest-rate risk and credit risk that warrant attention” and “lending in higher-risk loan categories has been growing,” he said. Of the 6,270 firms reporting third-quarter results, 59 percent had year-over-year earnings growth, the FDIC said Tuesday. The proportion of banks that were unprofitable declined to 5 percent from 6.6 percent a year ago and was the lowest since 2005, according to the agency. The number of banks on the FDIC’s problem list — those deemed at greater risk of failing — declined to 203, the smallest number in nearly seven years and a sharp decline from the peak of 888 in 2011, the agency said. Only one lender failed in the quarter, the FDIC said."

Where is that bottle? 

" Inc. said Tuesday that it closed on a deal to buy land in Fall River for a 1-million-square-foot fulfillment center. “Construction on this new facility will begin in the coming weeks and the fulfillment center will join our package sortation center in Stoughton in helping to speed delivery times for our New England customers,” Braden Cox, director of US public policy for Amazon, told reporters Tuesday at Amazon’s Kendall Square office. Preconstruction activities, such as land clearing, are already taking place, Amazon said. The state’s Economic Assistance Coordinating Council voted in March to give Amazon $3.25 million in state tax breaks in return for the fulfillment center in Fall River and Freetown. The center, located in the SouthCoast Life Sciences and Technology Park, will create 500 permanent positions that Amazon promised in March will last a minimum of five years, and as many as 2,000 seasonal and part-time jobs, in return for the tax breaks. Of the $3.25 million in tax breaks, $1 million is a job creation credit, which the company is allowed to sell for cash. The remaining $2.25 million is a so-called enhanced expansion project credit. Unemployment in Fall River was at 7.8 percent in April, compared with 4.7 percent statewide."

I gue$$ they never learn.

Also see:

More jobs, lower gas prices mean rise in Thanksgiving travel

Expected rise, anyway (will help off$et the rise in the cost of the meal, $hhhh), and who would believe them anyway, what with the con$tantly changing narrative (a slight downward revision in consumer spending during the glorious recovery as the Goldman Sachs flack says “the US economy will reach full employment within the next 12 months — as the ‘tortoise recovery’ looks to be approaching the finishing line.” )? Are you “cash-rich and increasingly secure in [your] job?”  

Just believe what they say right now, right? Forget about what you were told for days and days. Just shake off the 

"Sinking consumer confidence as Americans worried about jobs — a surprise after strong job gains in October. Jeremy Zirin, at UBS Wealth Management Research, said there are reasons for consumers to feel good. Employers are hiring and Americans have more money because inflation and gas prices are low. There’s also evidence wages are increasing. ‘‘It’s hard to explain,’’ he said of the decline."

Yeah, lies always are, and and look on the po$itive side.

GameStop results miss estimates on weaker sales
Walmart starting Cyber Monday deals early 

I don't want to talk about it anymore; not really mi$$ing anything when this behemoth of a $y$tem is on $tatu$ quo autopilot while pu$hing forth a further agenda (I know that $ound$ contradictory, but it is not. Where do you think all the ill-gotten loot that is falling out of their pockets goes? They call it either $tart-up funding or nonprofit charity, but it a$$ures your place at the table (rest of the country excluded? C'mon!).


"Psychologist says babysitter is not competent" by Peter Schworm Globe Staff  January 04, 2016

NEWBURYPORT — The baby sitter accused of kidnapping a 2-year-old and abandoning her by the side of the road is hearing voices and lacks the “rational ability” to understand the charges against her, a court psychologist said Monday.

In a brief hearing at Ipswich District Court, court clinician Tammy Howe said Abigail Hanna, who has been under evaluation at a Worcester psychiatric facility, could barely carry on a conversation and did not appear to understand her situation.

“She speaks almost in a whisper,” Howe said. “Her factual knowledge is still poor.”

Howe said she did not believe that Hanna, a 21-year-old from Topsfield accused of abducting a Hamilton toddler in November, is competent to stand trial. Hanna, who was not in court, will remain under evaluation until her next court date, Jan. 22.

A judge will ultimately decide whether Hanna is fit to stand trial.

Defendants cannot be prosecuted if mental illness prevents them from understanding the proceedings.

If Hannah is deemed competent, a hearing will be held to determine whether she can be safely released....


Time to let go of this story.


"Abigail Hanna, 22, was sentenced to five to seven years in state prison, followed by 10 years probation, for the abduction of Lyndon Albers on Nov. 20, 2015. The toddler was found hours later, with a shaved head and burns on her body, by a couple who spotted her as they drove along a road in Rowley...."

That seems a little harsh, doesn't it?