Monday, November 16, 2015

Iraqis Had Parisian Premonition

Boston better be prepared!

150 Raids Launched as France Goes to 'War With Terrorism' »

That's what I logged into this morning.

Official says Belgian man was mastermind behind terror attacks
Belgian security forces may be pursuing Paris suspect

Belgian police staged a raid Monday in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek.
Belgian police staged a raid Monday in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek (Yves Herman/Reuters).

Take off the police vests and they look like ISIS, don't they?

"France launches air strikes on Islamic State capital in Syria" by Alissa J. Rubin and Anne Barnard New York Times  November 15, 2015

Didn't waste any time, did they?

That was my above-the-fold lead with Boston right below it.

The special section runs from page A8 through A11 with an op on page A12....

"Rather than assuming an offensive posture, the West should revert to a defensive one. Instead of attempting to impose its will on the Greater Middle East, it should erect barriers to protect itself."

Bless his intentions (and his son lost to the lies), but he fails to see the true problem -- ISIS is the U.S. -- and buys into the underlying narrative of the neo-con war agenda, which is certainly not going to sit still and do that.

.... and a column on page B1.

I found this at the bottom of page B4:

"Weapons taken from Army facility in Worcester" by Erica Moser Globe Correspondent  November 16, 2015

Authorities are searching for weapons taken from the US Army Reserve Center in Worcester during a break-in this weekend, according to the FBI.


FBI officials did not specify what was taken, or what the motivations for the theft may have been, but said they are making every effort to secure the items’ return.

“There is no indication that these missing weapons are connected to any kind of terrorism threat whatsoever,” agency spokeswoman Kristen Setera said in a statement. “Nevertheless, every effort will be made to recover these weapons immediately.”

How would they know? 


The weapons have been entered into the National Crime Information Center, an online database that is searchable by law enforcement agencies.

Headed to Mexico so the Justice Department can track drug gang purchases?

The FBI said it is collaborating with Massachusetts State Police and Worcester Police to recover the weapons.

The facility, known as the Lincoln Stoddard Army Reserve Center, is located on Lake Avenue and was built in 1953. It includes a recruiting office and is the meeting place of the Worcester Cadet Squadron.

And somehow, on the weekend of France's 911, the place is broken into and weapons are stolen? Everyone must have been out on police state alert and maneuvers, huh? No one minding the store?

This from the government that says it is protecting us with the various layers of tyranny based upon self-serving lies. Chalk up another failure.


RelatedExplosives, detonators stolen from French military

Also see: False Flag Attacks in France

The rest, as they say, is history.

"Paris attackers communicated with Islamic State, officials say" by Jim Yardley and Katrin Bennhold New York Times  November 16, 2015

Okay, my printed by line only lists Bennhold so something smells fishy right away!

PARIS — On both sides of the Atlantic, the fast-moving investigation into the deadly Paris terrorist attacks steadily accumulated clues Sunday: a car discovered in the Parisian suburbs with a cache of weapons. Mounting proof of links between the Islamic State in Syria and the attackers. And intense scrutiny on three brothers, living in Belgium, as crucial suspects in the elaborate plot.

It's been "updated."

Paris Attackers Communicated With ISIS, Officials Say - The ...
The New York Times
19 hours ago - Sign up to receive an email from The New York Times as soon as ... tools, like WhatsApp, which the authorities have a hard time monitoring, ... Katrin Bennhold reported from London and Michael S. Schmidt from Washington. 

Oh, "Page Not Found We’re sorry, we seem to have lost this page, but we don’t want to lose you." You already have, and this sleight of hand skullduggery of the propaganda pre$$ exposes the whole thing. WhatsApp must be a CIA honey trap, and now it has been exposed (just like SITE). 

Of course, the THRUST of that article was ISIS used ENCRYPTION and therefore THERE SHOULD BE NONE so GOVERNMENT CAN READ EVERYTHING with NO PROBLEM. Talk about Kick$tarting an agenda!!

I didn't see this coming, but...

The attackers in Friday’s terrorist assault in Paris communicated at some point beforehand with known members of the Islamic State in Syria, officials on both sides of the Atlantic say, adding evidence to the assertions that the radical group coordinated or helped carry out the attacks.

With investigators moving on multiple fronts and a manhunt underway for a suspect described as dangerous, with much still unknown, increasing evidence suggested that at least one of the eight attackers had visited Syria, where the Islamic State has its main stronghold.

This is reading like such a piece of scripted propaganda it is sickening, especially considering the source.

President François Hollande of France has characterized the Friday attacks, which killed at least 130, as “an act of war” carried out by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

Others had been communicating with known members of the group before the horrific assault on Paris, investigators said. Officials were also investigating the possibility that a Syrian citizen may have been sent to join the attackers, slipping into Europe along with thousands of refugees.

Blah, blah.

He provided no specific information, but the Islamic State released statements on Saturday claiming responsibility for the attacks, part of increasing indications that the group is becoming more capable of extending its reach far beyond its base in Syria and Iraq. “It is an act of war that was prepared, organized, and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish,” Hollande said Saturday.

Yup, the "terrorists" confirmed it, and that is an odd choice of words from Hollande.

French officials said US security services had alerted them in September to vague but credible information that French jihadis in Syria were planning some type of attack.

OMG, we have been told for the whole weekend that there were NO INDICATIONS of ANY KIND!!

While the information made available so far about the links between the Islamic State and the Paris attackers was not definitive, it suggested at a minimum that the assailants had not acted totally on their own.


That tip, the officials said, contributed to France’s decision to launch what it had hoped might be preemptive airstrikes on Oct. 8 against the Islamic State’s self-declared capital in Syria, Raqqa, where France struck with a new and far larger round of airstrikes Sunday night — this time in retaliation.

Didn't waste any time, did they?

Describing the case for the group’s role, US and French officials said the attackers had operated with high levels of sophistication, beyond what would be expected of a plot in which the assailants were merely inspired to act by a radical group rather than being trained or equipped by it.

A clear hallmark of state and intelligence agency involvement.

The attacks also illustrated how terrorist networks operating in Europe are oblivious to national boundaries, posing yet another challenge. The authorities said several of the assailants had lived quietly in Belgium even as they prepared to strike France.

I'm thinking drone missile strikes.

The attackers are believed to have communicated using encryption technology, according to European officials who had been briefed on the investigation but were not authorized to speak publicly. 

Oh-boy! Now no encryption shall be allowed so governments can easily read your communications! That's part of the big push forward.

European intelligence officials said that the one attacker who they believed had gone to Syria was Ismael Omar Mostefai, a French citizen. He traveled to Turkey in 2012, and probably then slipped into Syria.

It was not clear whether the encryption was part of widely used communications tools, like WhatsApp, which authorities have a hard time monitoring, or something more elaborate. Intelligence officials have been pressing for more leeway to counter use of encryption.

WhatsApp, Boston Globe?!

The NSA Back Door need hiding?

I don't think you will hear any more Yik Yak from terrorists then! 

Amazing how authority knows so much, but yet knows so little!! 

European officials said they believed the Paris attackers had used some kind of encrypted communication, but offered no evidence.

They never do.... and they wonder why we don't believe a lying word anymore (or do they?)!

“The working assumption is that these guys were very security aware, and they assumed they would be under some level of observation, and acted accordingly,” said a senior European counterterrorism official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential information.

The disciplined way some attackers handled themselves during the assault and evidence of some military-style training — for example, having one attacker continue shooting while another reloaded his weapon — also suggested that the plot involved considerable planning and input from an organized group, a French official said. 

Oh, it sure smells like a GLADIO-style OPERATION!!

A French official said that some of the attackers had shown a discipline that suggested military-style training, and that the plot involved considerable planning and input from an organized group.

After the attacks, intelligence and law-enforcement agencies reviewed intercepted communications and concluded that the attackers had been in touch with members of the Islamic State in Syria, US and French officials said.


Yeah, they MISSED ALL THAT beforehand!!

But some analysts noted that many aspects of the assault had failed. The suicide bombers sent to attack the soccer match between France and Germany at the Stade de France did not inflict many casualties.

OMG, they are backtracking from that after the whole world stood with France yesterday!

The Paris attack has forced a broad reassessment in the West of the Islamic State’s strategy and capabilities. The group has also claimed responsibility for the crash of a Russian charter plane carrying vacationers home from a resort in Egypt, killing all 224 people aboard.

ISIS = EUSrael 

And the suicide bombs used by at least six of the attackers were unsophisticated, according to some analysts.

This is slop propaganda, readers!!!

An Iraqi intelligence dispatch warned that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had ordered his followers to immediately launch gun and bomb attacks and take hostages inside the countries of the coalition fighting them in Iraq and Syria, the Associated Press reported.

Related: ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal 

Stinks, huh?

Even so, analysts and security officials agreed that the willingness of the attackers to carry out suicide bombings and to kill relentlessly with assault rifles suggested a new level of commitment for attacks in Europe.

The Iraqi dispatch provided no details on when or where the attack would take place, and a senior French security official said French intelligence gets these kinds of warnings ‘‘all the time’’ and ‘‘every day.’’

And there, my friends, is where it all falls apart!

We have been told all weekend there was no warning, was no inkling, wasn't a whiff of a warning.

You know,  “It is coordinated,” said Alain Bauer, a French criminologist who serves on an advisory council to the government. “But the big thing is the determination of the attackers. That in France and Europe is new — people who are willing to kill bullet by bullet.”

However, Iraqi intelligence officials told the AP that they also warned France about specific details: Among them, that the attackers were trained for this operation and sent back to France from Raqqa, the Islamic State’s de-facto capital.

Uh-oh. I can see why the lead AmeriKan war-promoter, the NYT, rewrote this.

The French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said the attackers had “prepared abroad and had mobilized a team of participants in Belgium, and who may have benefited — the investigation will tell us more — from complicity in France.”

Officials said a sleeper cell in France then met with attackers after their training and helped them to execute the plan. There were 24 involved in the operation, they said: 19 attackers and five others in charge of logistics and planning. 

Amidst all that surveillance.

The immediate challenge for investigators is to identify all the attackers and piece together how they carried out the plot. French officials say that six attackers died by suicide bombs and a seventh died in a shootout with the police.

Translation: they will be releasing dribs and drabs of the agenda-pushing cover story over time.

None of these details have been corroborated by officials of France or other Western intelligence agencies.

One who died after setting off a suicide bomb at the Bataclan concert hall, where 89 people were killed, was identified by the authorities after they recovered a finger and matched his prints to a file that listed him as radicalized and a potential security threat. He was named as Mostefai, a native of Courcouronnes, France.

All these French and Iraqi security and intelligence officials spoke with the AP on condition of anonymity, citing the ongoing investigation.

In the effort to trace the others, investigators focused on Belgium. Authorities there have arrested several people in Molenbeek, a poor section of Brussels that is home to many Arab immigrants that has been linked to past terrorist attacks.

As many as three of the seven suicide bombers were French citizens, as was at least one of the men arrested in the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussells, which authorities consider to be a focal point for extremists and fighters going to Syria from Belgium.

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon, speaking to the AP by phone, said suspects arrested in Molenbeek had been stopped previously in Cambrai, France, ‘‘in a regular roadside check’’ but police had no suspicion about them at the time.

(Blog editor's shoulders slipped. They had them in custody!)


Done decrypting that garbage.

"Intelligence called key to protecting US public; Authorities step up presence at venues. No credible reports of imminent strike" by Frank Eltman Associatee Press  November 16, 2015

OMG, they never have a clue before the alleged attacks and they are pushing more surveillance!

NEW YORK — Times Square, French consulates, and sports stadiums saw increased security over the weekend after the Paris terrorist attacks that killed more than 130, but officials said good intelligence reports as well as armed patrols are needed to provide the best defense.

Unless you want to steal weapons from the Worcester armory.

Officials said the stepped-up patrols were ordered as a precaution and said there were no credible reports of an imminent terrorist attack in the United States. 

As if we should believe the same authorities that miss the staged and scripted fictions, crisis drills, false flags, whatever! 

Even if you buy into the narrative none of this makes any sense!!

Police Commissioner William Bratton said Sunday that cities like New York may have thousands of well-armed security personnel at the ready, but intelligence is essential to protect ‘‘soft’’ targets such as those attacked in Paris.

‘‘In New York City, we’re always on the offense in terms of our intelligence gathering capabilities,’’ Bratton said, speaking Sunday on ABC’s ‘‘This Week.’’

See: NYPD Now a National Police Force  

Had their own CIA case officer and everything.

He said the New York Police Department is the best antiterrorism force in the United States, with the capability to ‘‘ramp up very quickly, as you saw over the last 48 hours.’’

You smell anything?

Within hours of Friday’s attacks on multiple Paris sites, the New York Police Department was placed on high alert, tightening security at obvious possible targets — the French consulate and its mission to the United Nations. Members of the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group also spread through Times Square.

‘‘But the soft target aspect is the one of concern,’’ Bratton said. ‘‘That’s where the pro-activity of the intelligence gathering is so essential.’’

Others have predicted this would be the outgrowth of the recent event, and you didn't have to be a seer to see it.

Restaurants and entertainment venues are especially vulnerable because they cannot be constantly protected. Authorities must pick up clues of danger through intelligence. 

And they always seem to miss 'em -- unless it's some FBI frame-up of some patsy plotter!

Bratton said later on CBS’s ‘‘Face the Nation’’ that security at soft targets is going to rely on ‘‘public awareness. . . . See something, say something.’’

And get myself embroiled in your shenanigans? You are better of with a Sergeant Shultz mentality!

Bratton called the Paris attacks, for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility, ‘‘a game-changer.’’

Meaning the propaganda effort is in full swing.

He said the Islamic State is adept with technology, using social media and possibly communicating through encrypted messages that cannot be monitored.

We can ALL SEE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, what the agenda is, and you don't have to be prophet! 

He said he believes such messaging systems will prove to have been ‘‘a significant factor’’ in planning the Paris attacks.

On the psychological front, he said, another challenge is that the Paris attackers included suicide bombers.

See what is coming your way, Boston?

‘‘Quite obviously intended to come out of this not alive — which is also problematic for us, in the sense, these are people who are going to blow themselves up no matter what,’’ he said.

Consulates in New York and Boston received extra security along with French-owned sites in Washington. But elsewhere, such as Minnesota’s Mall of America, it was business as usual over the weekend.

Oh yeah?

‘‘I think like all New Yorkers, we feel solidarity, we know how this feels; it hits home personally,’’ said Ronnie De La Cruz, who was born in Paris, but has lived in the United States since the 1960s. After leaving a floral tribute at the French Consulate on Fifth Avenue, across from Central Park, he shrugged off any concerns about security.

‘‘I think that certainly here in New York is probably about as best as it can be,’’ he said.

Sports venues were mindful of security in response to the attacks, which included suicide bombings outside the Stade de France during a soccer match between France and Germany.

Which Hollande was attending, and thus his security services missed all this. By some measures that would be considered failure.

Guards at the Naval Academy’s game against Southern Methodist on Saturday randomly selected people to screen with metal detectors and fans were asked to unzip their coats before entering Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.


The NFL was in contact with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI and increased security inside and outside stadiums on Sunday. League officials discouraged fans from bringing bags.

Forget going to sporting events anymore.

Representative Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the ranking member of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence, said there continued to be no evidence of any specific and credible threat targeting the American homeland.

How would they know? Unless....

A US official briefed by the Justice Department said intelligence officials, however, have detected increased chatter encouraging an attack on the United States. The official was not authorized to discuss the briefing publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Just thought you should know.  

Now they ARE hearing chatter!!

Happy Holidays! 

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the State Police, National Guard, and other agencies were on a heightened state of alert.

The New York Police Department deployed its ‘‘Critical Response Command’’ — officers equipped with heavy weapons and tactical equipment — to important locations including transportation hubs and the Broadway theater district.

Officers with radiation detectors and bomb-detecting equipment were sent to subway stations and randomly checked bags.

So WHICH AMERIKAN CITY will be going up in a mushroom cloud (my bet is Chicago).

‘‘This is not the kind of thing that is a wakeup call to New York City,’’ John Miller, the department’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism.

Oh, I'm WIDE AWAKE right now!


It's taken over the campaign trail, too:

"GOP rivals fault Obama, Clinton in failing to counter Islamist threat; Seek changes in strategy against ISIS" by Sergio Bustos Associated Press  November 16, 2015

ORLANDO — Several Republican candidates accused President Obama and Hillary Clinton, his former secretary of state, of failing in the fight against Islamic State militants as the terrorist attacks in Paris became a focal point of the nomination race.

Carly Fiorina, the former tech chief executive, criticized the Obama administration for the ‘‘murder, the mayhem, the danger, the tragedy that we see unfolding in Paris, in the Middle East, around the world, and too often in our own homeland.’’

‘‘I am angry that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton declared victory in Iraq in 2011, abandoned all of our hard-won gains for political expediency and contrary to the advice of every general that spoke with them, thus leaving vast swaths of territory and too much weaponry to be gobbled up by ISIS,’’ Fiorina told those at the Sunshine Summit, a political gathering of Florida Republicans. 

She must be a virgin.

Donald Trump, appearing at a rally in Beaumont, Texas, said the Paris attacks would have been ‘‘a much, much different situation’’ had the victims been armed with guns. He said the United States should be more aggressive against the Islamic State and called the United States ‘‘insane’’ to accept any refugees from Syria in the wake of the Paris attacks.

He's right on that last one.

GOP candidates balk at accepting Syrian refugees

RelatedCongress urged to vote on military action in Syria

Should be a lot easier to vote Aye now!

Time to get the war machine moving:

"House passes $300b multiyear highway bill; But financing for trust fund comes up well short.... The vote in the House was 363-64. Most of the “no” votes came from hard-line conservative Republicans who were angered that the bill was not fully paid for and also that it included a provision to reopen the federal Export-Import Bank. Some transportation specialists also criticized the measure, which they said was too small to address the nation’s widespread, and worsening, infrastructure problems. Still, “We just completed the work on a bipartisan highway bill. It cuts waste.” Still, Republican leaders blocked amendments that would have increased the gas tax — a move they oppose but many business groups support. Hard-line conservative Republicans were infuriated by the provision to restart the Export-Import Bank, but their opposition seemed pointless given that a huge bipartisan majority in the House had voted to approve a separate measure that also reopened the bank."

Transportation bill is target of lobbying frenzy

The corporate welfare is still flowing.

Senate Democrats block bid to overturn water rules

Elizabeth Warren seeks to aid elders

She wants one-time hike in Social Security in 2016, and I wonder how much all the new military action will cost in light of the Paris.

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida responded to the attacks by saying: ‘‘This is a civilizational war. This is a civilizational conflict. This is not a geopolitical grievance that these people have with us. This is, basically, they believe the entire world needs to believe in what they believe in, or you die.’’

That's the Samuel Huntington sh** that is the underpinning on the neo-con war narrative, and the truth is Rubio is speaking of the EUSraeli Empire itself!

In Saturday night’s Democratic debate, all three candidates criticized the term ‘‘radical Islam’’ used by Rubio and other Republican candidates as unnecessarily offensive to American Muslims.

‘‘We are at war with violent extremism, we are at war with people who use their religion for purposes of power and oppression,’’ said Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. ‘‘I don’t want us to be painting with too broad a brush.’’

Just smeared AIPAC!

GOP candidates immediately seized on the remarks. ‘‘Yes, we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism,’’ tweeted former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

And your brother started it!

In Florida appearances, Republican candidates sharply criticized the Obama administration and called for changes in military strategy against Islamic State militants.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio said the Islamic State must be destroyed with a coalition of US allies because the attacks in Paris were an attack against Western civilization.

‘‘Action is required. Time is of the essence. Negotiations, ambivalence, or delay are not acceptable,’’ Kasich said.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey recalled the Sept. 11 attacks in New York City and said he is afraid that Americans have forgotten the fear and risk they felt afterward.

Yeah, Don Rumsfeld felt the same way, you disgusting scum.

‘‘We have seen evil visited upon innocent people once again,’’ he said. ‘‘Our outrage must turn into action and resolve.’’

As WRH is fond of saying, he is your parachute, here is your rifle, here is your day-glow orange cameo.  Go have at 'em, Chris!

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said the latest terrorist attacks serve as a cautious reminder why the US border needs to be secured to keep out ‘‘radical, evil terrorists.’’

As opposed to hard-working drug dealers and violent criminals just looking to put food on the table. Funny how government never worries about terrorists slipping over the border all this time.

Echoing Jindal was Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who said more scrutiny is needed of ‘‘refugees, visitors, and students’’ entering the United States to determine whether anyone is here ‘‘to do us harm.’’

GOP presidential hopeful Jim Gilmore said the attacks show it is not the time ‘‘to put an inexperienced amateur in the White House.’’

No one left to vote for then.


Did you see the LADY in BLOOD RED there?

National polls show that Democrats are far more skeptical than Republicans of US military involvement to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Fifty-seven percent of Democratic respondents said they feared the United States would “go too far” in responding militarily to a threat from the Islamic State, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted last month. Only 30 percent of Republicans stated a concern about overcommitting the military to the crisis. And Obama remains popular with Democrats, another reason that there is little immediate benefit for Clinton to draw distinctions between herself and the president."

Who is over at the G20 meeting in the midst of all the threats and chaos(??), after which he will swing on over to Asia to finish a 10-day trip, and they still like him even after he has destroyed the Democratic Party?

"The emotional statements from France appeared to do little to fundamentally change Obama’s view of the high cost of drastically expanding the American role in Iraq and Syria, and so, senior administration officials said, Obama is looking to do more of what he has already been doing and to do it better. The possibilities, they said, include more airstrikes, Special Operations raids, assistance to local allies and attacks against Islamic State targets outside Syria and Iraq, like the strike in Libya over the weekend. Senior White House officials on Sunday again ruled out the introduction of substantial numbers of American ground troops."

For some reason Globe saw fit to keep that under wraps.

Drone strike kills 12 Taliban in southeast Afghanistan

But no change in policy as the missiles fly (U.S.- and ally-created ISIS everywhere, and we're winning!!)

Former Lexington student injured in Paris attacks

‘We are everything they hate,’ French mourner says

Trotting out discredited Bushisms even!

"Paris Shooting: 10 Ways It Looks Like a Hallmark False Flag Op

November 16, 2015
By Makia Freeman

The Paris shooting of November 2015 which just occurred on Friday 13th November bears many of the telltale signs of a false flag operation. Now more than 48 hours later, we have some clues that the New World Order manipulators are up to their old tricks again – which are getting very predictable by now. Here are 10 signs that the Paris shooting is yet another false flag attack designed to scare the common citizen (in France and everywhere), demonize Islam, provide “reason” for Governments at G20 and around the world to waste more money and take more liberty fighting terrorism, provide justification for the French Government to increase surveillance, and provide France and NATO with an excuse to escalate violence against Syria.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #1: Drills on Same Day

How many false flags in recent history have all had the same feature: drills at the same time at the same (or a nearby) place? 21st Century Wire reports that Dr. Patrick Pelloux was “a ‘survivor’ of the Charlie Hebdo shootings” who just happened to be on the scene at these shootings. That in and of itself is a coincidence, but Pelloux actually stated that a “multi-site attack exercise” (i.e. a drill) was taking place during the shootings!

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #2: Terrorist Passport Magically Found

Stuart Hooper of 21st Century Wire also reports that many mainstream media outlets (AFP, RT, Reuters, ITV, Sky News, AP, Fox News and Sputnik) have been claiming that a Syrian passport was magically found at one of the scenes of the Paris attacks, either on or near the shooter’s body. Remember the terrorist passport on 9/11 that somehow managed to survive heat and fire that could supposedly burn steel, and landed unscathed on the streets below? Remember too the “lost ID” of one of the terrorists in the Charlie Hebdo getaway car? The false flag script is showing signs of predictability …

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #3: Terrorists Already Known to French Authorities

It turns out that some of the terrorists were already known to French security agencies, as the Daily Mail reports:
French police are hunting 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, from Brussels, who is accused of renting a Volkswagen Polo used by the suicide bombers who killed 89 people at the Bataclan music venue on Friday. It emerged on Sunday night that French detectives questioned Abdeslam as he crossed the Belgian border and let him go after he showed them his ID card. Detectives soon realised heir blunder when they discovered that Abdeslam had rented a hire car abandoned near the scene of the massacre inside the Bataclan theatre.
One the hallmarks of a false flag operation is the way it is “allowed” to happen. People in high places have the power to direct, control and call off people in lower positions in accordance with the overall plan. Were certain known terrorists allowed to gain entry to France?

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #4: Terrorist Declares he is from ISIS

As Brandon Turbeville reported, one of the Paris shooters just blurted out “I am from ISIS”, giving us a short and concise soundbite which tells us everything we need to know about the killers. Is it just a coincidence that the Israeli Mossad intelligence front SITE (which have been busted before releasing “ISIS” material that was actually generated by Israel) were the ones to let us all know that ISIS is claiming responsibility for the job?

And, if it is really is ISIS, we know what this means: the controllers are now using ISIS in Western nations to further their goals. Bernie Suarez puts it best:
Realize that as soon as they suggested that the attackers claimed they were killing “for ISIS”, given what we all know about ISIS, this constitutes 100% proof that the CIA and the West was involved because they are the ones who created, trained, funded and run ISIS. Realize that exposing and destroying ISIS is exactly synonymous with destroying and exposing the new world order, which is why ISIS will never die. Yes, ISIS is now the lifeline of the new world order! 
CIA’s ISIS is now the driving force of the new world order and no one should be surprised that as soon as U.S. special forces “advisers” were sent to Syria and the CIA’s counter strategy against Russia began recently, now we have this attack.
Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #5: Terrorist States Reason for the Shooting

Conveniently, we are also told in reports that one or some of the shooters screamed, “This is for Syria!”, meaning they were killing innocent French people because of France’s involvement in aggressively attacking Syria, alongside the US, Britain, Israel, Turkey and other Gulf states. If the shooters really are from ISIS, why not attack Russia, since Russia has been actively bombing and obliterating ISIS stations? Russia has done far, far more to destroy ISIS than France ever has. Why not a Moscow shooting instead of a Paris shooting? However, that’s a question the mainstream media would prefer you don’t ask or consider.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #6: Shooting Occurs Right Before G20 Summit

Another highly strange coincidence with this Paris attack was that it occurred right before G20 conference which began on November 14th in Turkey. As the NY Times noted:
The official economic agenda in Turkey and Asia was already likely to be overshadowed by a series of intense meetings between Mr. Obama and his counterparts about the Syrian civil war, the refugee crisis in Europe, disputes with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and ongoing tensions in the South China Sea. But the Paris attacks are certain to push even those topics to the side, at least temporarily, as world leaders confront the scale of the terrorist attacks in the French capital. The leaders will grapple with the rising threat of the Islamic State.
Now those behind the attacks – the same NWO manipulators who are behind ISIS – will have the chance to push their “anti-terrorism” agenda onto other nations and leaders at the summit. Since the war on terror itself is a gigantic fraud, any anti-terrorism agenda will by definition also be fraudulent, and a cover to centralize power and control.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #7: Shooting Also Occurs Before COP21 (Paris UN Climate Change Summit)

This Paris attack, the 2nd one in 2015, has occurred just 17 days before COP21 – the upcoming Paris Climate Change Conference scheduled to begin on November 30th. COP21 already has the horrifically ambitious goal of trying to craft legally binding, universal climate change laws for the whole world. You can imagine the kind of protests and resistance that such a plan will be met with, since it is a forerunner to a worldwide carbon tax, a World Court and a One World Government. Now, the French Government will have the perfect pretext to increase surveillance and military presence in Paris right before the event and quash any protests on the grounds of “maintaining security”.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #8: Charlie Hebdo Precedent

The fact that another highly suspect shooting already occurred earlier this year in Paris is yet another mysterious coincidence to this November 2015 Paris attack. Many researchers have done a great job compiling evidence that Charlie Hebdo was a false flag attack (see here).

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #9: Numerology

As noted in the earlier article Paris Attack November 2015: Question Everything, the numerology of the event is strange. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but the date of 11/13/15 – as it is written in American English – is numerologically significant, as is the fact the Paris shooting took place on Friday 13th (with the number 13 being a very significant number for the Illuminati, Freemasons and other secret society initiates). According to Vigilant Citizen, it was possibly foreshadowed on the cover of the Economist earlier this year.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #10: A Long List of Beneficiaries

There is a long list of beneficiaries who stand to gain something from this horrendous Paris attack, such as the French Government, G20, Islamophobes, Zionist Israel and the New World Order manipulators. In addition to these, there are international and geopolitical ramifications to this. French militarists and NATO who have been wanting to attack Syria will now have the perfect excuse to increase their military presence there, on the heels of sending their only aircraft carrier (the Charles de Gaulle) to Syria – which is leaving Toulon on November 18 for the Persian Gulf.

Look closely at what will be rolled out in France and elsewhere in the coming days and weeks. Chances are high the elite will use this Paris shooting – which has all the appearances of a manufactured crisis and a false flag operation – to further the New World Order agenda.


I foresee (even though I cannot) a coming false flag attack and predict it will be in Boston within the next four months (which I base on nothing at all other than seeing where the agenda is being pushed by the paper).

CIA Head: Paris Attacks Not "One-Off Event" 

I suppose one need not be a prophet to see it coming.

Other than that, the only premonition I can prophecize with any surety is that this day's efforts at blogging are over.