Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of the Year Cop Out: Georgian Bridge

"Georgia man acquitted after 29 years files civil rights suit"  Associated Press  November 12, 2015

ATLANTA — A Georgia man says he was frightened into pleading guilty for a murder he didn’t commit after police dangled him off a bridge three decades ago, brought charges against his parents, and threatened him with the death penalty.

Timothy R. Johnson was 22 in September 1984 when police arrested him and charged him in the killing of a convenience store clerk shot during a robbery. He pleaded guilty — even though he says he didn’t commit the crime. He was sentenced to life in prison.

In 2006, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned Johnson’s conviction, saying there was nothing to indicate he understood his right not to incriminate himself and his right to confront witnesses.

It took seven more years before he was finally tried. He was found not guilty on all charges.

He filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Monday alleging police officers and Houston County sheriff’s deputies arrested him without probable cause and participated in malicious prosecution against him.



"A former Bridgeport police officer who reported finding a letter disparaging black police officers has been arrested on charges he planted the note himself. Clive Higgins was arrested Wednesday on a charge of second-degree falsely reporting an incident. Higgins reported finding the threatening letter Feb. 9 inside his police department mailbox. Higgins, who is black, said the note written on police letterhead made him fear for his life and showed there was discrimination inside the department. A State Police investigator wrote in an affidavit the 50-year-old Higgins admitted during an interview he had typed the letter himself. He resigned in July (AP)."


Life is one big false flag, folks.