Thursday, December 31, 2015

Too Much Christmas Cheer For New Mexican Governor

The problem with being drunk is you inadvertently admit what you really think and feel:

"Recording suggests New Mexico governor inebriated at party" by Morgan Lee Associated Press  December 24, 2015

SANTA FE, N.M. — A recording from a police sergeant’s belt recorder suggests New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was inebriated the night officers responded to a noise complaint at a downtown hotel where she was hosting a holiday party.

Santa Fe police released the recording Tuesday, shedding more light on the Dec. 13 incident that has resulted in a flood of social media posts criticizing the Republican governor for her response to the situation.

A clerk at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa initially called police to report noise and rowdy behavior. 

Fire his ass!!

In the latest recording, the governor tells a hotel employee and the police sergeant that complaints about bottles being thrown from a balcony had been resolved.

Look on the bright side; it's a good thing they didn't piss on you!

Martinez’s speech is halting and lilting as she describes the situation in an upstairs hotel room after the ballroom gala.

The incident threatens to freeze Martinez’s influence within her party as chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association, a fund-raising arm of the GOP. She was appointed to the post last month.

See the real concern from the pre$$?

The latest audio was captured by a recorder that Santa Fe officers wear on their belts. They do not wear cameras.

After listening to Martinez, the police sergeant and a hotel security guard apparently step aside and discuss what to do.

‘‘I really don’t know what to do with the situation because I can tell she is a little . . .” the security guard says before pausing.

‘‘Inebriated,’’ said Sergeant Anthony Tapia, finishing the sentence.

‘‘Yes,’’ the guard said.

Martinez’s office reiterated Tuesday that the governor has previously said she had a drink and a half.

The hallmark of an alcoholic! One is too many and one hundred isn't enough! I only had one!

In a statement Tuesday, Martinez spokesman Chris Sanchez said the governor again apologizes for the conduct of her staff.

Political observers say the recordings reflect poorly on state Republicans because of recent indications of corruption within local party ranks.

That's a surprise? The whole $y$tem is based on fraud and illusion!

As the dispatch tapes first began to circulate last week, former secretary of state Dianna Duran was being booked into a county jail to serve a monthlong sentence for embezzling campaign funds to fuel a gambling addiction.

I'm so glad we are getting casinos!

‘‘That creates sort of a double-punch for the electorate,’’ said Lonna Atkeson, a political science professor at the University of New Mexico. ‘‘It looks really bad, the arrogance and the cronyism that’s going on there.’’

Yeah, I dare say it makes you want to puke. 

Now if you will excuse me.... !!!!


After the one-day wonder of a hangover it was all forgotten.