Friday, December 25, 2015

Globe Stocking Stuffers

Sorry for being so late in unwrapping the gifts but you know us Catholics (besides I was up late last night wrapping under the light of the $ilvery moon).

So what's in the stocking this year?

What do you mean we have to go to the parade first?

(I will be providing a running update here as I unveil what the Globe has left in my stocking hung by the fire with care; I haven't forgotten what Christmas is all about)

A Christmas Eve message from Gisele Bundchen

This elite-covering blog is truly going to the dogs and you know where it all ends, right? A pile of, you know.

Justices back lesbian adoptive mother in visitation case
Ohio bill seeks rule on aborted fetuses

There are simply some things we do not talk about on the day of Christ's birth. 

So how's work?

US stocks slip as investors sit on the sidelines before Christmas

Expected with the rate hike, right?

State trooper returns lost polar bear to little girl

For hundreds of kids in Dorchester, Christmas comes early

Doctors say fight for the ‘soul’ of Children’s Hospital isn’t over

Surgery marks a turning point for infant’s first Christmas

Two dogs die in smoky Beacon Hill fire

I was too shaken to read those stories.

Judge postpones Hernandez trial in South End double murder

City ordered to give detectives 28% raise over 6 years 

I'll bet they liked what they found in their stocking!

"Massachusetts has been experiencing a slow but steady rebound from the recession over the last several years, but good jobs are still hard to come by at a time when many households are finding that it takes two parents working to keep up with the cost of food, clothing, and housing. Until this past year, the family had always enjoyed a measure of financial security, she said, but things have changed quickly."

"The city faces a budget crisis at the schools. Emanuel’s administration has said that without state help, officials could be forced to lay off hundreds of teachers. In a statement, union vice president Jesse Sharkey asked Emanuel to ‘‘listen to what teachers and educators are trying to tell you.’’ The vote’s results give union leaders more leverage in negotiations with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration."

As if Rahm didn't have enough problems with the calls for resignation. Gets a lump of coal.

That's what was at the bottom, readers.