Saturday, December 12, 2015

Slow Saturday Musings

Just keeping with the theme of the blog lately, for more reasons than one, and in a strange way the new yet similar style and exciting yet still familiar format I've promised all these years has arrived.

Thus it was that the above-the-fold story is noted and yet the heroic account remains unread. It's the official story, and perhaps it is true; however, I'll talk about my skepticism a bit more below.

Right now I'm flipping the folded paper over the shootings are back on page one in the form of a backpack:

"According to a New York Times/CBS News poll out Friday, Americans are as fearful of a terrorist attack as at any time since the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001. BulletBlocker is one of a number of companies that sell bulletproof clothing, inserts, and backpacks — and routinely see an uptick in business after mass shootings, but security consultant Juliette Kayyem says that as a whole, society would be safer with a more comprehensive approach, one that includes active-shooter training and better communication about risk with children. 

I'm glad someone is benefiting from all this fraudulent madness.

“Everything would have to be right for a backpack to be effective in an active-shooter case,” said Kayyem, a mother of three in Cambridge, a onetime Globe op-ed columnist, and a former assistant secretary in President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Parents who feel the need to send a child to school wearing a bulletproof backpack or nylon jacket — $750 at BulletBlocker — “might consider home schooling,” she said. “The data suggests you’d do better talking to your kid about texting and driving.”

Perhaps, but when Joe Curran founded the firm in 2007, he was a concerned father of a young son and daughter. He’s a former corrections officer with the professional habit of thinking about protection. “This was after Columbine,” he recalled this week."

All you need do is run a scroll regarding the recent shootings, and there are still questions about Columbine, btw. Given all the crisis drills and staged and scripted fictions we have seen over the last few years, it is now valid to ask if Columbine was a staged event for the usual reasons.

Fortunately, we can all retreat into a world of fanta$y on the weekends and I am as guilty as the next guy due to societal pressures.

The flip to page A2 brings me to the Metro section and the hope is quickly snuffed out. (Flip, page A3) I know I should be strong, but when they are releasing violent drug dealers into the community you tend to get worn down. The page then comes to a full stop (time to ban booze, isn't it?).

Page A4 brings word of another crash. I wouldn't bet on seeing any more campaign coverage (?). I suppose that is one way to shut up Trump.

Then there is the mystery at Chipotle (the city has not determined exactly how the virus got into food at the restaurant), and it occurred to me that others might know more about such things. All I heard was that Chipotle was one of the chains that rejected Monsanto's GMO foods -- and now they are having some sorts of health problems that will likely result in their destruction? 

Yeah, chew on this for a while as you mull that over.

And I don't care what you thync, drugs are bad. (Flip)

Seeing as the decorations are already up it is time to get out the wrapping paper. Should be good weather for shopping, but more on that later. (Flip)

That brings us to page A6 and the Nation. The lead is the Oklahoma cop who had his hands all over the place (according to the amount of print on his hands, wow). Beneath that, it appears that the pressure has receded on Rahm while off to the right is more wackiness in Waco (smells like another drill like the last biker shooting down there, remember?). (Flip)

The defense has rested in Baltimore, and I see Congre$$ is still in se$$ion (talking about oil exports in the midst of a price collapse that has shut down fracking and drilling in the U.S. Talk about a lot of hot air). (Flip)

Speaking of elite gas, it's my World lead today. Just below it is Canada's welcoming of Syrian refugees as Trudeau sets himself up for a terror plot that will lead to his reversal in the withdrawal from the fight against ISIS. Read it here first. (Flip)

Yesterday I was told North Korea was ready to explode a hydrogen bomb, now I'm told they are sitting down for peace talks. Just below that are more talks:

"Despite their disagreements, Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have been working together to start peace talks between President Bashar Assad’s government and Syrian opposition representatives, hopefully by next month. The State Department said talks in Moscow will cover ‘‘ongoing efforts to achieve a political transition in Syria and related efforts to degrade and destroy’’ the Islamic State militants. Kerry said earlier this week that he wanted to visit Moscow soon because Russia was ‘‘playing a constructive and important role’’ in trying to find a diplomatic process to halt the Syrian conflict. It would be ‘‘irresponsible’’ not to test a political solution, he said, and that requires Russia because of its influence in the Arab country.

Kerry is hoping the UN will endorse his plan for Syria negotiations on Friday, and needs Russian support for that step. Earlier Friday, Kerry said he was pleased with progress Syrian opposition groups have made to form a united front to negotiate with Assad. But the deal that rival factions reached in Saudi Arabia on Thursday still has ‘‘kinks’’ that need to be worked out to make negotiations possible, he said.

These include the commitment of a key Saudi-backed militant group, which pulled out of the Saudi meeting at one point in protest. The group, Ahrar al-Sham, claimed too much weight was being given to factions close to the Syrian government. US officials stressed that representatives of the ultraconservative group approved the document nevertheless." 

It sure is a sham, the rest is surrounding by slop war propaganda, and I'm so happy the U.S. and its allies are have met the approval of their self-created, funded, and directed terrorist friends. 

Good thing I no longer take seriously peace talk in a war-promoting paper. 

I finish the section by stapling together a few briefs (in the order they fell) before.... (Flip)

.... continuing on past the convention center and to the mergers (layoffs expected!!) and acquisitions (boom-boom-boom). (Flip)

Really cracking down they are, as the health of the Island Airline calls into question the idea of an economic recovery in Bo$ton. Just don't try to get a room of you are black. (Flip)

Then I'm reminded that there was no mention of San Bernardino today, and that the bu$ine$$ (boy did they get that racket right there) of the obituaries is in my Sports section.

Maybe I should be reading a different paper. I think I'll muse on that for the rest of the day. Have a Good weekend.

UPDATE: Remains of Korean War veteran finally come home to Waltham