Sunday, December 13, 2015

Putting to Rest the Boston Sunday Globe

I'll get right to the crux of it all with the above-the-fold lead feature. The turn in brings tales from Syria and Iraq, and I'm so happy the fear-sowing and war-promoting pre$$ has found it within their hearts to finally focus on alleged Islamic persecution of Christians (who, strangely, were living there in relative peace for centuries before Al-CIA-Duh and ISIS showed up). 

Of course, once you realize all the terror groups are created, funded, and directed by western intelligence with the cooperation of Sunni allies, well, the whole thing falls apart. It's the CIA's mercenaries and such that are responsible for the slaughter and it is U.S. foreign policy that has -- intentionally -- created the chaos.

To the left of the lead is some public relations nonsense regarding the climate summit in France. After two weeks of talking it down I'm now told it was an extraordinary effort at international diplomacy. It was right about then that I thought "I'm not going to be reading this today."

The underside of paper brings complaints about image (how much tax loot was lost subsidizing those losers?) along with talk of Trump (think I'll just Leafe it there).

Page A2 begins with hero cops, and it was then that I noticed not a word about Chicago or Baltimore today. What I did get was a brief report from Virginia, and beneath that a potential TB outbreak in California as well as protests against Catholics in Nevada(?). 

A2 also carried a report regarding the American slaughter at the Afghan hospital. That kind of mass-murdering martyrdom doesn't draw front page coverage, nor does it raise much concern in my pre$$. Just an oopsie, complete with changing stories and lies coming from the Pentagon and Bummer. Nothing new there. We have been seeing such things for over 50 years now, ever since Gulf of Tonkin. Funny thing is, same thing happened in Yemen and that would lead you to the bottom of the brief report buried beneath Lebanon and Korea

After a full-page CapitalOne ad I'm told how wonderful the Saudis are being to women on page A4 before page A7 tells me Gambia is now an enemy and the U.S. is now pushing for deployment to Burundi. Must be another spoke to the hub of Empire.

Then it is back to the Nation and the campaign trail. Looks like gender is the issue today, and it's gotten to the point where I don't know what bathroom to use so I think I will just hold it.

Finally, on the back page of the first section is more sloppy cover-story crap regarding San Bernardino along with another in a rash of crimes that look like a divisive destabilization effort by the usual crowd. I used to think I was learning something if I read those, rather than receiving agenda-pushing war propaganda. Such is my addiction.

In finishing, I was happy to see the march for peace (never mind the toy gun) in the city even if the Muslims had some explaining to do. It's your bu$ine$$ if you want to read what I've decided to merge regarding the end of this post. Imho, it's not worth it anymore -- not even the world's best Sports section.

Speaking of which, I have my own games to participate in today....