Friday, December 25, 2015

Skipping Christmas This Year

Normally at this time I would be posting Globe Xmas Gifts from today's paper along with other items  on which I've been working; however, that won't be happening today.

I'm going to have to face the realization that I cannot catch up on four weeks or four months worth of work in four hours. Nor do I even want to at this point. I'm simply sick of reading the same slop from the insultingly supremacist media and typing the same things in response as the situation gets worse by the day and as the agenda is given a good shove. I'm sick of their framing of the debate and peddling of the mythical narratives while at the same time decrying them. Sick of reading agenda-pushing and war-promoting garbage being shoveled day after day after day. Sick of superficial and shallow slop, period.

I'm sorry, dear readers. I hope the stocking will suffice. See you next year.

Well, maybe. Maybe not. I think blogging about the Boston Globe has outlived its usefulness and there are certainly better things to do with my time. Anything else, in fact.