Thursday, August 9, 2018

Alert Fatigue

"Brockton hospital staff overlooked warning about a deadly allergy. ‘Alert fatigue’ may be to blame" by Liz Kowalczyk Globe Staff  June 06, 2018

The patient was deathly allergic to a common type of pain reliever, a medical history that staff at Good Samaritan Medical Center dutifully noted in the electronic record. Nonetheless, a nurse practitioner ordered the medication and a pharmacist approved it. Neither noticed the warning box that popped up on their computer screens.

The lapse bears the hallmarks ofalert fatigue,” which occurs when medical providers see so many electronic alerts, some crucial and many not, that they become desensitized and start to tune them out.....

I call it being all feared out, and it comes from the endless agenda-pushing crisis that are constantly being pushed my the ma$$ media to whipsaw us all so much that our heads are spinning.