Saturday, August 18, 2018

This Will Sober You Up

"Lawyer who operates Roxbury sober home is charged in drugs-for-sex scheme" by Danny McDonald Globe Staff  May 10, 2018

David Perry once was held up by some as an inspiration in the battle against addiction. After escaping the grip of cocaine and alcohol, he became a sought-after speaker at halfway houses and recovery conferences — and the operator of a Roxbury sober home, but that image was shattered this month as authorities accused Perry, a Reading lawyer, of distributing drugs to recovering users in exchange for sex. Perry, 57, exploited residents “suffering from addiction by distributing drugs in exchange for sexual activity,” the office of Attorney General Maura Healey said in a prepared statement.

Perry owns Recovery Education Service (RES) Inc., a nonprofit that runs a residential facility for men in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. In addition to distributing drugs to men at the facility seeking help for their addictions, authorities allege, he also distributed drugs to his legal clients who were “substance users.”

He would also offer men struggling with drug addiction legal representation, advice, cash, and free rent at the sober home in exchange for sex, authorities said.

He's gay, too? 

Why are all the perverse like wolfs in the folds?

Perry’s release conditions require that he wear a GPS monitoring device, be subject to home confinement except for a 12-hour period on Sundays, court appearances, and probation appointments, according to the attorney general’s office.

He was also ordered to stay away from the sober house and most of the grand jury witnesses, and cannot apply for a new passport, according to prosecutors.....

So when is the trial?


At least he had visitors:

"Lawyer charged with smuggling drugs into Plymouth jail for inmate" by Alana Levene and Travis Andersen Globe Correspondent and Globe Staff  May 10, 2018

Two women, one of whom is a lawyer, were arraigned Thursday on charges that they worked together to smuggle Suboxone into the Plymouth County House of Correction last week for an inmate, officials said.

Attorney Elana Gordon, 42, of Bridgewater, pleaded not guilty to possession with intent to distribute Class B, Suboxone, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and delivering drugs to a prison, according the Plymouth District Court.

Gordon was arrested Wednesday night in connection with “a several-months-long investigation . . . into smuggling of contraband substances” at courthouses and the jail, prosecutors said.

Investigators said that on May 4, Gordon“utilized her attorney privileges to gain entrance to the jail and meet with an inmate who is not her client.”

“Gordon brought 61 Suboxone strips in two manila envelopes and allegedly passed them to an inmate,” prosecutors said. “The inmate returned to his cell with the envelopes before they were seized by investigators.”

Minoska Bello, 20, of Roslindale, who has a relative inside the prison, allegedly “conspired with Gordon to make arrangements for the delivery of those substances,” prosecutors said.

Bello turned herself in at the Plymouth District Court on Thursday, and pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to violate drug laws and accessory before the fact of delivering drugs to a prisoner, according to prosecutors.

That's when the printed Globe shut the cell door.

On Wednesday, William Holts, 51, a corrections officer at Massachusetts Correctional Institute in Norfolk, was charged with allegedly plotting to smuggle more than 100 Suboxone strips into the state prison for an inmate.

Holts allegedly agreed to trade the Suboxone for $2,000 and previously brought in other contraband for the prisoner, prosecutors said.

Suboxone, a Class III controlled substance used to treat heroin addiction, is frequently smuggled into lockups nationwide, according to authorities.

Gordon was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 2012, according to the state Board of Bar Overseers website. The site on Thursday listed disciplinary proceedings “pending” against Gordon as of September 2017.

Gordon was ordered held on $1,000 bail, according to prosecutors. She was ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet and to not contact any inmates or correctional facilities in the state. Bello was released on personal recognizance.

Gordon is due back in court on June 11; Bello is due back on June 19.


The conjugal part of the visit:

"A Newton South High School baseball coach was fired after he was arrested Tuesday on charges that he sexually assaulted a minor in Litchfield, N.H., officials said. Jose Hernandez-Disla, 24, of Waltham, was arrested by Waltham police and US Marshals on a fugitive from justice charge at 10:46 a.m. at his home after an investigation spanning several months, according to police. Hernandez-Disla was charged in New Hampshire with prohibited use of computer services and two counts of sexually assaulting a juvenile, police said. Litchfield Police Captain Benjamin Sargent said the alleged assaults took place in Litchfield on two occasions in December. The prohibited use of computer services charge stems from explicit sexual contact with a minor over the Internet, Sargent said. The Newton public schools called the charges “extremely troubling” in a statement and said Hernandez-Disla’s employment had been terminated immediately after officials learned of his arrest. “We do conduct comprehensive background checks for all employees,” the district said in the statement. “However, because this charge was recent, it was not reflected in the reports.’’ Newton South principal Joel Stembridge said in an e-mail to parents that the charges did not involve students at the school. Hernandez-Disla waived extradition and was returned to Litchfield on Wednesday and booked at the police station. Hernandez-Disla was released on $7,500 cash bail and is scheduled to be arraigned at Nashua Superior Court on May 24, Litchfield police said."

Time for gym class:

"Boston school gym teacher allegedly molested four 4th grade students while drunk" by Travis Andersen and Jeremy C. Fox Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent  May 17, 2018

On paper, Nicholas M. Speller might seem like a model citizen: a married father of two who teaches gym at an East Boston elementary school and preaches at a Somerville church, but that image was shattered Thursday in East Boston Municipal Court, where Speller, 31, was arraigned on charges of molesting four girls, while he was drunk, in the span of less than an hour at the Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School. 

What is it about education and religion that attracts pedophiles? 

Oh, right, that's were is the prey.

The families of the girls “all stated that they do not feel safe at the school” with Speller present, Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Brian LeBlanc said during the teacher’s arraignment.

A not-guilty plea was entered for Speller on four counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. He was held on $2,500 cash bail with conditions including that he stay away from the school and the alleged victims. School officials suspended him Wednesday.

Three of the girls are 10 and one is 9, court records show.

According to LeBlanc and legal filings, the alleged assaults occurred during gym class on the soccer area next to the school between 1:30 and 2:20 p.m.

LeBlanc said the girls told Kristen Goncalves, the school’s principal, that Speller “was drunk and had touched them inappropriately.”

The alleged misconduct was brazen, according to an arrest report.

One girl reported that Speller touched the area near her breasts and apologized before leaning all his body weight on her and whispering, “Come with me, I want to show you something,” the report said.

Another girl told police that Speller rubbed her neck and chest in a closet and tried to get her to lie down while “rubbing his genital area over his clothes,” according to the report.

The third girl claimed Speller laid down in the soccer field with his arms stretched out “like a star.” She tripped over his arms before he began rubbing her leg “from her calf to her buttocks,” the report said. She told the first girl that “Mr. Speller did something bad to me,” according to the filing.

A fourth girl told officers that Speller called her over to him on the field and motioned for her to kneel down. When she did, he allegedly began stroking “her upper thigh area near her crotch,” the report said.

Speller wore a suit in court and showed no emotion as LeBlanc recited the allegations. The prosecutor said Speller faces a mandatory minimum prison term of 10 years on each count if convicted.

Joe Serpa, an attorney for Speller, told the court the allegations were “vague.” He said there was no indication that any school or police officials corroborated the girls’ statements that Speller was intoxicated.

“There’s a bunch of stuff in these allegations that really doesn’t seem to make very much sense,” Serpa said. “Mr. Speller has every reason to believe that he can succeed at trial.”

While there’s no explicit reference in the report to school employees accusing Speller of being drunk, Goncalves told officers that he “appeared disoriented” and later put his head down on a desk, behavior she described as “wildly out of character for him.”

Police located Speller sleeping in his car next to the school around 4:30 p.m., and he told them he was dizzy and asked “what was going on several times because he didn’t know why officers were here,” the report said. He was taken into custody.....

You mean he was passed out.