Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday Globe Special: May Memory Holes

Meet Connor, a boy at the intersection of autism

Sunshine Lady’s charitable work for Warren Buffett clouded over

At least she is being well-cared for.

Needy students squeezed at UMass Amherst

You would have been better of going to USC. The tuition increases are just some of the problems for Marty Meehan, something Vladimir Putin doesn't have to worry about because he will remain in power for as long as he lives (they dismissed all charges, btw). It's Alaska and the Atlantic that he has to worry about, even if Britain is neutral. Hope he's learned his lesson.

Remember, war is a good thing, and honestly, the endless Jewish supremacism coming from them is so elitist.

Time to cool down (it was a gang-related shooting in a neighborhood already disgusted with crime, although there were moments of lightheartedness and progress is being made) and say a prayer before stopping at the checkpoint.

I don't know what the upskirt of defending him is, but I'm not surprised. He's not being shunned for that, though. He is still a dog with some bark, but whose paying him? 

All the cats wanted was some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me. What you want, little respect. What you need, little respect. That's all I'm asking for when you come home. Baby, when you come home.

So what's new at St. Pauls? Hope no one was hurt.

The Globe has discovered the fountain of youth so I guess you will get to Mars after all. It's a new era built upon gossamer wings if you want to take the risk.

Hey, hey, whatta ya' say, who remembers Santa Fe

"The incident took place one week before the shooting, Sadie Rodriguez said. Police have not yet said what might have motivated the attack. Asked about Rodriguez’s allegation, a lawyer for the Pagourtzis family said he hadn’t heard about any such interaction between Dimitrios Pagourtzis, who is accused in the Friday killing of eight students and two teachers, and any of the victims and therefore couldn’t comment. ‘‘That’s news to me,’’ said lawyer Nicholas Poehl, though he cautioned that he’d spent much of the day disputing false rumors about the teen’s personal life. Poehl also said he was not aware of any history of mental illness for his client. On Sunday, church congregations in Santa Fe, a deeply religious community near Houston, gathered for their first worship services since the attack. Among them was Monica Bracknell, an 18-year-old senior who survived the shooting. She stopped to tell the governor that the attack should not be turned into a political battle over gun control. ‘‘People are making this into a political issue,’’ she said she told him. ‘‘This is not a political issue. It’s not a gun-law issue.’’ It was not the first time that faith in Santa Fe has been tested with the whole country watching. In 2000, the city of 13,000 people was at the center of a landmark US Supreme Court decision that banned students from leading pregame prayer over loudspeakers. The court ruled, 6 to 3, that the school district’s policy of allowing student-led prayers at campus events violated the constitutionally required separation of church and state....."

Many are unsurprised due to the ominous signs and its unlikely to change things in Texas. They already homeschool many of their children (like in Indiana), and train them in the use of guns.

They are caught in a death struggle in Georgia, but she passed the test.

I'll say this: $117,500 a year would make me pretty resilient.

If they are on the march it must mean another War to End All Wars

Hey, look, Venezuela surrendered!

No need to hit the beachhead then. 

What's this, a political candidate lied?

Just another hit-and-run by the Globe.

They lost game 7 so time to say goodbye (it is tragic. That's why I remembered them before laying this to rest).


N.H. prosecutors still pursuing charges against former St. Paul’s School teacher