Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Globe Special: Small Colleges Struggling

"New England’s smallest colleges are struggling" by Laura Krantz Globe Staff  August 11, 2018

Financial conditions are deteriorating at many of New England’s quintessential small private colleges, with tuition revenue failing to keep up with expenses at more than half of the schools, a Globe review shows.

The review of federal data found a number of financial warning signs at many of the schools, which have become increasingly reliant on tuition, even as enrollment has declined.

These findings echo a national trend. Two reports issued recently by national credit rating agencies forecast more troubles for small schools as the gap between their revenue and expenses widens. Moody’s found in July that one in five small private colleges nationwide is under fundamental stress. It predicted more are likely to close or merge in the coming years.

“It’s not that the expenses are going up; it’s really that the revenue is going down,” said Susan Stuebner, president of Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire.....


I'm sure Betsy DeVos is to blame.

Don't you wish you could go back?

"The massacre in Parkland, Fla., one of the most lethal in US history, unnerved school administrators across the country, who devoted the summer to reinforcing buildings and hiring security. Some schools plan to upgrade their surveillance cameras to include facial recognition. “If we can find the resources, and if our taxpayers are willing to support us, then we will do everything in our power to try to create a sense of normalcy and ease,” said Donald E. Fennoy II, superintendent of the school district in Palm Beach County, Fla., which borders Parkland....." 

Whatever happened in Parkland, crisis drill gone live or not, the whole event was to further condition the kids for the total surveillance society by driving the most horrific fear into them.

A dusty diamond is the stage for these stars of summer

Let's hope none of them need a trip to the hospital.

"Amid scorching temperatures on the Continent — which have spawned wildfires in England and Wales, melted glaciers in Austria and Sweden, and broken records in Portugal — a surprising thing happened....."

The heat wave broke?


Flash flooding in France?


A mudslide in Switzerland?


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium celebrating World Elephant Day by announcing that one of its Asian elephant mothers is expecting? 



Try your luck with a rubber duck

Maybe you can get an internship.


"At a time when private colleges have been luring students with sushi bars, fresh-tossed salads, and other increasingly lavish meals, Susan Benitez, 30, an Army veteran and student government president at Bunker Hill Community College, said the problem of housing and food insecurity is more widespread than many realize. She said that even though she receives GI Bill benefits, she has had to rely on food stamps and use the campus food pantry....."

You need to plan your meals better or you will starve.