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The Enemy of Our Enemy

Has Trump jailed any of them like Obama did?

"Trump criticizes Boston Globe in wake of editorials supporting the free press" by Michael Levenson and Christina Prignano Globe staff  August 16, 2018

It's the top story of the day, and they are breaking a cardinal rule of journalism: you don't make the story about yourself. Of course, that's where we are today when it comes to the pre$$. It's all about them.

President Trump lashed out Thursday at The Boston Globe and renewed his attacks on the media after more than 400 newspapers published editorials defending the role of the free press and condemning his excoriation of journalists as “the enemy of the people.”

The president’s Twitter tirade came after the Globe organized the concerted effort, which included editorials from national publications such as The New York Times as well as news outlets in small communities across the country.

The Senate, meanwhile, expressed support for the media, adopting a resolution Thursday that affirmed the press “is not the enemy of the people.”

Not exactly a friend, either.

The largely symbolic measure, which unanimously passed the Republican-controlled chamber on a voice vote, was introduced by three Democrats: Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of New York.

Schatz said in a statement the resolution was “an opportunity for us to uphold our oath and make clear that we support liberty and free speech.”


They have abandoned their oaths when it comes to going to war and the oversight of the bureaucratic tyranny. 

As long as the lavi$h political lifestyles funded by taxpayers continues, huh?

If they supported free speech they would be taking up the gauntlet for Alex Jones, whatever you think of him.

Asked about the president’s response to the Globe’s effort, Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, said, “The freedom of the press is a fundamental part of any democracy, including ours.”

Trump’s attacks on the press have been a constant during his presidency. 

And their attacks on him began the moment he announced his intention to seek the nomination.

The Los Angeles Times wrote that it decided not to join other newspapers in publishing its own editorial because it did not want to “leave the impression that we take our lead from others, or that we engage in groupthink.”

The newspaper also called the effort counterproductive. “The president himself already treats the media as a cabal — ‘enemies of the people,’ he has called us, suggesting over and over that we’re in cahoots to do damage to the country,” Nicholas Goldberg, editor of the Times’s editorial pages, wrote. “The idea of joining together to protest him seems almost to encourage that kind of conspiracy thinking by the president and his loyalists. Why give them ammunition to scream about ‘collusion’?”

I'm not even going to say it.

The San Francisco Chronicle also declined to join the editorial push, saying it did not want to “join the crowd, no matter how worthy the cause.” The Chronicle predicted as well that the editorials would prompt a backlash from the president. “It plays into Trump’s narrative that the media are aligned against him,” wrote John Diaz, the Chronicle’s editorial page editor.

(Sniff, sniff, sniff)

What is that SMELL?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, while chiding Trump for calling the media “the enemy of the people,” said the president also has a point in his attacks.

“What the president really means, perhaps, is that the current press in the U.S., often, is his enemy,” the Post-Gazette’s editorial said. “And he is right about that. Much of the press has been at war with Mr. Trump since his first day in office. In fact, some members of the press have acted as part of Mr. Trump’s political opposition, or the resistance.”

And we all know, at bottom, why.

The editorial called the Globe “part of the national media echo chamber.”

Since Friday, when the first news story appeared about the Globe’s effort, the news organization has received some hostile phone calls, a few of which were particularly threatening and led to stepped-up security in and around the building where its offices are located in downtown Boston.

Awwww, yeah, sure. 

Why would anyone waste their time?

In a strongly pro-Trump area of Nebraska, Emily Hemphill, managing editor of the Seward Newspaper Group, which publishes the Seward County Independent, the Milford Times, the Friend Sentinel, and the Wilber Republican, said the editorial those newspapers published in support of a free press had sparked a vigorous debate among readers.

“We were a little unprepared that it took off that quickly,” she said Thursday. “We, as a small-town local paper, don’t publish a lot of political articles, and it was kind of a shock for our readers to see Trump’s name in a headline in our local newspaper. Whether people had something positive to say, we’re just glad it caught people’s attention and people are talking about the media and its role in this country,” Hemphill said. “No matter which side you’re on, this is a major issue in our country.”

Yeah, they want to kill you out there.

Jay Rosen, a media critic and associate professor of journalism at New York University, said the nationwide editorial campaign sought to address a tricky problem confronting the media: how to band together to defend journalism’s role as a pillar of democracy without turning the press into the “opposition party.” He called the situation a “civic emergency.”

I'm so sick of the self-aggrandizing, self-adulating image they have of themselves.

“It’s true that the press can’t become the opposition to Trump, but it has to find a way of opposing a political style that erodes democratic institutions,” Rosen said.....

WTF does that mean? 

The criminally corrupt and politicized DoJ and FBI? 

They toss out these narrow buzzwords and all this other dogmatic garbage, and I guess for the crowd for whom this is written of and for, it sounds perfectly correct.


Globe just wants a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Springfield man indicted on murder charges after bodies of 3 women found at his home

Related: Paging Through Springfield

Why hasn't the Globe found all of Trump's dead bodies? 

Too busy burying the Clinton corpses?

Now BLOW! 

"Thousands convicted of OUI could seek new trials under tentative deal on breathalyzers" by Travis Andersen Globe Staff  August 16, 2018

Thousands of Massachusetts defendants convicted of drunken driving from June 2011 to August 2017 could seek new trials without prosecutors using potentially flawed breathalyzer evidence against them, under terms of a proposed agreement that defense lawyers reached with the state’s 11 district attorneys.

Breath tests have been under scrutiny since 2015, when public safety officials issued a report saying some were flawed. That prompted at least eight district attorneys to suspend using the results of breath tests as evidence.

Thomas Workman, one of the defense attorneys who negotiated the deal, said in a statement that more than 36,500 breath tests during that time period showed readings above the legal limit, making the evidence issue “the largest in [state] history,” eclipsing the Annie Dookhan drug lab debacle, which resulted last year in more than 20,000 convictions being dismissed statewide.

Oh, no! 

So not only is the State Police full of fraud and theft, the crime labs are $hit, and now, after putting drug dealers back on the street they are going to give drunk drivers their licenses back!

The agreement is subject to judicial approval, and it’s not clear how many drunken driving convictions could be tossed out. The agreement, finalized on Tuesday, would also offer a do-over for people who were placed on probation after their cases were continued without a finding.

Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Vincent J. DeMore, lead prosecutor in the negotiations, cautioned that the 36,500 tests don’t accurately represent the number of drunken driving defendants who will be affected.

That number of tests, he said, includes people who blew into a machine multiple times, as well as people who took the tests for reasons other than an OUI arrest, such as trying to get released from protective custody at a police station’s so-called drunk tank.

Prosecutors can still seek to use breathalyzer evidence at any retrial involving motor vehicle homicide by driving under the influence, operating under the influence causing serious bodily injury, and operating under the influence, fifth or subsequent offense, the agreement says.

Maybe it is time to ban booze. I know they tried that once and it didn't have a good outcome; however, my attitude has always been that they didn't try hard enough.

Public safety officials released a scathing report in October that said the state Office of Alcohol Testing routinely withheld documents from defense lawyers in a lawsuit they brought to challenge the test results’ reliability. 

They do that all the time. 

What do you want them to do, actual work? 

They got their guy (or gal), they got their guy! You didn't need to see that!

You know, this type of conduct from authority looks a hell of a lot more threatening to democracy than Trump popping off on Twitter about the pre$$. It's called full disclosure, and it is supposed to be the basis for the greate$t $y$tem of Ju$tU$ ever devised. 

The documents included evidence that breath-testing devices had failed to properly calibrate during the office’s certification process, the report said. Conley’s office noted the material was also withheld from prosecutors. 

For bu$ine$$ purposes, and I hope those voting machines are properly calibrated!

The investigation was conducted by the state’s Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. The Office of Alcohol Testing is part of the State Police crime laboratory and oversees the breath-testing program for the state.

Defense attorney Joseph D. Bernard hailed the deal, which he helped to craft, but said “much work still needs to be done. To correct many deficiencies that exist, the OAT must become accredited. Following the egregious behavior from the Office of Alcohol Testing, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s response was a great first step to begin the restoration of public trust.”

Everywhere you turn, some government agency or "democratic in$titution" is having to regain the public trust!! 

You know, once you have lost it, you never really get it back. There will ALWAYS be SOME DOUBT, and nothing in the their behavior has led me to believe there has been any restoration at all. It's a public relations exercise until the pre$$ starts fetching some other story.

The 2015 state report said fewer than 150 tests were flawed because of mistakes officers had made calibrating the machines and not because the tests themselves were malfunctioning.

Felix Browne, a spokesman for the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, said Thursday that the agency has full confidence in the reliability of breathalyzers.

“The integrity and accuracy of breath test instruments in use across the Commonwealth at this time has never been determined to be an issue in this case and we stand behind these instruments’ ability to accurately determine the breath alcohol level of drivers charged with operating under the influence,” Browne said in a statement. “The Office of Alcohol Testing has been working diligently to improve transparency by increasing the availability and accuracy of documents and data in its possession.”

Maybe he should be taking a breathalyzer!!!  

You can literally SMELL the BOOZE and he stands there and says he smells nothing!!!

There is one key sticking point remaining.....


Bottoms up then!


[flip to below fold]

On Cape Cod, wary beachgoers learn to swim at their own risk

Has an August 2001 feel to it, and I'm screaming about it as loud as I can.


"Ex-CIA director John Brennan strikes back after Trump revokes security clearance" by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear New York Times  August 16, 2018

WASHINGTON — A statement from Aitan Goelman, lawyer for former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, a Trump target, said that Trump’s move “has taken us down one more step on the path toward authoritarianism.”

Strzok helped oversee the Hillary Clinton e-mail inquiry and the Russia investigation and disparaged Trump in a series of inflammatory texts.

John O. Brennan, the CIA director under then-President Obama, has become increasingly vocal in his criticism of the president and often tweets or appears on television as a contributor on NBC to question Trump’s fitness for office.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and some other Republican lawmakers said they supported Trump’s decision to move against Brennan, but it drew criticism across the political spectrum, including from within Trump’s own party.....

Ah, the Deep State forced into the light again, and the it's lame-duck Bob Corker they cite as an example while Democrats liken the move to Nixon’s enemies list.

--more--" "

Oh, NO OHR TODAY (as predicted). 

It was another one-day wonder like Strzok and Page because the Globe doesn't want to expose the Obama administrations use of the law enforcement and national security institutions of this country to spy on and attempt to infiltrate an opposing party's presidential campaign -- which is Watergate on steroids.

Now the commander of the Osama bin Laden raid is taking offense. Maybe he will come clean and tell us what a pack of political propaganda and lies was that assassination as well as explain why they dumped the body into the ocean. Like Libya later, the fabrication was meant to bolster Obama's reelection prospects and it didn't work. He got bin Laden, yay!

Judge orders new federal review of Keystone XL pipeline route

Don't worry. Trump will straighten that kink out right quick.

Investigators seize fake luxury goods worth half a billion dollars

It's a Chinese scam, and Democrats wanted to get rid of ICE!

"A boy stood up and repeatedly stabbed a 14-year-old girl during an assembly at an Oklahoma high school on the first day of classes Thursday....."

School shouldn't begin until after Labor Day.


Bombing of student center in Kabul highlights threat to minority Shi’ite youth

I'm told it was ISIS™and ever since the U.S. entered into negotiations with the Taliban we have had one horrific bombing on top of another at the women's clinics and schools, etc, etc, and it stinks to high heaven.

Beyond that, all of a sudden the Washington ComPost (and Globe) are prominently featuring dead children from Afghanistan after dropping any interest after an errant AmeriKan airstrike or whatever. 

You know, when they start waving the bloody rag of women and children in front of you, you know something is up. I have no idea whether this carnage is a false flag reality (horrific if it is) or complete fabrication and total BS (it's happened before with my pre$$), but I can see its purpose to undergrad the narrative.

Oh, look, the mail finally came

Believe it or not, it was PO$TAGE DUE!!

It's a microcosm of the whole Palestinian problem in an envelope!

11-year-old bride of Malaysian man is returned to Thailand

Well, let's face it, Thailand is a hotbed for the elite and the sex tourism trade, and pedophilia is a major part of it.  The kids' soccer team trapped in the cave got substantially more coverage for sure, coincidently while the World Cup was going on. 

I'm going to tell you right now, I think the whole trapped in the cave thing was studio production and pure propaganda. It never smelled right to me from the beginning, and the saga was so full of contradictions, holes, and miracles it beggars belief. Sorry. Not like the ma$$ media would ever lie or make things up (Tonkin, Kuwaiti babies thrown out of incubators, WMD -- and if they will obfuscate to push an agenda leading to wars that kill millions and destroy environments with depleted uranium and white phosphorous, would they have a second thought about a cave rescue?). 

I know, I know, you saw it on TV!

Keïta gets 2nd term as Mali president with runoff victory

Russian village agrees to host country’s first gay pride event

Then they pulled out, those double-crossing, back-stabbing, election-interfering Russians! BAD!

Vienna authorities ban eating on subway trains

Well, Hitler was from there so..... had a quite a body odor from what I've read due to flatulence.

Chinese vice governor, mayor fired over vaccine scandal

In some ways, the Chinese are ahead of us, especially when it comes to corruption and censorship, but is it surprising given the luxury goods swindle?


"The death toll from the collapse of a highway bridge in the Italian city of Genoa that is already confirmed to have claimed at least 38 lives will certainly rise, a senior official said Thursday. Rescuers continued to comb through tons of jagged steel, concrete, and dozens of vehicles that plunged as far as 150 feet into a dry river bed on Tuesday, the eve of Italy’s main summer holiday. Italian President Sergio Mattarella has said the collapse is an ‘‘absurd’’ catastrophe that has stricken the entire nation. At least six of the dead are foreigners — four French citizens and two Albanians. Authorities say they don’t know how many vehicles were on the bridge when it collapsed in a violent rain storm. Italy is planning a state funeral for the dead in the port city Saturday, which will be marked as a day of national mourning....."

Witnesses saw lightning strikes from a violent cloudburst that knock down bridges and destabilize a populist government that is not very popular in certain quarters, and there is video of the collapse, but the investigation is focusing on possible inadequate maintenance or possible design flaws and there are ‘‘no suspects’’ at this point -- which is strange because despite such things the bridge has been standing for 50 years.

Of course, governments and our friends in the pre$$ would never lie or be wrong.

Mexico City bans use of models at city events 

That's disappointing. I think women should revel in not only their beauty, but in their unique ability to deliver life. I understand the morality part of the equation, but you know what is the alternative.

Bans on full-face Muslim veils are spreading across Europe

Yup, that right there is the reason for all that's wrong with the world, and man am I ever getting mixed messages!

Melting ice uncovers 1946 wreckage of US plane in Swiss glacier 

I'll wait for the movie and not watch it.

Australian sex abuse victim settles with Catholic order

It's buried at the bottom of page A4 (with companion piece at the top of page A5), which is too bad. It actually makes the pre$$ case against Trump better than any other story. It was the Globe, after all, that was the hole in the dike.

It may surprise you too see me type this, but they have a point. Many of these local corruptions and other items are exposed by the pre$$. The problem is it gets lost in the swamp of daily $hit and is often dropped unless they have an agenda they are trying to push. What I call one-day wonders. 

Then there is the fact that so often during some scandal, they remind you of how similar it was to another scandal they wrote about ten years ago. That's the whole point. We are on a hamster wheel of $tatu$ quo, with the appearance of change but never really getting any unless it serves the higher agenda of elites.

"‘The kids are my life,’ a dad said of his missing family. Then he was charged with killing them" by Avi Selk Washington Post  August 16, 2018

A day after his pregnant wife and two daughters vanished, Christopher Watts stood in his front yard and faced the parade of news cameras with uniform solemnity.

‘‘I came home and walked in the house and nothing. Just vanished,’’ the 33-year-old husband and father told Denver 7 ABC on Tuesday.

‘‘It just seems like I’m living in a nightmare and I can’t get out of it,’’ he told KUSA-NBC, as officers from the Frederick Police Department led search dogs through the family’s 4,000-square-foot house.

‘‘In my heart I believe she is somewhere, and I hope she is safe,’’ Watts told Fox 31 the same day, while dogs barked in the house behind him.

There were no interviews the next day. Shortly before midnight, police returned to the house, quietly arrested Watts, and began hauling trash bags out the front door.

Now the same TV stations that had interviewed the father are reporting that he has been jailed on charges of murder, and his family is dead.

Earlier in the week, when there seemed to be some hope of a happy ending, idyllic photos of the family plastered the news.

Hey, whatever happened to that compound in New Mexico anyway?

This month, his wife, Shanann, who was in her second trimester with the newest Watts member, took a trip to Arizona to see her family and attend a conference for her new occupation, marketing a ‘‘lifestyle system’’ called Thrive.

They deal in second-hand clothing?

KDVR reported that a friend picked Shanann Watts up at the airport when she flew home on Monday, dropped her off at home about 2 a.m., and never saw her again.

Another friend called police after Shanann missed a doctor’s appointment that morning, then didn’t answer her door, ABC11 reported.

By Tuesday, state investigators and the FBI had joined the search. Posters of the family were being handed out to drivers around the neighborhood as Watts stepped into his driveway to tell the reporters what it felt like to find out they were missing.

‘‘I was blowing through stoplights. I was blowing through everything just trying to get home as fast as I can, because none of this made sense,’’ he told KUSA.

He said he had left the house for work shortly after 5 a.m. on Monday — just a few hours after his wife came home from the airport.

‘‘I texted her a few times, called her, but she never got back to me,’’ he told Denver 7.

He figured she was just busy, he said. Only after one of Shanann’s friends called him and said she wasn’t at the house, he said, did he begin to worry.

Watts wanted to drive around looking for them, he said, but police told him it wouldn’t do any good. All he could do was sit in his house or stand in his yard, listening to police dogs bark while he described his emotions.

A few oddities about the search began to leak out. Shanann’s friends said her phone, keys, and wallet had all been found in the house, ABC11 reported. Her car was still in the garage, per NBC News.

No one who knew her said she was the type to just pick up and leave.

Late that afternoon, Frederick police held a short news conference.

‘‘There is a lot at stake here, and we are exploring all avenues to not rule anything out,’’ a spokesman said.

After dark, more police vehicles began to show up at the Watts house.

Reporters photographed officers taking bags of evidence out and towing a pickup away. Things became clearer on Thursday morning.

At a terse new conference in the late morning, flanked by police and FBI agents, Colorado Bureau of Investigations Director John Camper announced ‘‘absolutely the worst possible outcome anybody could imagine.’’

‘‘We’ve recovered a body we’re quite certain is Shanann Watts,’’ he said. ‘‘We have strong reason to believe we know where bodies of the children are.’’

Their father was now officially a ‘‘suspect,’’ he said. His arrest warrant had been sealed by court order, and he remained jailed on three counts of evidence tampering and three counts of first-degree murder. The district attorney’s office is now reviewing whether to bring formal charges by Monday.

Investigators released almost no other details about the killings or what made them suspect Watts, citing the need to protect an investigation that was only just beginning.....

And here my interest has already ended!


I hope he has a good lawyer, and here's a cigarette. He probably needs one.


"Omarosa releases secret recording of $15,000-a-month job offer from Lara Trump" by John Wagner Washington Post  August 17, 2018

WASHINGTON — Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman released a secret recording Thursday in a bid to bolster her contention that she was offered a $15,000-a-month contract from President Trump’s campaign to stay silent after being fired.


Yeah, so? 

Where are the tapes of him spewing ethnic slurs?

On the recording, campaign aide Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, can be heard discussing salary considerations and other aspects of a campaign job with Manigault Newman and makes it clear that she expects her to be positive about the president.

The release of the recording, during an interview with MSNBC, was the latest escalation of Manigault Newman’s feud with Trump following the release of her tell-all book, ‘‘Unhinged,’’ which depicts him as racist and in mental decline.


Not only has MSNBC made a complete fool of itself, this the third day in a row that the Globe has run with Omarosa. 

You know, you guys are complaining about being called fake news and yet you are giving this huge platform to this vile, vengeful, back-stabbing gold digger who has yet to prove any of her allegations.

Oh, right, just being friendly and serving the people!

According to Manigault Newman, the recording made public Thursday is from Dec. 16, a few days after she was fired from her job as a White House aide by Chief of Staff John Kelly for what Kelly has characterized as concerns about her ethics and integrity.

During their conversation released Thursday, Lara Trump references an article from the day before that included comments by Manigault Newman that were critical of her time working for Trump.

Oh, so this whole ma$$ media frenzy is undergirded by what would otherwise be called a disgruntled former employee.

Of course, Omarosa is as pure as the driven snow according to the pre$$.

Manigault Newman said, for instance, that she, as the only African-American woman working in the White House, had seen things that upset her.

‘‘It sounds a little like, obviously, that there are some things you’ve got in the back pocket to pull out,’’ Lara Trump is heard telling Manigault Newman. ‘‘Clearly, if you come on board, like, we can’t have — ’’

‘‘Oh God, no,’’ Manigault Newman responds. 

Oh, so she is TWO-FACED as well! 


The two go on to discuss salary, with Trump suggesting $15,000 a month would match the $179,000 salary she was making in the White House. Trump also makes it clear Manigault Newman would have flexibility in where she works.....

She thought make more slinging shit in her book while grabbing the ma$$ media spotlight she obviously craves.


The whole racial epithet thing is just a hoax, huh?

Btw, why has the African-American community been complete silent and unsupportive of her?

"As part of his efforts to halt an epidemic of drug addiction, President Trump said Thursday he wants the US government to sue pharmaceutical companies that manufacture opioids. Trump said he’d like to bring a federal lawsuit, rather than join existing litigation against the drugmakers. “Some states have done it,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting at the White House. “But I’d like a lawsuit to be brought against these companies that are really sending opioids at a level — it shouldn’t be happening. So highly addictive. People go into a hospital with a broken arm, they come out, they’re a drug addict.” Drugmakers such as Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson that sell opioid painkillers face hundreds of lawsuits from states, cities, counties, tribes, and labor unions as the epidemic of addiction rages."

Time to break it, and he has got to be careful taking on that lobby. His analogy is spot on, though, same as with the windmills.

The Globe then proceeded to rain all over his parade, and “look like an idiot’’ while doing it! 


"Number of overdose victims near Yale rises to 76" Associated Press  August 17, 2018

NEW HAVEN — The number of overdose victims linked to a suspected bad batch of synthetic marijuana has risen to 76 in New Haven, as officials try to determine exactly what sickened people.

People on and around the historic New Haven Green near Yale University began falling ill shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday, and the overdoses continued into Thursday morning. No deaths were reported, and most people brought to hospitals have been discharged, officials said.

Symptoms varied. Many victims lost consciousness, officials said. Others vomited. Some just became lethargic.

Then how did they know something was wrong?

Toxicology testing remained incomplete Thursday. Some victims tested positive for the powerful opioid fentanyl, but it appeared most if not all the overdoses were caused only by a potent batch of ‘‘K2’’ synthetic marijuana, said Dr. Kathryn Hawk, an emergency medicine physician and professor at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where many victims were treated.

Hawk said the people who tested positive may have taken other drugs laced with fentanyl in addition to the synthetic marijuana, which is plant material sprayed with drugs and chemicals.

They do it to the food and it isn't a problem!


Whatever synthetic marijuana is, you don't want to try it anyway!

Time to get out of the city.


Lockouts appear to be giving employers more clout as union strikes fade

Took the Globe three weeks to get the power back on, and they just broke the sheet metal workers.

Staples is hot on the path of a major office supplier

Looks like the situation with Turkey is more $eriou$ than I thought as the U.S. engages in a financial destabilization effort of the Erdogan government. I'm told during a White House meeting Thursday President Trump said Turkey has ‘‘not proven to be a good friend’’ -- which is strange in light of the fist bump just a month ago.

Speaking of Turkey, time to go get some groceries. There was nothing left to talk about in the Globe bu$ine$$ section anyway.