Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Globe Special: Going Underground

Taking it from the top:

They gave you advanced warning yesterday, and I'm sorry but I'm out of tears for Zionist-controlled war-mongers (remember when Lieberman, Graham, and him were connected at the hip like siamese triplets?) that pose for photos with terrorists

I went to find a eulogy and found they had already buried him. He's been resurrected in some form, but one has to wonder how much longer this blog is left to stand and whether I'm just wasting my time here waiting for the hammer to fall when I could be doing far more productive things than sitting behind a keyboard until my last breath chronicling the $upremaci$t and eliti$t in$ults of the cho$en cla$$ and their mouthpiece pre$$.

Speaking of being dead and buried:

O’Malley asks US dioceses to work with law enforcement

Yeah, you can ready the dustbin for that centuries-old sickening cult of sexual abuse. Says he is sorry (I'll bet he is) and claims that protecting children was the single most important issue facing the Catholic Church today -- and the best way to protect them is to keep them as far away from the Church as possible!

[flip to below fold]

I wrote SIGH on my piece of notepaper when I saw the axe-grinding political agenda on the front page again today.

Hey, they are only serving their own reader$hip and safely talking to themselves in their own safe space so..... you recognize it for the blatant political propaganda that is and you move on.



In Ireland, pope confronts nation shattered by abuse crisis

Yeah, well, “we’ve heard similar words in the past,” and poor Francis has to lead now

Of course, the flock is dwindling (as it well should be) and the organist is warming up for the fat lady to sing

Yeah, the ‘‘the actions of the church do not match the words, and they are in fact totally the opposite’’ -- meaning its another in a long line of public relations tours. 

Oh, you can't wait until all those guys get down to hell and the altar boys get their revenge.

Myanmar generals escape consequences a year after Rohingya massacres

Myanmar must be getting to close to China for my pre$$ to start waving the ethnic cleansing and genocide card with the state of Israel staring us all in the face. Talk about chutzpah.

Zimbabwe opposition rejects ruling and ‘false’ inauguration

That began the month and faded pretty quickly after that -- until recently, when the Zimbabweans were told to accept a stolen election. Looks like South Africa is going the Zimbabwe route, too. Must be the lack of education.

Of course, it's the fourth brief down that carries all you need to know. It's a settler government, no question about it. The rest of the swirl surrounding Trump is all imagery, illusion, noise, and distraction.



All part of the Good Life (and you know what happens when alcohol is involved, 'eh?).


Venezuelan migrants pour into Peru before new rules enforced

Migrants, migrants, everywhere, and all driven by U.S. destabilization campaigns or outright military aggression -- when it isn't the economic $y$tem itself that is designed for mass migratory flows.

Afghan national security adviser resigns amid rise in violent attacks

Deck chairs, Titanic, next.

China, Seoul urge continued US-North Korea talks

That is one of the most discouraging things, Trump taking a step back on North Korea -- proving that the pressure is getting to him. This is a guy who said he would meet with Rouhani before they reeled him back in.


Winds die down, but rain is still a threat to Hawaii

I see WRH is still up anyway.


Mueller’s history may offer clues on next steps in Russia inquiry

How about investigating his 12 year tenure at the FBI starting with 9/11


Judge derails Trump’s efforts to curb unions

They block him at every turn, and who do you think is staffing the Deep State?


Democrats weaken superdelegates rule to avoid bitter primary

After Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie, and it doesn't matter anyway. 

I will never vote for a Democrat for president or any other office after the Obama spying (he jailed reporters and now they are his best friend) on the campaign and the weaponization of the DoJ and FBI, which continues to this day. Sessions didn't just excuse himself from all things Russia. He excused himself from the job, period! It's become very obvious that the acting and effective AG is gatekeeper Rod Rosenstein. 

What's next for Sessions, penning op-eds for the Bo$ton Globe?


Oddly, full page ad on back of first section is for the National Aviation Academy from Clearwater Florida (isn't that where Atta and al-Shehhi learned to fly?) and Concord, Mass. 9/11? Now they want maintenance workers after the pungent plane crash that set up your Monday and Tuesday commutes before being placed back in the hanger. It was staged and scripted theater presented to ping the usual mental triggers.

RelatedThe October SURPRISE of 2018 to be Preceded by a September SHOCK & AWE!

You were already warned that 2018 is the year, so buckle in, folks.


Pilot dies after small plane crashes in Hanson

Who didn't see that coming at the top of the B section?

There are six candidates for Suffolk DA, but one has the lion’s share of police support

[flip to below fold]

Without proof, Geoff Diehl’s ad asserts ‘over 7,000 people every year’ killed by undocumented immigrants

Look who is talking about lake of proof, the lead WMD liars and Syrian chemical gassers (of which more false flag fakery is being designed, save the for the Syrians following those White Helmet f***s around and and reporting every move they make to the Syrian authorities. Assad has won the war, and there is no means or motive for him to commit such an atrocity as the U.S. and its terrorist proxies are on their way out).

Of course, when it comes to the killing of Mollie Tibbetts the Globe placed the article at the bottom of page A2 while placing this insensitive and insulting piece by comparison as the lead of the B-section. The Globe then lied for his lawyer before even conducting an autopsy on, as MSNBC put it, "some girl in Iowa."


Boston’s Carnival parade celebrates Caribbean-American culture

SJC says man convicted of murder while a teenager is eligible for parole

That's when any thought of reading this slop died.

The only other thing worth noting was the middle scum still slithering around as people make excuses for him even now.

The rest is none of my bu$iness and I'm not interested in what they have to say anymore. Whatever it is, take the opposite position.

Well, I'm out of ideas. The Sunday Arts will give you some insight into the abyss of racial division in Bo$ton while the $elf-$erving $ports $ection shows you who is carrying all the weight.