Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Quincy Tsaffaras

Tastes bitter:

"Quincy College president resigns after state shuts down nursing programs" by Jill Terreri Ramos Globe Correspondent  May 16, 2018

Quincy College President Peter Tsaffaras announced his resignation Tuesday, acknowledging that he had lost the support of the college’s board of governors amid a tumultuous time for the school.

The board selected Quincy Mayor Tom Koch to temporarily lead the school until a new president is chosen, according to a spokesman for the college.

Tsaffaras’s announcement came a week after the state Board of Registration in Nursing effectively shut down Quincy College’s nursing programs after finding serious deficiencies, meaning more than 250 students will have to find another institution to finish their degrees.

Tsaffaras read his resignation letter during a board of governors meeting, and said he had let the board know of his decision during a closed-door session on May 3. He acknowledged he lost support of “some members” of the board beginning last June, which is when problems with the nursing programs were initially addressed by the state nursing board. The nursing board formally withdrew its approval of the programs on May 9.

Tsaffaras’s resignation letter, however, states that the problems in the nursing program are not the reason he is leaving. He has been president since January 2011, and his last day will be June 1.

Quincy College is affiliated with the city of Quincy, but is funded with tuition and does not receive money from the city or state. The school has approximately 5,000 students, and awards two-year degrees, though it recently received state approval to award four-year degrees.

As the college now seeks a new president, nursing students are scrambling to figure out their next move.

Students said they are frantically trying to make arrangements to finish their schooling, e-mailing other nursing schools to see if they are able to transfer.....


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"Quincy College won’t appeal state’s decision to shut down nursing programs" by Jill Terreri Ramos Globe Correspondent  May 21, 2018

Quincy College is dropping its appeal of a recent decision by the state nursing board to effectively shut down the school’s nursing programs, said Mayor Thomas Koch of Quincy.

College officials had hoped to persuade the nursing board to reverse its decision, which has sent more than 250 students scrambling to find another school where they could complete their education, but Koch, the school’s temporary leader, said he didn’t think the appeal had merit.

Koch said he wants to work with the state Board of Registration in Nursing, and has brought in a consultant to help determine the root of the problem, whether it is in admissions, the curriculum, or something else.

“It was the premier program at Quincy College for years,” Koch said. “I’ve got to figure out what happened.”

The state board formally withdrew its approval of the nursing programs on May 9 after finding serious deficiencies. Peter Tsaffaras, the college’s president since 2011, announced his resignation the following week, acknowledging he had lost the support of the college’s board of governors.

While Koch and his team are trying to stabilize the college, nursing students are worried that transferring to another program will be difficult and costly. Although the college has offered some support, and Koch said he is looking at offering rebates, students said there is not a clear path for them to finish their degrees.....