Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday Globe Special: June Swoons

It starts with what came in with the tide

I don't know if you are hungry for more after that, but this will take away your appetite. The thing about that one is, it's lamer than the Oswald cover story. RFK was killed by a shot behind his right ear, only a few inches away. The patsy diversion Sirhan was to enable the deed to get done in the chaos. You would better off reading Macbeth.

What is this, Mattis trying to intimidate China

He's on the outs these days, from what I've read.

Egypt proves that some military dictators are better than other military dictators (I will let you sink your teeth into that for a moment).

Meanwhile, the Islamic State was still active in northern Iraq, and things flared up in Kashmir even as they petered out in Ethiopia.

It's too late to go to a Kentucky basketball game so they will send a chopper for you.

Is that why you were late to the party?

Good thing you left the club but didn't come home right away.

Time for a little boom-boom that will make you cry.

Question: if a tree falls in Bo$ton, do they call it a lie?

I know, I know, I keep needling them.

Did you know Russia invaded Ukraine as well as annexing Crimea (oh, I see the NYT has corrected themselves. Someone must have read the print)?

I'm sure it is just a one-time thing.

Like the US Special Operations soldier was killed in Somalia and the Rouhani-Putin meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in China (Bilderberg was going on at the same time). Then there was the flyover in London on its way to El Salvador. Sorry for the delay.

I can't hear you, whatcha say?  The melon made you sick?

Must have been the packaging, but I'll check on it for you.

So who is looking forward to 2020?

Are the pot shops open yet (not until 2022, sorry. You been bilked!)?

Don't ask dad.

Time to organize for Juneteenth!

I'm lost.

Thankfully, the Globe provides direction even if I no longer have a craving for it.

Where can you flop?

Look who is talking fiction.

May God help them all, for the suit was first reported by the Boston Herald.

"If I were at the mercy of the rest of the accursed MBTA system, I’d be mighty mad about paying a penny more for the privilege of enduring daily misery....."

Time to Brexit, stage left, and look who is taking the wheel.