Sunday, February 1, 2009

Irish Sit-In

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I would suggest you read that link so you can see today's MSM lies. Thank you.

"Workers refuse to leave Waterford plant

DUBLIN - Waterford Crystal workers clashed with security guards and held a sit-down protest yesterday after bankruptcy officials shut down their world-famous but debt-crippled factory.

Yeah, closing it down and MOVING IT OFF-SHORE -- to either Eastern Europe or Brazil!!! You KNOW WHY, right, readers? Something to do with LABOR COSTS, I'm sure!!!!!

Union leaders warned that more than 200 workers would refuse to leave the factory in the city of Waterford, in southeast Ireland, until the receivers handling Waterford Wedgwood PLC's bankruptcy proceedings reversed the closure.

The approximately 650 remaining Irish employees at the plant had already been reduced to working part time as the company negotiated with potential American buyers to take over part or all of the firm.

The scale of lying and misreporting by the MSM astonishes me. You read the above link, right?

Waterford Crystal is widely regarded as the most famous producer of hand-cut lead glass worldwide. Americans account for about half of Waterford Crystal sales - a key factor in Waterford's failure to record a profit since 2002, when the dollar fell into chronic weakness against the euro.

The company also has battled high Irish labor costs against growing Eastern European competition. Tastes also have increasingly favored lighter glassware.

Oh, yeah, mention that in passing at the back end of the piece -- as if it's a minor reason.