Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Globe Xmas Gift: Secret Millionaire’s Club

From a not-so-secret billionaire.

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As usual, they picked out something the kid doesn't like.

"Buffett backs new business kits for children" by Josh Funk |  Associated Press, October 16, 2013

OMAHA — Earlier this year, Warren Buffett congratulated a group of three Kentucky children for developing kits to help their peers set up businesses.

Now Buffett is helping teach the young entrepreneurs how tough business can be by backing a competing product.

Both the new ‘‘Business in a Box’’ kits and the contest the Kentucky children won in May are tied to ‘‘The Secret Millionaire’s Club’’ cartoon that features advice from an animated version of the billionaire investor.


The new $19.99 Secret Millionaire’s Club kits come with a booklet of Buffett’s business advice and a DVD with three episodes of the cartoon. The first two kits focus on setting up a lemonade stand and a carwash.

Amy Heyward, one of the founders of cartoon maker A Squared Entertainment, said the business kits seem to be a natural fit with the cartoon that is designed to teach kids about key financial principles such as avoiding debt, supply and demand, and the importance of pursuing your dreams. She said Buffett’s talent for simplifying issues helps the program.

This looks like a perfect gift for Congre$$ional leaders and the White House.

‘‘They’re simple enough messages that they resonate with kids,’’ Heyward said....

I call it brainwa$hing.


Nothing like propagandizing young minds in the fa$ci$t $y$tem of corporate capitali$m and government $urveillance.

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The meal is coming later, and maybe it will give me the energy to continue today. Two gifts in and the Globe has already worn me out.