Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No Kiss From Miley Cyrus

I don't have one for the Globe.

"Miley Cyrus at the Jingle Ball: Snow job by Kiss 108?" December 21, 2013

Bostonians are accustomed to snow cancellations and travel delays, but are less understanding about being misled.

Who is understanding about that?

So it is with a group of ticketholders to Kiss 108 Jingle Ball, who are demanding refunds after headliner Miley Cyrus didn’t show up to the Dec. 14 concert — and event organizers took a long time to fess up. As snow was falling in Boston that night, the pop superstar wound up stuck at an airport in New York. But even as Cyrus was tweeting about her travel woes, and posting pictures of herself having drinks, Kiss 108 was announcing, on the air, that she was in her dressing room and preparing to go onstage. Finally, the station interviewed Cyrus by phone and made a last-minute announcement inside the TD Garden. Now, nearly 200 people have signed a Change.org petition demanding restitution.

Their frustration is understandable, especially given the Jingle Ball’s $200-plus ticket price. For parents who bought tickets for their teens as a Christmas gift, Cyrus’s cancellation was a special disappointment. As an act of goodwill, Kiss 108 should find some way to make it up to them, whether through future tickets, backstage passes, or memorabilia. Snow happens, it’s true, but true fans are worthy of respect.


She can jingle my balls any time.