Thursday, December 26, 2013

Icing Over Global Warming

I have been frozen by all the propaganda.

"In some areas, utility crews go round the clock" by Corey Williams |  Associated Press, December 26, 2013

DETROIT — Half-million utility customers — from Michigan to Maine and into Canada — lost power in an ice storm last weekend that one utility called the worst during Christmas week in its history.

Repair crews were working around the clock to restore service, and they reported some progress Wednesday, despite more snow rolling into the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest overnight.

But while some families were able to return to finally-warm homes, others could not, and more bad weather was on the way across the region.

Frigid temperatures from the Great Lakes to New England meant that ice remained on power lines and limbs. Officials worried that wind gusts of more than 20 miles per hour could bring down more branches and that 2 to 6 inches of snow forecast for some areas on Thursday would hamper line crews trying to get to remote spots. 

Those that said this would be a harsh winter are proving to be right. 

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Agenda-pu$hing government and its mouthpiece media never tells the truth, and if they do it is a 180-degree, inside-out, upside-down version.

Authorities blame the storm for 27 deaths; 17 in the United States and 10 in Canada. 

(Blog editor frowns at loss of life)

Five people in Canada died from carbon monoxide poisoning from emergency generators powering their homes, while two people in Michigan, a man in Maine, and a man in Vermont also died from poisonous fumes.

SeeHoliday power outages challenge Christmas cheer

In Michigan, police say a 73-year-old woman died Christmas Eve when she ran a stoplight that was out of service because of the ice storm....

DTE Energy, which serves customers in the southeastern part of state, said crews from as far away as West Virginia and Georgia were working 16-hour shifts in Michigan.

The American Red Cross said shelters stocked with food, blankets, and water had been set up in Lapeer County, north of Detroit, where electricity was not expected to be back until some time after Wednesday.

The high temperature in Detroit on Wednesday was in the 20s, with about an inch of snow forecast....

As if Detroit didn't have enough problems these days.

Wednesday was also the 10th anniversary of a Christmas Day mudslide that swept through a Southern California church mountain retreat. Fourteen people — including nine children — were killed on Dec. 25, 2003, when a flood of water, boulders, and debris tore through a campground in the foothills of San Bernardino.

Members of the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church and Foundation held summer and winter camps at the 45-acre site at Waterman Canyon for more than four decades. Now, the group holds summer camp in nearby Crestline and has abandoned winter sessions.

Before the deadly mudslide, a swath of the hillside had been scarred by fall wildfires, leaving the area prone to erosion and flash flooding. A Pacific storm that Christmas dropped nearly 4 inches of rain on the region. 

Not that I don't appreciate the history lesson this article devolved into, but it was raining ten years ago and it's ice and snow for two months now? 

Take that, fart-misters!


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Rotten gift that should be returned.