Monday, December 30, 2013

Mappsing Out a New Course

I don't know where this blog is headed and we are not only coming upon a change in month when all the wonderful titles on the right will be submerged, but a change in year and time for resolutions.

"Suspect held in deaths of 3 in Colo." Associated Press, December 30, 2013

DENVER — A man suspected of killing three people and setting fire to a home in southern Colorado has been captured in Oklahoma after a nationwide manhunt, authorities said Sunday.

Harry Carl Mapps, 59, was arrested at a motel in Roland, Okla., on Saturday night, said Kirk Taylor, sheriff of Pueblo County, Colo. Mapps had spent more than a month on the run.

A booking photo showed him with a swollen lip and large red patch on his right cheek, but authorities said there had been no struggle. No other details of his arrest were released....


Gee, those wounds look pretty fresh. 

This article, as innocuous as it may seem, is why I no longer want to be here. Commenting on the tyranny AmeriKa has become, complete with Orwellian statements and outright lies from authority, is obsolete. The effort of the blog and everything else was prevention and it failed. This cancer upon the planet, otherwise known as the EUSraeli empire, must now be allowed to collapse of its own economic and moral bankruptcies and pray we all survive to see one another on the other side. 

That's not to defend Mapps or what he did or did not do (who knows about the truth of anything anymore when it comes from the mouth of AmeriKa's scripted and staged pre$$), it's just an acknowledgement of reality. The AmeriKan security services are above the law and can kill and beat with impunity now knowing authority will always absolve them or screw up the trial. Case closed.

"A giant paper shredder and a dumpster were installed in Times Square on Saturday to allow visitors to destroy bad memories of 2013. The annual event is dubbed ‘‘Good Riddance Day.’’

Methinks the unread, half-read, quarter-read, and even fully read Globes will be seeing the shredder soon. 

I hope you are happy with what comes up next year, dear readers, and I profusely apologize if I missed your story, region, issue, or interest. I'm sorry I failed you (although what is with the spiking hits, guys, c'mon!).