Friday, February 14, 2014

Light Lunch

RelatedPolitical Bulls*** For Breakfast

Consider this course lunch. What would you like to drink?

"The rate hikes were passed under a 2012 law that received heavy support and was backed by the entire Massachusetts delegation, including the eight members in office today. The measure was part of a much larger transportation and student loan package, which brought billions of dollars to Massachusetts."

They repealed the rate hikes for waterfront homes but not Obummercare?

While on the topic of Obummer:

"A guide to Obama’s plan for retirement savings" by Paul Wiseman |  Associated Press, January 31, 2014

WASHINGTON — President Obama used his State of the Union speech to roll out a plan to coax low- and middle-income Americans into saving more for retirement.

New retirement accounts being set up by the Treasury Department would target workers whose employers don’t offer retirement benefits or who haven’t started saving yet for old age. The new ‘‘starter’’ savings program is called ‘‘myRA’’ — for ‘‘my IRA.’’

Treasury expects to have a pilot program working by the end of the year.

‘‘We think this fills a space that, very importantly, we can do by our own authority,’’ Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told reporters on Wednesday.

The plan is a response to a looming retirement crisis. Companies have largely abandoned traditional pensions. Social Security is being strained as baby boomers retire. Many Americans lost their jobs or saw their wages stagnate in recent years, leaving them less able to save for retirement.

Below, a closer look at how the new program works, why the White House says it is needed and whether specialists think it will make much difference:

Q. Is this a safe investment?

A. The accounts would be backed by the US government....

In other words, not safe at all! 

Thank God "the plan is voluntary."

Obama’s plan is designed to get workers into the habit of saving for retirement by giving them an easy-to-use option that protects their principal.

Q. How much will myRA help Americans prepare themselves for retirement?

A. Retirement experts are underwhelmed....

The program is voluntary for employers too.

Then no one is going to be doing it!

And the Obama administration acknowledges that it doesn’t yet have a commitment from any employers to offer the program.

Another problem: Most workers won’t save adequately for retirement, many retirement experts say, unless they are automatically enrolled in savings programs and forced to opt out if they don’t want to save. Others worry that savers can withdraw money freely. The possibility that savers will deplete the accounts before retirement makes myRa a ‘‘woefully inadequate response to the retirement crisis,’’ says Teresa Ghilarducci, a retirement specialist at the New School for Social Research in New York.

That is this presidency through-and-through!


It's a kick somewhere, all right!

So when is he going to retire? 

Wait, strike that

"Obama responded that problems with the health-care website have been fixed, enrollment is growing steadily, and the administration is focused on moving forward, attendees said."

I'll bet they would like to forget it. Can you smell the fear?

This isn't healthy, folks. In fact, it is enough to make one cry.

Maybe he can emigrate instead.... which leads us to the next fooley. 

“I think the principle that we don’t want two classes of people in America is a principle that a lot of people agree with, not just me and not just Democrats.”

Related: "A strong stock market and better business climate have continued to concentrate American wealth in the top 1 percent of earners." 

Senate fails to advance unemployment extension

Well ain't that the devil's piss?

Having those two classes are okay, as evidenced by the governmental policies

Gue$$ you will have to look to the state for that unemployment check -- or not

President raises minimum wage for federal contractors 

Does that help you, and why are federal contractors paying such $hit wages to begin with?

Rep. Paul Ryan says immigration changes unlikely
Boehner says House is not likely to pass immigration bill
More states granting in-state tuition to immigrants

I can't $ee that going anywhere in Congre$$, can you? 

Of course, the dictator loosened the restrictions on terrorists entering the country, and my state wants to give them driver's licenses.

Immigration boosts US in an aging world

Yeah, the illegal immigrants will save Social Security, right.

Maybe you would like to adopt this article because I'm abandoning it. Sorry, but we now know where such things lead and it makes me sick.

Also see:

States urged to lift felon-voting ban
Eric Holder’s civil rights resurgence
Compromise on voting rights merits Democratic support
Waxman to retire from Congress
Veteran GOP congressman to retire


"Republicans in Congress called Tuesday for an overhaul to the Endangered Species Act to curtail environmentalists’ lawsuits and give more power to states, but specialists say broad changes to one of the nation’s cornerstone environmental laws are unlikely given the pervasive partisan divide in Washington."

The names change but $omehow the place is $till the $ame.

And looking forward to the next Congre$$

"Republicans are expected to maintain their grip on the House and have a legitimate shot at grabbing the majority in the Senate.... with a sinking feeling among Democrats that the House is slipping out of reach." 

Yes, they will also be losing the Senate so Israel can apply more pressure to Obummer. 

Sorry, but I've been cutting down on the bull$hit politics in the Boston Globe.